LEGO Bridge

LEGO Bridge

Railway bridge in Wuppertal, Germany was painted to look like it was made out of colorful LEGO bricks.

Unique project was completed in 4 weeks by talented German street artist Martin Heuwold (aka MEGX).

LEGO Bridge in Germany


LEGO Train Bridge

LEGO Railway Bridge

LEGO Bridge by Martin Heuwold

LEGO Bridge by MEGX

Martin Heuwold

LEGO Bridge in Wuppertal

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  1. minions

    I wish all bridges were like this…

  2. Jordan

    This is awesome but why isn’t there more of this?!

  3. unicorn

    Germany <3

  4. Matt

    awesome, it’s the kind of thing that would put a massive smile on ur face if u went under it

  5. Ismael

    I wish all bridges were like this.. I love it

  6. Jorge Cajina

    Genial, super cool

  7. Glitterati

    OMG – amazing! Why our world is so grey? Good that there are people that want to change it :)

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