Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda

Sharky Tea Infuser

Beautiful tea infuser, designed by Pablo Matteoda from Argentina, promises to spice up your morning tea preparation.

INFUSION means to extract certain properties from soluble ingredient such as tea leaves, herbs or fruit by soaking them in the water. So we can say that infuser is in charge of making this happen. [order]

Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda 2

Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda

Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda 3

Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda 4

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  1. haroon


  2. tc

    lol… very nice !

  3. gary

    Bite me. I want one.

  4. Bloghita

    Awsome. Where i can buythis thing?

  5. Mniya

    so cute i want one :D

  6. Romy

    i want it!!! where i can buy this???

  7. Catarina Magalhães

    Will you please tell me where i can buy the Shark Tea-infuser?

    Thank you!!

    Ana Catarina Magalhães

  8. simon chang

    Pls also tell me where I could buy this…Thank you. Simon Chang

  9. Ennui

    I would buy like, 6 of these.

  10. Tea-Stop

    I am interested in buying the Shark Tea-infuser, please inform me where i can buy this item?


  11. Lou

    Where can I buy one pls?

  12. Paige

    I WANT TO BUY ONE. please let me know asap where I can.

  13. Barbara Rutherford

    Hello Pablo,

    What a super creative and fun design. well done. I’m in agreement with everyone else who sees your lovely invention – I would like to purchase a few of them. Are you planning to manufacture the Sharky and if so, could you give me details on how I might obtain some?

    kind regards

  14. TheSecond

    Maybe the guy that made this is Dead??

  15. Robert Johnson

    Bummer I would really like to purchase a couple of these.

  16. giulia

    I would like to buy one, could you please tell me where and how? tnx

  17. Nic

    You cant buy them, sadly its still a concept and no one has thought to actually manufacture it. I would, it would make millions.

  18. Jodie


    That is SO depressing! I’ve just discovered these and have been searching all over the internet until i just saw your comment…

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA someone please make it! He sould take it onto the Dragon’s den show in the UK they’d buy it for sure!

  19. Paul

    Keeping the dream alive…I know 5 people that want to buy one!

  20. Leslie B.

    I want one too!!! Someone please make it!!

  21. Pablo Matteoda

    I would also like to buy one, the guy that designed this is a genius!

  22. Jerome

    Really want to buy it , when will it be available??????????
    Great idea and design….
    Hope Pablo will find a distributor…

  23. Lex

    I want to buy a few, I have a lot of tea drinker friends who would love to have one. Perfect gift for them,

  24. Adrian Cheung

    Wonderful Design~! Would you mind to tell me how to Order?

  25. vicky

    I’d buy one too!

  26. kris

    I really hope someone picks up this concept and starts to sell these – would love to buy a few of them as gifts, my wife would love it. Very cool design & brilliant idea…

  27. anne

    I want to buy one, too! I’m so bummed that they’re not available.

  28. jenni

    tried everywhere and CANNOT obtain this! so frustrating.

  29. Igor Solyony

    I am interested in buying the Shark Tea-infuser, please inform me where i can buy this item?

  30. Jack

    when would we be able to buy this

  31. alicia

    I want it so hard, if was availabe, i would buy one

  32. Urban Amish Boy

    I want it! Please let me know how to order!

  33. napalm boy

    Still no Sharky Tea infusers? Might have to try n make one.

  34. David

    Hello, I found it on Amazon: link

  35. Yoshi

    I need to buy couple of these.. The amazon link one is a different design.

  36. Jorgelina

    When will they be available? True about amazon one being different design and not as good!

  37. Jane

    I would like to buy a sharky tea infuser.

  38. Mindy

    Would really ove to be able to purchase this. Where can this be found?

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