Origami Tea Packaging

Origami Tea Packaging

Cool tea packaging concept designed by Natalia Ponomareva from Russia.

Each creative tea bag looks like a beautiful origami bird.

Origami Tea Bag

Origami Tea Bags

For more inspiration, check out: Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

  1. Anne

    Cool. Something nice instead of that old boring bag. :)

  2. Megan

    Very creative!

  3. Batterycentury

    Nice, very cool and look beautiful.

  4. Parsonii

    These look so awesome! Where can I buy some! :D

  5. bayilik

    it is looking funny.Is it only one origami model or have more model?

  6. Parsonii

    These look so awesome! Where can I buy some! :D
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  7. Soheil

    I always thought about something different from those old bag, and It’s so great

  8. Karin Stewart

    OMG are these ever COOL! I’ll take them all!!!

  9. Deny Benua

    OMG… IT’s briliant idea

  10. delere

    It’s always good to find beauty in unexpected places.

  11. Lucy

    It’s so beautiful~~~ I want a yellow glass with great taste juice…

  12. Joe Cartoners

    Great packaging and a great way to sell the brand, but is packaging like this very expensive? I bet it is, but we will see if people are prepared to pay a higher price for swan shaped tea bags.

  13. Vahid Yaghoobian

    so cool

  14. gloria

    Fantastic! love them…

  15. Kim

    Does someone know where can you buy these teabags? I live in the Netherlands.

  16. Kitt

    SO GOOD!!!! LOVED IT!!!!
    The prediction of “PRINT IS DEAD” is WRONG!!!!!!

  17. Lintu

    love it
    would love to drink any tea in that bag :D

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