Creative tea bag holder designed by Gordon Adler for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster.

Made out of stainless steel, TEA.tanic fits all coffee and tea mugs. The users can press on the sides and squeeze all of the tea out of the bag.



Tea Tanic

Titanic Tea Bag Holder

Titanic Tea Bag Squeezer

Titanic Tea Infuser

Teatanic by Gordon Adler

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  1. Mark

    Should be for ICED tea! ICE CUBES STRAIGHT AHEAD!!

  2. Lilia Smiles

    I guess it adds a little humor to the tragic event, still makes me a little sad when I think about it. But the product seems well thought out, they even thought of making it so that it can squeeze out all the tea from the teabag

  3. Joe

    It looks like a razor-blade in a glass of blood :|

  4. itai

    ^ I concur

  5. Katie

    Looks sharp…

  6. what

    In poor taste. Maybe Gordon’s next teabag holder will be the twin towers.

  7. Rebekah

    What’s next, Auchwitz victim coffee stirrers?

  8. Lance

    cleverly inappropriate :/

  9. shelby

    i think this is pretty tacky…

  10. avigami

    This is very morbid.

  11. JKent

    Whaa, waa!

  12. Khairul Muhammad

    it’s like.. the victims of titanic have contaminated the sea with their blood. i dont wanna drink it. :(

  13. Beth

    This is sort of morbid.

  14. josh

    what a great way to commemorate the deaths of all those that perished on the titanic!! Yah, i would not buy this, nor would i keep it if I was given to me.

  15. JErod

    mmmmmmm…. razor blade and blood…

  16. chris

    Anyone here know anyone who perished on the Titanic? no? get over it, it was 100 years ago. Sure it may be in poor taste and a bit morbid, but then again so are our nursery rhymes…

    Of greater concern is if you’re not paying attention while you still have this on your rim and it stabs you in the face… there… penance for your dark sense of humor!

  17. huw

    Nice hahah like it

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