10 Beautiful Apple iPhone Concept Designs

10 Beautiful Apple iPhone Concepts

While the world is waiting for the announcement of the next generation Apple iPhone, we decided to showcase our favorite iPhone concept designs. Enjoy!

iPhone Concept from Japan

Apple iPhone concept by Japanese photographer Isamu Sanada.

iPhone Concept from Japan

iPhone Concept from Japan 2

Apple iPhone Nano Concept

Creative iPhone Nano concept with microphone integrated into the earbuds designed by Tracy Hall.

Apple iPhone Nano Concept

Apple iPhone Nano Concept 2

iPhone Slider Qwerty Concept

Apple iPhone Slider Qwerty concept designed by Aaron Besson.

iPhone Slider Qwerty Concept

iPhone with iChat Concept

Designed by Rodolphe Desmare, this Apple iPhone concept was inspired by the curves and tapering of the Macbook Air.

iPhone with iChat Concept

iPhone ELITE Concept

iPhone ELITE concept, designed by Mat Brady, comes with optional slide out keyboard and front-facing camera that enables video conferencing.

iPhone ELITE Concept

iPhone ELITE Concept 2

iPhone Pro Concept

Extended version of the iPhone ELITE concept with added direction pad and two buttons for better gaming.

iPhone Pro Concept

Titanium iPhone Concept

Beautiful titanium Apple iPhone concept designed by Jim Young.

Titanium Apple iPhone Concept

Titanium iPhone Concept

Titanium iPhone Concept 2

Titanium iPhone Concept 3

iPhone Air Concept

This is the iPhone Air, a duel touch screen iPhone with a clam shell design to protect both screens. When closed you can still see and control what is playing on your iPod as well as see an incoming call.

iPhone Air Concept

iPhone Nano Concept

Another beautiful Apple iPhone Nano concept design.

iPhone Nano Concept

iPhone Nano Concept 2

Futuristic iPhone Concept

See-through Apple iPhone concept designed by Robert Davis.

Futuristic iPhone Concept

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  1. isabelle_yang

    i love the see through iphone!

  2. lu

    I’m up for anything with a keyboard. The see through is cool, but I like to see it in action.

  3. Paul Sample

    i like the last iphone nano concept, simple, stylized and beautiful.

  4. Sylvia

    the iphone with the ichat concept is pretty neat :D

  5. alex

    i like the iphone air. its amazing

  6. Terry Lee

    Great collection!!

  7. Alius

    nice, but i would like to see the MAKING OF IPHONE, the apple designs before they made the original iphone design.. ;]

  8. Sabeur

    some nice designs

  9. Mike

    Any concept that includes a keyboard or is based on a clam-shell design does not understand the Apple design philosophy. These things won’t happen.

    It should be clear by now that Apple does not conform to what other manufacturers are doing. Manufacturers take their lead from what Apple is doing.

    The concepts are, however, beautifully produced.

  10. Dave

    The clear i-phone is ignoring the battery, conventional electronics, and reality. Yeah, I get that its pretty and not supposed to be real. But its also completely impossible, unlike every other single concept shown.

  11. Kirby

  12. Logan Cooke

    The iPhone Air concept has to be the WORST mock up ever. Was that done in MS Paint? I would love a slide out keyboard our video conferencing. Perhaps Skype on the App Store?

  13. Kris Cain

    Very cool concepts. I can do without the slide out keyboard though. I can’t wait to see which one is closer to the real thing. And when the heck are we going to find out??

  14. kapsteur

    The iphone witdh ichat concept is very beautifull

  15. Rizzo Tees

    This proves the company can survive without Steve Jobs. These are killer designs!

  16. Gazoobee

    What a bunch of awful junk! And the horrible Gizmodo entry has been listed twice.

    Each one of these designs adds something that is not necessary (keyboard, heavy case, giant camera etc.) which is bad design 101. The flip-phone takes the stupid prize though. That’s like adding a horse in front of a buick.

  17. Steve

    Cool, but i thought, wouldn’t a front facing camera get all dirty from putting your ear right next to it???

  18. Subrand0m

    I would love to see the Titanium iPhone Concept come out. Biggest issue I had with the new 3g iphone is that is is all plastic while my older iphone is made out of more solid metal.

  19. hey

    hey gazoobee, let’s see you design something better.

  20. iamaYs

    Technology is so fantastic. All of these design concepts are amazing and I especially like the see-through design and the Iphone Elite. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Peter

    Nice Art! – but the wrong brand-logo on it :-(
    We need cool phones like that with an opensource OS! So lets hope for other companies to bring us that…
    Live free – don’t bite into the sour apple ;-)

  22. Jonathan

    Clear is the only one Apple would ever produce, the others (for the most part) are so UN-Apple, but man o man that clear. By the time that type of device could be created we probably wouldn’t be using headsets as we know them today, but man I can’t get over how gorgeous it is. Love the icons too! But umm, 64GB, I hope we have better storage methods or online storage by the time a portable MacOS X could fit and run in such small a package, so it would either read 160/320GB or 1TB internet storage

  23. Jonathan

    oh yeah great title too, Heir Apparent — wonderful!

  24. Pseudolife

    Mike seems to be a Mac Elitist… and in some ways he may very well be correct. HOWEVER plenty of people hate the iphone’s touchscreen…

    People are like things that are tactile, and while the touchscreen keyboard may be the latest fad… it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple added a keyboard with buttons somewhere down the line.

    Also the iPhone Air concept I initially laughed at for having such a cheesy name and shoddy design… is actually pretty inovative. 1. You’ve got a plain old ipod when its closed with all the normal functions you love and adore. 2. When its opened you have more room for typing and interaction… and you can see the whole upperscreen while you’re doing it. Not a bad idea.

  25. Jonathan

    oh yeah and KEYBOARDS?!?!?!? Do you really think that would EVER happen??? Ridiculous…

  26. Jonathan

    @ Mike : You are absalutely right. Same goes for the extended lense on the one iPhone, Apple would never have that tumor on their device. Apple HATES moving parts. And screws.

  27. Michael Long

    Actually, I’d buy the first concept iPhone from Japan. The mate materials used on the from and back don’t look like they’d be fingerprint and dust magnets (like the current phone).

  28. ketahazure

    the extended elite was the coolest. add the transparent glass and apple would get my dollars!

  29. Nobody Special

    Clear iPhone FTW!

  30. Manfredo di Sambuy

    IPhone with iChat concept ! when ?

  31. tobiCOM

    Nice Post, but your page is very slow on the iPhone!

  32. Bob

    The clear iphone is a cool concept, but I have to agree with dave. Just looking at it, it’s physically impossible. Well, to see straight through, anyways. And I know that no one makes clear circuit boards. I worked at a circuit board factory before.

  33. krishna

    Wonderful Collection of iphones. Worth a Thumbsup ! :)

  34. Jef

    the clear one is not clear on the top and bottom, so that’s apparently where the circuitry would go. i think there probably isn’t enough room in those little areas for any kind of storage. maybe 20yrs from now when we’re making things with memristors… I’m guessing they’d put a layer of oleds over the glass, or something like that? but then it wouldn’t be clear, more like translucent. so i think down the line a bit something resembling it is doable.

  35. Bob

    Down the line, quite possibly. Just for this moment in time, I don’t it would work. I won’t be surprised if in 20 years they had components that small.

  36. Sandman

    for all ya lovers out there, might check this one out:

    (yes, my design, but what do you think?)

  37. Aldis

    I like the Extended version of the iPhone ELITE concept. It would be interesting if Iphone had a keyboard like this.

  38. larry sternz


  39. Mat Brady

    Hey, cool! I made it to the top ten! Woot! :D

    Kirby- I love the ‘iPhone Everything’ vid you linked to. Very future.

    Sandman- I really like your iPhone Nano concept you linked to. What a great design! Well done. That should have made it to this list. :)

    Have you guys seen the pomegranate? http://www.pomegranatephone.com/

  40. stasys

    Who the hell wants to take their phone out of their pocket and see their hand?

    thats not just stupid that also friking confusing!

    other designs are cool appart from the glass one and the titanium and the one with the gigantic camera on the back everyone else thumnbs up :D

  41. iphone3g

    I think that the iphone is awesome as it is now
    It`s perfect
    You don`t need a keyboard
    and the gigantic camera is also not needed

  42. Mamoun

    Iphone 3G

    i think if u add any keyboard to the Iphone will lose the perfect shape and the design but the only thing is the Iphone 3g needed to have 2 cam one in the front and 1 in the back and the bluetooth so i can share the files with my friends even if its only work with the iphone

    best regards

  43. james j

    the clear iphone concept is nothing more than the plastic “makeshift” phones set in place in packages for iphone cases. FAKE

  44. Neeta Dhani

    I never liked the Iphone.Always found it too heavy for usage as a phone.Gave mine away.I wish there would be something similar to the blackbery curve.The transluscent might be an option to think about.

  45. non yah

    the elite is awesome! i hope they come out with it. the see through one awesome to but think about it, they will never make that.

  46. Macy

    man those iphones are mean eeaahh..i don’t mind being the last person on earth to have one of ’em cool iphones..they got everythng u want,.mean designs by the Asians ayye..

  47. Kieran

    I Would Love For That iPhone Air To Come Out. I Think That Apple Would Have To Round Off The Corners Abit More Though, And They Probably Wouldn’t Have An External Battery. I Quite Like The Idea Of The Large Camera Coming Out But I Would Be Suprised If Apple Made That. I Hate The Idea Of Having a Qwerty Keyboard Coming Out Of The Side; 1 Because It Will Make The Phone Too Big And Bulky; 2 Because If You Can Have The Keyboard The Same But Touch-Screen, Then Why WOuld You; And 3, Because It Seems Like Something Blackberry Would Do, Not Apple.

  48. I rock

    ok….i absolutly want one of the qwerty i phones…..or the flip phone 1…..or the see through 1……but please convert to verizon!!!! iphone would have so many new customers if they did verizon 2….cuz verizon rocks

  49. Tukang Nggame

    really NICE
    i love this post, i love all of your post

  50. Arch

    The only way I think the transparent phone is possible is to use one of those futurisic military camp covering tat project image from opposite side of the phone

  51. Cyrus

    My vote goes for Iphone Elite and iphone titanium! to damn nice!

  52. Jaisohn

    so good!!

  53. Thomas

    Titanium! <3

  54. rayi

    i want it! how much? already in indonesia?

  55. iphone

    Titanium! I wish Apple saw this

  56. stacy

    the elite looks the best it has everything u can want and more and i know its not something they would do if its a possabilty then woo hoo i’ll be the 1st one online i phone here i come…1more week lets see what they give us

  57. Guy

    the iphone concept from japan is the best

  58. FunnyShirt

    If I had the clear iPhone, I would just lose my phone more often. Maybe if it was a bright green.

  59. Kirby Wood

    2 words: HELL YESS. TiPhone is prolly the fav concept. Just like they did with the iPod, they will go from glossy to aluminum, maybe carbon fiber? the iChat would be tight too.

  60. Ronson

    The see through iphone is cool, but is it practical? no, because it would be very breakable and scratches and such

  61. dallas bean

    OMFG im in love with almost all of them.. see through one is BADASS and i like the air.. i also like the qwerty keyboard ones. I CANT WAIT!!!

  62. jessica

    i like the slide phone concept…

  63. vinay

    really superb

  64. chuy

    i dig the one with the ichat camara

  65. enkiko

    I think the see through is totally possible though abit ridiculous because LG has a phone with the transparent keypad already

  66. Peter Chege

    The pull-out key board on the iPhone Pro Concept is highly unlikely — it ages the iPhone. The See-through iPhone is impractical because the touch screen technology is still rather complex and the machinery cannot be concealed. iPhone air is just dumb!

    Titanium iPhone Concept is the more consistent with the Apple Mac brand and achievable.

  67. georgia kerin

    i love the new design of iphone i think they all look so cool but my favourite is the iphone air. i think who ever thought of that is so so smart. good on you

  68. Random Asian Guy

    iphone has such ugly designs… they really need to make it more sleek and better. i mean look at the motorola driod. looks so much better and it is amazingly better.

  69. Ragn

    See through one XD but it can get pretty annoying. I also like the one with the Keyboard :p

  70. chicha

    see-through all the way!!

  71. David Tan

    i love all new i phone concept when it start ??????

  72. voltt

    Titanium Iphone concept….I must soon has it

  73. peemaf

    i think some people dont know the meaning of technology any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, dont say bad staff, if something is not feasible to you because of your limited brains it doen’t mean its not feasible to others.

  74. Melody

    i love the kinda iphones that bringes you a easy using pad!! i loooove texting !! :D


    i like the see through one but i think that it wont happen :(

    but i also really really want the one that you can call ppl on skype and have a video to go with it!!!

  76. Scirocco

    the iphone with the ichat concept is pretty neat :D

  77. Julia

    Well, well, well. Time to update your research? I note that the examples you used as the wave of the future were for, as usual, young folk. They’re not the only group buying technology. I am 65 and already having problems with eyesight and dexterity and live with my daughter who is handicapped. I have been searching the web for the last year and a half for a suitable wireless home phone and so far no luck (with the exception of PBTeen, if you like pastels and polka dots). I keep a trimline wired phone because it’s solid and easy to dial I been leasing it for 25 years and haven’t been able to find a replacement. Now I need a wireless phone so that I don’t have to get up to answer it and don’t have wires to trip over to keep the phone nearby. I found a cell phone that I can use, the Jitterbug. It’s everything the advertisements say. I’ve had it for 2+ years and I’m very happy with it. However, my daughter gets confused by the sequence of procedures necessary to answer and to dial out. She has the same problem with the wireless handset for my home phone. That handset is difficult for me also due to the flat difficult to hold shape. We need a wireless handset (receiver) shaped like a telephone receiver. Amazing concept!

    Why should I bother you with our petty little telephone problems. Because the market should be aware that I am on the leading edge of the baby boomers, within the next ten years a whole wave of consumers will be in the boat that I’m in now. And like myself, if a product doesn’t meet my needs, I go without. For example, I only buy milk in paper cartons because in plastic jugs the milk spoils faster. If the store is out, I walk past, I don’t settle for something else. The same is true with other products and in conversations with some contemporaries, I find that they do the same thing. For 15 years I had cable tv without the cable box because the remote control was too complicated and I needed a magnifying glass to read its face. They finally came out with a modified remote for “handicapped” people. I’m not considered handicapped by most people, just a few limitations, and it’s usable but still difficult.

    So, toxel.com, and all you techno-geeks at Apple, get someone on your design teams that has a clue and show us something besides new whiz-bang technologies. Impress me! I dare you!

    Thanks, Julia Stone

  78. victorro

    the see through phone is the hot fire. im not a fan of the key board. seeing through the phone is like some space age pimpin on deck baby!

  79. smlane

    I think having the iphone with a keyboard would be gr8!!! All concepts were very interesting and I hope they use one. The see thru iphone is amazing I would have never thought of that :0)

  80. zackey

    i like the c-thru idea.
    not so many fingerprints to annoy some people

  81. katherine peralta


  82. Paul

    What happens when you lose your clear iphone.? good luck finding it!!

  83. Ashley

    I like the see through one,/ and the keyboard. Those should get combined, and that would be the best iPhone ever.
    Also, are all of these going to be realeased from Apple?

  84. Flor De Luna

    I couldn’t agree more, love the see through iPhone!

  85. ridge

    apple should use all of these

  86. jonathan

    the titanuim iphone concept would drive the world crazy i think all of them are awesome but firts i would love to see them created first

  87. husker

    transparent? first they have to invent a transparent battery,memory chip,antenna,etc,etc XD

  88. Owen

    I love the iPhone Elite & See-Through iPhone Concept’s:)

  89. savvy g

    whats the point of showing poeple these things, just bring them out, gets on my nerves as i have a i phone 4 which is fantastic, then i see an i phone that you can see through.

  90. Steffanie

    I think the see-through idea was very creative! But personally, it would irritate me. Texting and dialing would be more difficult, and the lack of contrast would make the phone easier to set down and lose.
    The Elite is definitely something I would purchase. I can’t stand not being able to feel the buttons. But the camera on the back looks like it would be cumbersome. Maybe if the extended part of the camera could sink back into the phone itself it wouldn’t be so disfigured looking.

  91. Zac

    I LOVE the see-through idea, thats the coolest thing ive ever seen. im all about apple so keep up with the good ideas.

  92. gymnastics for the win

    i like all of them but the see through one would not work but it would be pretty neat tho!!!

    kirby your video says it is an iphone but on the back it says ipod so i got a bit confused.

    if these came out i would be the first person in the shop good work guy i would like to see what the iphone 5 is going to look like ermmmmmmm…….. we will have to wait and see!!!!

  93. molly

    the clear one would be awesome, and it could happen, researchers are actually making a clear battery, so now the ihone could become clear

  94. Kenzie

    I love the see-through iPhone!! It is soo cool and i want one!! i didnt think it was really possible i saw it on an app called iFunny and i didnt thinik it was real! it would be soo easy to use in class and i def want one!!! Please please make it!!! i will make my parents get my one!!!!!

  95. terell

    i want the iPhone air so steve make it u will make so much off them

  96. chooru nabsac

    see through one will just snap

  97. Dev

    I think the Air one is cool, but it basically looks like two abnormally shaped iphones put in a silver case.

  98. James

    I love the last nano concept but I don’t think it works as an iPhone. Maybe the start of a whole new range?

  99. kelly

    i absolutely love the futuristic iphone concept..it is sooo amazing and looks really cool! (:

  100. chuck norris

    all of them are cool

  101. shannell

    i would love the see thru iphone or the iphone elite slide ..omg

  102. sailaja

    all r so nice

  103. snow

    the titanium iphone concept is very close to iphone4 which is announced July 2010, while the artist i think designed it before that. do you think apple copied it?hehe

  104. KTZ

    I feel like the only ome that would actually work (according to Steve jobs expectations) would be the see through one. All the others have traits that he specifically did not include in the design of the current iPhone for a reason.

  105. wiil


  106. analilia

    defenetly the see through is the absolute best…and im pretty sure it will revolutionize technology and everything else aroud us…every other company will want to do this to…i think is a great idea

  107. Jeremy

    I think the see through Iphone would be awesome!

  108. sam

    the best one is the clear one. and it looks sturdy too.

  109. sam

    only problem is it doesnt have a color display. but im sure that will be improved later

  110. Kitty

    I like the very first one and the futuristic one. :)

  111. luke

    The see through is the best by far and i have no idea why you have not created it apple because you would be making a hit on it and it could possibly be your biggest sale!!!!!!!!!!

  112. HannahJet

    okay, it is hard enough finding our phones, but know a see through one? we’re doomed

  113. 2018

    These concepts certainty haven’t aged well going into 2018.

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