12 Cool and Unusual iPhone Cases

12 Cool and Unusual iPhone Cases

The most unusual, stylish and creative iPhone cases designed to protect your favorite gadget and make you stand out of the crowd.

Steel iPhone Case

Equipped with a protective hinged lid, this stainless steel case looks cool and offers solid protection for your iPhone.

Steel iPhone Case

Steampunk iPhone Case

Beautiful and stylish Apple iPhone case handmade from real wood.

Steampunk iPhone Case

NES Controller iPhone Case

Cute iPhone case design looks like the original NES controller.

NES Controller iPhone Case

Wooden iPhone Case

Carved from real wood, this stylish iPhone case allows access to all ports, buttons, speaker and microphone.

Wooden iPhone Case

iPhone Wallet

iMojito all-in-one Apple iPhone case also doubles as a wallet.

iPhone Wallet

Gold iPhone Case

Diamond encrusted carbon fiber and gold Apple iPhone case. Estimated price is 77,777 euros.

Gold iPhone Case

Cassette Tape iPhone Case

Clever Apple iPhone case design inspired by cassette tapes.

Cassette Tape iPhone Case

iClooly iPhone Case

This innovative Apple iPhone case comes with a built in stand.

iClooly iPhone Case

iClooly Clip Stand

Steampunk Apple iPhone Case

Amazing steampunk-themed iPhone Case features useful storage space for your documents and money.

Steampunk Apple iPhone Case

Xbox 360 iPhone Case

Protect your favorite gadget with this Xbox 360 Apple iPhone case.

Xbox 360 iPhone Case

iPhone Hoodie

This cool iPhone case will add style and protection to your iPhone. [buy]

iPhone Hoodie

Cheese iPhone Case

Creative Apple iPhone case looks like a delicious piece of cheese.

Cheese iPhone Case

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  1. Mr. Great

    Apple is winning.
    For example, who even owns a zune?


  2. unDave™

    What is a “Zune”? lol.

    More than winning, Apple, iPod and now iPhone is part of the pop culture, by far, the most popular device among the handhelds.

    -by unDave™

  3. Allayna

    I own a Zune, and find both the PC software and the Zune itself much more user friendly than iPods! Pop culture isn’t everything!

  4. Commie

    Microsoft owns zune.

    xbox 360 one is the best, sols out though.

  5. Drew designs

    Pop Culture may not be everything, but side by side comparisons help,
    the Zune’s just not as good a product. But if you prefer the Windows lifestyle,
    Zune it up, more power to you!

    ps. I own an Xbox 360 and a MacBook Pro, and an Ipod.

  6. Phyllis Cheung

    Love the cheese cover. :)

  7. mj

    I hve zune nd love it…I love the steel case…how cool iz that

  8. JK3

    Some of these were really great and all, save for two…

    The iPhone Wallet
    -making it easy for pick-pocket’ers to swipe your phone AND wallet since 2009 ™

    The iPhone steampunk case (number 2)
    -good luck getting your phone in your pocket, much less the overhead bag storage on a plane. ™

    I love clever, cool and unusual…but it HAS to be practical above all.

  9. Cenk

    I own a creative zen and am very happy I chose it over ipod, with which I could only watch .mov.

    Also I HATE itunes, and how apple forces you to use it for everthing.

    enjoy your pop culture :P

  10. Scott

    Honestly, the new zune HD was a major threat to the ipod with comparable storage space (16 and 32gb), a better screen (beautiful oled display and slightly larger with an actual 16:9 aspect ratio which is much better for movie watching than the random aspect ratio on the ipod) it even had a lower price for each comparably sized model. Apple reacted quickly to this by releasing their new generation (they do this every year anyway) including a 64gb storage capacity and lowering prices a bit to be competitive. My point here is that apple just has the “hip” factor, overall functionality of the two is very similar so please don’t just assume that because something is popular it is inherently better.

    More to the point of this post though, I think the xbox 360 case is just irony at its best since xbox is a part of Microsoft, apple’s biggest rival company. Also after looking at the steel case I wish someone had designed a 3D storm trooper case with the front of the mask folding up to reveal the ipod, I think that would be amazing, even though it wouldn’t fit so easily in your pocket anymore.

  11. Dan

    Apple’s kicked down millions of dollars for product placement in TV and film over the last 8 years. Clearly, it’s working, because new Apple fanboys are born every minute, as evidenced by this thread.

  12. Karin L.

    Very Cool!

  13. Giles (Webconomist)

    The iPhone has become a social object; that transcends typical technology products. Palm Pre might be good or the an HTC Android phone – but they all lack social object status.

  14. Abdul

    Enough with the steampunk crap. When in doubt, add some wood… that’s not an artform…

  15. timmay

    i like all of them especially the golden case it awesome.

  16. meme

    I love not being a sheep and using off brand MP3 players that allow me to use what ever software that I want. Hell I don’t even HAVE to use software I can transfer MP3’s from my music folder directly to my MP3. So while you morons argue over which is better between Apple and Microsoft and their sheep, over-priced, crap, I’ll be happy with my cheap, just as good MP3 off brander.

  17. Mike J

    These are very unique the only one that seems useful and cool is the steel iphone case. I suppose if you are a die hard nes or xbox person those would be cool for you. Thanks for this interesting list of cases.

  18. husein

    very nice craft

  19. russ

    How does the ZUNE get into this thread? This is for the iPhone not iTunes?

    Boy talk about Apple on the brain LOL
    Looks like the cool-aid you are drinking from Apple Works! LOL

    Cool Cases BTW

  20. alamperti

    the iClooly case is awesome! like the stand that can be used to hold the iPhone when answering a call, very smart idea.

  21. ricky bobby

    had a zune sat on it and broke it now have an ipod can sit on it all i want and it dosent break

  22. Nadia

    I love the cassette + 2nd steampunk cases!

  23. Tegan

    I love how people from 2010 in the comments are talking about Zune and how excited they are about iphones xD

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