Bike Sharing Program in Denver

Bike Sharing Program in Denver

Citywide bicycle sharing system was recently launched in Denver, Colorado.

B-cycle is the zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around town. Just swipe your card, grab a bike, and get to where you’re going.

B-Cycle Bicycle Sharing System

Bicycle Sharing System

B-Cycle Bike Sharing Program

Bicycle Sharing Program

Bike Sharing System

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  1. sean

    seems like it’s happening around the globe. this sharing system was launched five months ago here in mexico. cool! for a better and cleaner planet!

  2. unDave™

    But it has a cost, that’s a shame rly, yeah, i’m in mexico, and even tho’ it’s a good idea, i don’t feel too much proud of the service.

    -by unDave™

  3. Juh

    Yes, you can find it too at João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil)

  4. Jim

    We actually have that in Montreal too

  5. Bob

    This system was actually invented in Montreal it’s called Bixi here

  6. n.Kun

    In Mexico city have “Ecobici”. The same sistem, but a diferent desing… sorry my bad english :P

  7. gunneos

    what happens if there’s an accident and the bike gets damaged?

  8. Duncan

    Rio-Tinto Alcan did the same idea in Montreal and from what I’ve heard from officials its working out great, and your transportation is free if you use the bike for less than a set time.

  9. Caroline

    It’s already all over Europe as well: Brussels, Paris, Barcelona…

  10. Rindane

    I dont get the idea of being so free. i mean what happens if the bike breake down while riding. or got damaged while it is still in the bike stop. i am sure that all of these bikes will be stolen or broken down if you put this system in Turkey. So i think this is not an efficient solution in terms of its sustainability. but who would not want such an environment friendly system work.

  11. Betty

    I hope this works well, because it’s brilliant!

  12. zgs

    In 1965 Amsterdam had already a project like this, called “witte fiets” (white bicycle). The project contained 2000 free to use bikes, but was stopped, because no-one returned their bikes (they couldn’t be locked). Now their are several bike sharing programs in The Netherlands, like the “OV-fiets” (public transportations bike). Which can be rented on many train stations.

  13. Monika

    Hamburg (Germany) has one too, the system works well and is very popular. It isn’t free, but quite affordable. Tourists and locals both use it.

  14. Final

    what if the station you want to park does not have a free dock?

  15. Moburkhardt

    berlin has had the local train company provide bikes since 10 years, this is like totally old, although ours don’t come with their own dogs.. :D

  16. Amy

    maybe there’s a tracking system on the bike??

  17. lano

    There is one here in Stockholm too!

  18. Desiree

    we have the exact same thing in Montreal…

  19. Critical Eye

    Great idea… if this was available in my city, I’d use it. What happens if you need to return a bike, but the station is full?

  20. amanda


  21. Moo


  22. Chris

    Been in Scandinavia for years now. Nothing new at all:D
    But a great idea, and very good for the planet indeed!

    (Also have the Smart Cars)

  23. Tyron Bache

    What a cool idea, lets hope this catches on!

  24. Pablo

    There is one here in Zaragoza (Spain) too!

  25. Kirvi Inci

    We had this in Illinois quite a number of years ago. While it was a good idea on paper, it was not such a great idea in reality. Eventually all of the bikes were stolen and the project was abandoned. If there were some way to “track” the bikes, I believe it could work very well.

  26. Raph

    How much do all your systems cost to use?

  27. call me charming

    i think that this is a very good idea. I believe this would be good for the environment..this way more poeple would think that its better for the environemt to use more bikes so that pollution can finally decrease

  28. Reilly

    SmartBike in DC, and one in Boston, Minneapolis (planned), San Francisco, and Chicago. Not terribly “original”

  29. Spanki

    seen in paris and barcellona always wanted to have a ride but always thought there was a catch
    wish i did have a go tho
    but there was some areas with like a couple of bikes left as they had been broken or even vandilised
    but loved the idea

  30. Phlbrt

    Actually the first station of this kind using solar energy was in Montreal. The bikes are the best (made by Devinci) all it includes a lot of goodie features. Really great!


    You guys, about stealing it, you gave them your credit card, it probably charges it if you don’t return it.

  32. Lars Erik

    We have had this in Oslo, Norway for three years now. Works excellent. It’s allso ad-supported, so the price is $10 for a whole year. Just a figurative price to have control over the bikes.

  33. Leia

    It’s launched here in Belgium to!
    And AAAAAAAAAA is right.

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