Organized Art

Organized Art

Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli deconstructs paintings into essential components and organizes them by size and color.

For his latest book “The Art of Clean Up”, the artist decided to bring this unique art into the real world by arranging food, parked cars, everyday objects, and even groups of people.

Fruit Bowl


Tree Branch


Food Plate


Sand Box


Tidying up Art

For more inspiration, check out: Art Created Using Shadows

  1. Katie

    Oh my gosh, the fir… the soup… way too time consuming.

  2. Anon

    This guy is confirmed to have aspergers disease

  3. shiry


  4. Mon Sun C

    That’s an interesting perspective! Never thought about ‘organized’ art.

  5. trolololol

    this is pretty epic

  6. Ariadna De León

    ocd? haha .. nice :)

  7. Waleed

    Obsessive cumpulsive disorder(OCD) but this looks amazing!!

  8. jj

    oh man this is like my dream! i love the order of it all hahaha

  9. The Hooded CLaw

    At first (when I read the opening paragraph) I thought it would be terrible, but seeing the work I had to change my mind.

  10. TwinkleTinytot

    Great concept!!

  11. Ian H.

    I think the kid’s posture in the “organised” sandbox sums up my feelings nicely – it sure looks pretty, but you can’t do anything with it. There’s something about the raw-ness of mess that’s attractive. Ask any 5-yr-old.

  12. yui

    I really love the videos, they show how he can contrast “choas” with order and the art therein.

  13. jimmyIV

    I don’t like how the pine needles are not organized at all! :( Att least sort them by length or color or both!

  14. marc-aurele

    actually his (dis)order is simply that hes swiss..

  15. Dennis

    My sun and moon are both in Virgo. I love this guy.

  16. Crystal

    lol this is the epitome of boredom and humor. Awesome!

  17. gifi


  18. Alaine

    Well, since they have alot of time on their hands, do you think they would organize my pack of rainbow Nerds?

  19. pooja

    its mad bt totaly new n awesum….

  20. Chinchilla


  21. Philip

    Nicely done. He is doing what a designer should do…organization…

  22. Offended

    @Anon- before you accuse, Aspergers is a syndrome, not a disease, and operates on a spectrum. If this is affecting this man, more power to him for working through it or even with it.

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