Batman Returns with Batbus

Batman Returns with Batbus

Creative advertising campaign for ZDF television channel utilizes tour buses in Hamburg, Germany. With increasing speed, the airstream lifts Batman right up to the level of the passenger window.

Batman Returns with ZDF Batbus Ad Campaign 2

Batman Returns with ZDF Batbus Ad Campaign 3

Batman Returns with ZDF Batbus Ad Campaign 4

Batman Returns with ZDF Batbus Ad Campaign 5

Batman Returns with ZDF Batbus Ad Campaign

ZDF Batbus Video

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany

  1. navin

    hehehe, funny but yet creative…!!

  2. JK

    sehr toll!

  3. Paul Sample


  4. ebbes


  5. LeMelon

    I love the idea, lol.

  6. Dainis Graveris

    interesting and yes, creative – nice share.

  7. Mr Kuzio


    This is the creativity that I like.

  8. seo

    I wonder how many of these they lost because some kids decided they wanted to rip it off.

  9. Honour Chick

    lol, very creative :)

  10. Dario

    That suits better for Superman Return. Batman can’t fly, i think.

  11. Buggy the Clown

    Superman doesn’t use bat-grappling hooks.

  12. Emilia

    Good concept, but they won’t last long, people will just nick ’em.

  13. ben

    My grandmother always take seat at this window in this bus, every morning, and stay here for the whole day.
    I gess they reached a 1 person audience, at least.

  14. Jaqi Mugo

    (Laughing!) Effective reminder! :D

  15. Catuira

    cool! i hope spiderman will do like that also. lol!

  16. adperry

    To bad batman does not fly. I don’t really conseder him a real superhero. He has no powers just gadgets.

  17. Michael


    Awesome. That was very clever ;)

    Props to whomever came up with this.

  18. Beezy

    very cute.

  19. tasarhane

    cool idea..!

  20. richiee

    awesome idea.

  21. WPCrowd

    Very creative :) Kids I think will love this :)

  22. Piapee

    It’s too bad only one person per side of the bus gets entertained by Batman.

  23. VuNguyen

    I love that toy :D

  24. pablo

    Guerrilla marketing maybe? well done batman!

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