Mixtape Table

Mixtape Table

Unique coffee table made by Jeff Skierka looks like a giant cassette tape.

Mixtape table was created out of reclaimed walnut and maple wood.

Just like the real audio tape, the table is reversible (sides A and B).

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Cassette Tape Table

Cassette Tape Table by Jeff Skierka

Cassette Tape Coffee Table by Jeff Skierka

Jeff Skierka

Mixtape Table by Jeff Skierka

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  1. kadal

    this is cool
    i really want this..
    it’s like a tribute to the cassette tape, cause now people always use CD.

  2. Me


  3. cole

    The internet*

  4. Amel


    iPhone 5

  5. Dominic

    This pleases me :D iWant!

  6. Mark

    Great for my guitar room!

  7. Nisa Zul


  8. Smufkin

    Thanks kadal, New i get it!

  9. Nick Karvounis

    I wanna get this!

  10. E

    For memory sake, yes, please!

  11. reason

    A lot of work for a bit of irony.

  12. AK

    ill wait till they get it on cd

  13. Enrico Martinez

    Soundwave & Blaster will get a kick out of this.

  14. Nadia

    Giant smartphone table?

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