Innovative Coffee Lid

Innovative Coffee Lid by Josh Harris

Coffee Top Caddy by Josh Harris is designed to help the coffee runner with people’s orders.

Rather than remember what his coworkers want, he can place the coffee accessories onto the tops of their coffee cups and everyone will be able to customize their own drinks to their liking.

Coffee Top Caddy by Josh Harris

Coffee Top Caddy by Josh Harris 2

Coffee Top Caddy by Josh Harris 3

Coffee Top Caddy by Josh Harris 4

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  1. tyoki

    i want coffee now.

  2. Attila O.

    Very thoughtful.

  3. ukee

    too bad we dont have dunkin.donut at my place~i want a coffee now!

  4. jchow


  5. Mushi Tushi


  6. devans00

    Very nice.

    Great job to Josh Harris and his team.

  7. Jacob

    I love the design, but does the world really need more convenient throw away cups? Also, stocking the lid fully with every order would just encourage additional waste, for those who do not want 2 creams/2 sugars.

  8. DevilBear

    The best ideas are always the most simple

  9. brandon

    All we need is another good idea that creates more waste. How about bringing your own mug to the coffee shop

  10. Joe

    I’m actually a little surprised that nobody thought of this sooner. It’s genius.


    seems alright, but i wouldn’t want it…

  12. Frank Jones

    Encourages waste. I just a bring a list and my local shop uses a grease pencil and marks the names on the lid.

  13. lemon

    Very thoughtful

  14. James

    I do hope you patented this idea. Although it’s possible it’s already been done before I like the simplicity of it :)

  15. kueenb

    Your coffee top caddy is real neat. I’m a tea towler that need a five pound bag of sugar. :)

  16. Trv Axmn

    As someone who’s worked at a coffee place for quite some time, I’d have to say this idea is useless. Just put all the side stuff in the third, empty cup spot (see photo 1 ‘Coffe Top Caddy’). If all spots are occupied and you can’t fit eveyrthing into the open space in the middle, then any coffee shop worth their salt will have some sort of paper baggie. Coworkers then take what they need from that. Is that such an ordeal?

  17. think clearer

    whats the point of being able to store something on top of a cup when you’re just gonna pour it in and throw it away anyways?

    what if you like more than 2 creams?
    2 sugars?

    if you use disposable coffee cups in bulk you’re doing it wrong: washable ones are better

    no mindful coffee shop would buy these because they do all the work for you or you’re expected to make your coffee taste good before you go anywhere with it.

  18. Kevin Haynes

    I love great ideas and this is GOOD!

    I have a patented “self stirring” coffee cup lid.

    Patent #6932231

    You have a great idea, try to license it to a coffee or lid company, if you haven’t already.

  19. Grant

    I don’t see the point. It is really just laziness. I think it is cool but not needed.

  20. Bull3t

    Why hasn’t this been thought of already? It’s ingenious! Damn, you need to market that right now. Haha, sweet.

  21. R.T

    the creamers don’t look very secure in those slots. Plus just the fact that it is on top of the lid like that it’s not a very secure idea overall

  22. threepm

    Yes but where does my sandwich go!?

  23. Dunkin Donuts Rep

    What a stupid wasteful idea, and can be replaced with one of the millions of paper bags we have in each shop already. Sorry you wasted your efforts.

  24. josh

  25. Ben

    Dear all you massive party poopers-

    This is a sick idea. The lid is great. The creams and sweetners do not have to go to waste. They can be put in the condiment drawer in the office for all the times you need them. And I’m sorry, the little paper bags are more wasteful than just fitting them in the lid Mr. Dunkin Donuts Rep. Why can’t we all just appreciate innovtive ideas. Why not get on Starbucks for their little spill savers that will be sitting in landfills for years. This is RE-INVENTING something already in use.

    Great, great idea sir!!

  26. Robert

    Pointless. Dunkin makes your coffee how you like it. Unless you get a box of Joe.


  27. Paul

    more waste?

  28. maya

    wow, there are a lot of assholes on the site. It is simple/easy/painless to be a critic. (yes, i realize the hypocrisy in this statement-criticizing critics) I really doubt that a coffee runner could carry 5 washable mugs and though i think that sustainability is very important how much extra waste is produced by revamping the shape of the lid? (why cant the lids be made to be recyclable) They have compostable cups out now that are really quite ingenious. I think that this idea will cut down time for baristas, plop the creams etc in and give it to the customer…

  29. Chad

    It’s hard enough to find places with the old flat lids..I don’t like the raised ones. Now they’re gonna get even harder to find dammit

  30. alex

    ll the people bitching about waste and telling him to bring his own cup, read the description. its for coffee runners who dont want to be holding the drinks and then multiple bags of stuff, usually coffee runners get upwards of 20 cups at once, this is much more convenient. also…. how is it more waste??? dont the cups usually have big coffee lids anyways….. in fact if you think about it, getting a bag to put the stuff in is more waste….. try and think a little more logically next time

  31. Tom Human

    How is it waste?!?

    Millions of years ago, trees died and were compressed over time into oil. Then they’re dug up, turned into tiny containers that you use for five minutes, and then thrown into a trashheap – hundreds of years after you’re dead, they won’t have changed.


    If you need 20 cups, bring a damned thermos, a jug of milk and a sugar bowl. The coffee will still taste good in an hour and you can wash it and use it for a decade.

  32. Corey

    It’s an interesting idea but seems more like waste to use. I work in a coffee shop and most people in the place I work anyway use much more than 1-2 creamers and 1-2 packs of sugar for their drink. Also, having to pack each cup separately with creamers and sugars would take a lot longer than putting a handful of them into the empty cup slot or into a small bag for people to just take what they need later on. Definitely a waste of time and effort.

  33. Matt

    I’m confused here…it looks like that one picture can hold 4 creamers and the slit on the top for the sweeter is is different. Is that just a different lid?

  34. Estan

    more waste??

  35. Annapolitan

    It is a slick idea, but it’s coming at a time where consumers and businesses alike are becoming hyperconscious of packaging and waste. I’ve noticed that at McDonalds they now want to add my sugar and cream for me when I order coffee and are reluctant to dispense those little creamers and sugar packets. And a lot of coffee shops dispense their creamer in thermoses.

    But hey! Great idea!

  36. Mary

    I think this is genius for people doing the coffee run.
    If you aren’t making a coffee run for a bunch of people, don’t stick any milks in the lid. Duh.

    The lids are plastic so the green people can put them in recycle bins. Then you can feel better about yourself.

  37. greg

    Its a recursive application of the cup holder, and it’s excess waste in manufacturing.

  38. Matthew

    Great idea for the corporate sector and a solid first draft. However, you should revisit what made the Solo Traveller lid so great — it contained any spillage between the lid and a drinker’s lips in a reservoir Your design lacks something similar though it could very easily be added. As it stands, though your design will make life easier for whoever buys coffee for the group (or for travellers who don’t pre-mix their coffee on the go), spills will be more likely for drinkers.

  39. Jessica

    Just make the lids edible. So instead of more waste, we have more waist.

    Their, waste problem solved!

  40. liz

    there, not their. sorry to be annoying.

  41. ▐ñε

    Why cant you just throw the creamer and sugar in
    between the cups placed inside the carrier??

    the idea its self is very smart, a novelty really, but is this going to raise the cost of my cup of joe? Coffee costs enough as it is these days.

    Most coffee places serve crappy coffee anyway, its better, and cheaper to make your self.

    This design is defiantly useful to a certain % of people though. Find those people and market it to that specific group. Even if the idea doesn’t hold up for long in the real world, you could still make profits selling the idea to some company who can clearly see its limited potential?

  42. Jessica

    Indeed Liz you are correct. Thank you. Would you like to have an edible coffee lid with me? They are Fresh from the oven. I have Regular and decaf.

  43. Dan McLean

    So American, a design celebrating wasteful packaging. More paper and plastic to throw away. No worries, we’ll just build another planet…right?

    Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.

  44. Joe

    Nice idea, but will waste storage space from not being able to stack very compact.

  45. Ronnie

    As a simple modification to add function to the existing lid, novel and a very commercial gimmick.

    Really can’t understand why people are bitching about waste- This design doesn’t create more waste – it simply changes the shape of the existing lid slightly.

    A useful idea for some, others not, the extra feature is there if you want it no extra waste.

  46. LU

    I like this! Very smart!

  47. Tyler

    Where did you have the prototype lid manufactured?

  48. Sarah

    I am amazed. Do people really drink that milk that comes in those tiny pots of their own free will? I thought they were only for if you were absolutely desperate, trapped in a hotel room late at night or something. Who knew?!

  49. Teddy

    This lid is wasteful. I work in a cafe doing over 120kg coffee per week with nothing but takeaway cups and I am disgusted with all the waste.

    This lid has a greater surface area than the traditional lid and therefore requires more plastic (ie extractive natural resource or oil) to produce.

    Compostable/recyclable coffee lids and cups are available in Australia where I am from.

    If you are an intelligent and thoughtful person, you would bring your own mug. How hard is it, really?

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