House with Secret Garage

House with Secret Garage

Aircraft hangar on the shore of Lake Harney in Florida was converted into a residential house with hidden garage door.

The goal was to take what could have been an ugly facade and make it more neighborhood friendly.

The lawn in front of the house is actually the taxiway for the airplanes.

Hangar House

Hangar Home

Hidden Garage

Secret Garage


Check out similar garage in the city: Hidden Garage in San Francisco

  1. mm


  2. mark

    pretty cool idea but it took forever to open.

  3. Fasha

    ideal for hide Ferrari and more sport cars.

  4. Me

    That’s pretty wild. Very creative. It must take a pretty hefty mechanism to open it; hydraulic, maybe? Also loads of fun for people sitting on the front porch drinking beer… XD

  5. flatsolid

    Automobil-centered mentality and aesthetics.

  6. woops

    I’m pretty sure people would see the tire tracks over the grass with time. But this is Toxel, and practical ideas are much forbidden. :)

  7. GustaveCo

    Takes forever to open, ruins your lawn & VINYL SIDING?!

    Do not want.

  8. inan

    total waste of time and so money…+ wasting my time here!

  9. Midet

    I want to sit on the porch when it’s opening.

  10. Bella

    this doesn’t make any sense! everything that would in that area would be all over the place. It’s a waste!

  11. gloro

    This is awesome, and a much more aesthetically pleasing than a boring, plain warehouse. And tire tracks leading up to the house would totally confuse people. it would be great!

  12. MJ

    Imagine a solicitor standing on your porch and you decided to open the garage. lol that would scare them away!

  13. kadal

    i’m feeling like watching ‘just for laughs’ program at TV.

  14. Darrell

    Its cool.. but why?

  15. Joe

    I found this post and realize its almost a year old, but
    Since you asked.

    Why…its an airplane hangar.
    Tire Tracks… Its 3 years old…you see any?
    Waste of money…its my money, do you judge how everyone spends their money?
    Takes forever to open..from full closed I can drive out in 16 seconds..I got the time. By the time I push the remote, walk to the truck, get in and buckle my seat belt, it doesn’t seem like all that long.
    Vinyl Siding…its a steel building.

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