Efficient Fast Food Packaging

Efficient Fast Food Packaging

Innovative McDonald’s packaging designed by Ian Gilley will help reduce waste and make convenience food more convenient.

Efficient fast food packaging made from biodegradable compressed paper.

Big Mac, McDonald’s fries, ketchup, and a drink packaged together.

Versatile fast food packaging system works on the go or at the table.

Ian Gilley Fast Food Packaging

Ian Gilley

Ian Gilley McDonalds Packaging

Fast Food Packaging

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  1. Siggynine

    If I am going to McDonald’s, I:

    a) Probably don’t care that much about the environment.
    b) Don’t want to think that much about my food containers.

  2. Barrie Hall


    This doesn’t mean because people don’t care no one else should.

    I feel if McDonalds doesn’t adapt this packaging another place should. Just removing the need for bags and many hands would be a win for space and speed for any fast food location.

  3. Siggynine


    The bottom line with fast food is $$$. If this were cheaper, we would already see it. They can put four sandwiches w/fries in one bag, and a cup holder for the four drinks. 4 meals two hands. With this method, 4 meals, 4 hands. And, is my sandwich making my soda warm, or is my soda making my sandwich cold?

  4. Pearl Lambie

    It depends on what it’s made of if it is any better for the environment. It certainly doesn’t look as biodegradable and is more bulky than the cardboard and paper stuff currently used.

  5. Gert

    Paper wrappers are pretty space efficient and use less materials than this. Not really sure this is an ‘improvement’.

  6. Dustin

    It doesn’t look like that food fits in the packaging.

  7. John

    …and there doesn’t appear to be anything separating the burger from the drink! Seriously, though, I get it. It’s a prototype. It’s an exercise in “what if?” …and not a bad attempt. It does look like it has some interesting hurdles to overcome though, doesn’t it?

  8. criticaleye

    That sandwich looks tough to remove from the package, and the package doesn’t seem to hold a lot of fries… and does it tip over if the soda cup is empty? Noble endeavor, but lots of issues to tackle.

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