Creative and Unusual Candle Designs

Creative and Unusual Candle Designs

Unusual candles and creative candle designs from all over the world.

Cappuccino Coffee Candle

Fill your rooms with the delightful fragrance of cappuccino from this scented candle. The neutral colour tones and funky style means it will fit in with most rooms and add a modern twist.

Cappuccino Coffee Candle

Swiss Cheese Candle

Swiss Cheese candle looks delicious!

Swiss Cheese Candle

Fried Egg Candle

Unusual candle that looks like a fried egg.

Fried Egg Candle

Hand Gesture Candles

Creative candles from Atelier WM. The burn time of each candle is approximately 3 hours.

Hand Gesture Candles

Hand Gesture Candles 2

Hand Gesture Candles 3

Sushi Candles

Sushi candle set comes with 4 pieces of sushi plus a side of wasabi and pickled ginger.

Sushi Candles

Rock Candles

Don’t Be Left in the Dark. Buy a Rock and See the Lite!

Rock Candles

Rock Candles 2

Light Bulb Candle

This light bulb does not require any electricity to work…

Light Bulb Candle

Melt Candle

Helvetica inspired Melt candle is made from Brazilian beeswax.

Melt Candle

Cake Candles

Creative cake candles are perfect for a birthday party.

Cake Candles

BIC Lighter Candle

An exact wax cast of the Bic disposable lighter.

BIC Lighter Candle

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  1. admx

    This is so awesome! Love the sushi ones ^^

  2. isabelle_yang

    Being a lover of eggs over easy, I think the egg candle is deliciously creative. Nice!

  3. Arthur Brown

    These are some great candles, I love the hand gesture ones.

  4. mehmehmeh

    lol on the hand gestures ones flipping us off

  5. Takashi Kusuma

    wow very creative

  6. designsdelight

    Clever, Is this blog not a commercial blog, the lack of adverts disturbs me?

  7. Elaine B.

    Fun stuff!

  8. Anon

    I’m disappointed by the hand gestures; there’s no shocker. \.//


  9. tommy

    Great pictures. Thanks for posting.

  10. naung

    So Good Design.. Thanks …

  11. doruk

    Great! Love the Sushi and Cake candles.

  12. Anonymous

    I love the rock ones. So cavey / earthy! Well done!

  13. salma

    lovely designs ,all are nice but best one is cake peace.

  14. shimu

    the stone one is owesome

  15. Rit

    I love the Cappuccino Coffee Candle

  16. maham

    these ideas are great but these would ve been even greater if u’d told us how to make these by ourselves

  17. zeroy

    very creative..i like it.

  18. soncheyoung


  19. canan

    very nice liked with the hands

  20. The candles are beautiful…

  21. alay

    I make my own candles all the time, and some of these were pretty simple to do, the egg ones, and the hands one are simple enough, all you need for the hand one is a big pot and parifinn wax.

  22. mini

    i need the recipe of these candles…

  23. Nivetha

    Amazing models of candles…

  24. fiona

    hey! we have this projects in making candles! but we don’t have enough materials for that!!! can you help us out? we need you desperately and badly!!! .

  25. daphne

    this is so cool!

  26. tooba

    amazing finish, so life like, marvellous, now that’s real candle art!

  27. shreeya

    beautiful and interesting ones loved it

  28. ChEeSe

    these were awesome i really liked the swiss cheese ones (not because my name is ChEeSe;)

  29. sina1917

    Impressive…those cakes seem yummy.

  30. Vrushali

    It is beautiful But is there ant external painting colors applied in cake candle???

  31. Alice

    haha the light bulb one is cute would be useful for a good prank

  32. Shaffa

    All these candles are so beautiful. And some of them looks like it takes a bit of work to make them looks so realistic (i.e: the cake sushi candles).
    I would hate to light them up just because they would all melt if i did.

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