Creative Tea Packaging by WDARU

Creative Tea Packaging

WDARU design studio has created a series of creative tea bags that look like little people with different personalities. Maum tea bags fit most common cup sizes and come packaged inside beautiful tea boxes.

Maum Tea Packaging

Swimming Pool Tea Packaging

Swimming Pool Tea Packaging

School Bus Tea Packaging

School Bus Tea Packaging

Christmas Tree Tea Packaging

Christmas Tree Tea Packaging

Maum Tea Bags

Maum Tea Bags

Creative Tea Bags

Maum Swimming Pool Tea Packaging

Maum Tea Bags and Packaging

Creative Tea Bags and Packaging by WDARU

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  1. MochiPu

    woooowww so cuteee. where can i buy it?

  2. Ola

    I prefer loose tea. However I could easily make an exception for such cool tea bags.

  3. gary

    To-Tea-ly cool. These are steeped in creative goodness. I need to bag me one of these.

  4. Beezy


  5. Frank Grimes

    very cheesey pie, cute is such over used word that really describes nothing.

  6. sprog


  7. Mumbai Univesity

    This so creative

  8. ben

    Made from recycled material?

  9. jane park

    this will be a good starter kit for kids to drink tea.

  10. Allie

    More great packaging designs!

  11. her

    cute~ my style. maybe i could do it myself

  12. Meg


  13. Jaqi Mugo

    Would definitely cheer up a visitor who’s down, why not crack a smile?

  14. Juliette

    love love love this!! playful and smart, everything we need!

  15. FoodTechie

    thanks for festuring these, they are SO creative! I’ll blog about these too, thanks! Love ur site!

  16. Alison

    That looks like so much fun! I would love to throw my hat into the ring to illustrate more should they decide to continue with it!

  17. Surgeon

    I only drink loose leaf tea. Tea bags, how pedestrian.

  18. Miriam

    Great and creative idea. Love it!

  19. erwin15155


  20. Momochacha

    It really impress me for buying as a gift.

  21. Mandi Neill

    Looks nice. How do I get them?

  22. Princess Camomile

    Looking at it, really make me smile from the bottom of my heart! ^___^

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