Cycling Backpack Shows Turn Signals

Cycling Backpack Shows Turn Signals

SEIL backpack by Lee Myung Su uses LED lights to display traffic signals.

Simply by controlling the detachable wireless controller, the user can show directional and emergency signals on the back of the backpack.

Backpack Displays Turn Signals

Backpack Shows Traffic Signals

Backpack Shows Turn Signals

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  1. url00

    Looks heavy…

  2. bananaz

    thats awesome! i wish i had one of those.

  3. London

    Cool! And there’s a huge market – nine million bicycles in Beijing :)

  4. enav

    idk about this… I’m just get boring about the idea of change batteries

  5. Al

    What a brilliant idea. One of my arms is paralysed so I’m unable to make arm signals whilst cycling. Every other product I’ve found on the market is either difficult to use one-handed, or the signals are displayed in a position where car drivers are unlikely to spot them. This product is fantastic. I want one.

  6. jules

    looks/sounds/smells too azn for me yall

  7. W007TMF

    Cool and all,

    All that research into a book bag, and they still couldn’t figure out to wear a helmet.

  8. Pete


    lol. It’s about priorities, man! Blinking LEDs vs. a cracked melon

  9. Omega

    This is a pretty good idea, the only improvement that could be made would be if there was something on the front as well. Signaling a left (assuming you’re in the US) is as much important for the person behind as the person in the other lane.

  10. alex


  11. Karin L.

    I like the idea of it on a helment so there is no weight restriction of a backpack.

  12. Jiggles

    Well that is just wonderful

  13. hello yellow

    i don’t know why theres so much hate on this post-
    l i love the idea, i hope its out for all bikers- cause im scared to death i might hit one someday at night!

  14. hamid

    cool idea.

  15. Doink

    I would also need one of these. I ride my bike alot and I live in a capital city, where the traffic is really heavy.
    If i ever see one of these on the market, i’ll definitely buy one.

  16. Raymond

    charming and hopefully the start of a new development

  17. Velomancer

    Novel idea… but I find motorists are attracted to bright, shiny things… it may be a distraction.

  18. sonia

    looks really great. It would be even better if you could just clip something slightly smaller to the back/underside of the seat so that if you did want to carry a backpack like that then you could still be signaling away…
    i’m sure it’ll come- this is a pretty brilliant prototype- hope peeps start getting into it in melbourne..

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