17 Unusual and Creative Mailboxes

17 Unusual and Creative Mailboxes

Creative and unusual mailbox designs that will spice up any neighborhood.

Star Wars R2-D2 Mailbox

In honor of Star Wars 30th anniversary, U.S. Postal Service has placed special “R2-D2″ mailboxes around the country.

Star Wars R2-D2 Mailbox

Tugboat Mailbox

Located along the South side of Kings Row in Port Maitland. The actual mailbox is homemade and welded inside the pipe.

Tugboat Mailbox

Hammer Mailbox

Hammer Mailbox

Giraffe Mailbox

This creative mailbox belongs to someone in upstate New York.

Giraffe Mailbox

Apple Power Mac G4 Mailbox

Old G4 tower has been converted into a mailbox in Auckland, NZ.

Apple Power Mac G4 Mailbox

Thomas Train Mailbox

Beautiful train mailbox design from El Dorado Hills, CA.

Thomas Train Mailbox

Microwave Mailbox

Creative mailbox near Alliance, NE, home of the Hoopers.

Microwave Mailbox

Log Cabin Mailbox

Mailbox made from real logs with integrated newspaper holder.

Log Cabin Mailbox

Turtle Mailbox

Turtle Mailbox

Gun Mailbox

Located out on Route 52, west of Fosterburg, IL.

Gun Mailbox

Beer Keg Mailbox

Standard metal mailbox inside the keg.

Beer Keg Mailbox

Front End Loader Mailbox

Cool mailbox design located somewhere in the Denver area.

Front End Loader Mailbox

Motorcycle Mailbox

Motorcycle Mailbox

Nikon Camera Mailbox

Located in Model City, along the 104, you can find this interesting mailbox out front of a residence.

Nikon Camera Mailbox

Grass Shack Mailbox

Grass Shack Mailbox

Blue Lady Mailbox

Unusual mailbox design located somewhere in Miami.

Blue Lady Mailbox

X-Wing Fighter Mailbox

Creative mailbox made from wood by Craig S. Made.

X-Wing Fighter Mailbox

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  1. Dave Johannes

    We have a few of the R2D2 ones here in Austin!

  2. Jbcarey

    That really all looks amazing… (except the blue woman in Miami)

  3. ilif

    I would love to have one of those

  4. wtyang24

    i wonder if the owner of the blue lady one is a fan of nip/tuck or sth.

  5. gary

    wow, that’s quite a collection. Surprised kids don’t make off w/them. Like the use of the microwave, does it zap bills?

  6. Vlad

    “That really all looks amazing… (except the blue woman in Miami)”

    Yeah OK. The white trash style, straight from trailer park microwave oven mailbox is amazing, but blue mannequin is not.
    Too much human anatomy for you, prude?

  7. her

    those are cute! i wud one want but her in my country they dont practice this kind of custom mailbox..only the default one that developer already molded infront of ur gate

  8. turtle

    @ her, what country?

  9. Mirko

    Like your post! Here is another one ;)

    Cheers Mirko

  10. jillie

    the blue lady was actually my favourite

  11. Robby

    The blue lady is awesome, definitely my favorite!

  12. Haroon

    Yea have to agree with Robby, blue lady is really creative thing

  13. SadistiX

    How did they make those?

  14. Erin

    Blue lady is freaking amazing.
    It appears she looks like she’s wearing latex.
    And I’m assuming it’s the “human furniture” concept,
    somethign I don’t support as a lifestyle, but do as art.

  15. d exe

    the blue lady mailbox is so cool.

  16. Jaqi Mugo

    I like the shack! So many bandas at our hotels here in Kenya look like that, it would fit right in!!!

    R2D2 rocks too, I like it!

    Would you mistake the blue lady for a thief at night?

  17. Rubber Cheese

    I’m loving the microwave mailbox. Absolute genius. I wander if they have hotmail?

    (sorry i couldnt resist!)

  18. The Smith Boy

    Looks like everybody with a scatter gun has taken a shot at that Hammer Mailbox.

  19. BigAl

    Very cool mailboxes.
    Don’t have a particular favorite, but I enjoy the creativity.

  20. josh

    haha just stopped by your site, my class project at the moment is ‘create a visual responese to ‘mail box”.. i was looking for inspiration… don’t know if my teacher would be happy if i just converted a keg!

  21. André

    The turtle looks like morton koopa

  22. Frank Stallone

    The Microwave Mailbox isn’t creative, the guy lost his mailbox and had a dead microwave! lol these are pretty hilarious.

  23. vivian

    I really like the blue lady ones… :)

  24. Rosanne Trabucco

    Love the camera one…..My husband is a camera buff.

  25. zackey

    with that blue lady mailbox, id WANT to go out n get the mail :p

  26. Raads

    2 words: gun mailbox :)

    hold on, is that three?

  27. kerry

    Hey Rubber Cheese, the Hotmail joke was bad. They obviously like to Micro manage their business.

  28. mickey mouse

    i am in love with the giraffe one!!!!!!!

  29. rebeca

    the blue lady is funny

  30. John

    i now want to be a mailman.

  31. DJB

    The grass shack is extravagant, but the newspaper is on the ground!

  32. Kerri

    The log cabin for sure! Near our cabin, in northern Mich., a neighbor has a “traditonal” log cabin mailbox,and the logs are rounded off. Tin roof. Neat.

  33. grandjem

    Our snowplow won’t knock the giraffe over. Who took the mannequin from what store? Oh, it was outdated.

  34. Jan kajander

    Does anyone know of a automatic mailbox, that opens the letter, ocr scans it, filters it (configurationable), againts known names that sends out reminders despite existing lawyer to sort of old debth, and takes out advertisments and does the extracting out the important matters, keeping track of dates, etc like a total crm system in a box, with associated recycling heat my home system as well?
    ask lawyer judicium.no for evidence of the amount of papers in life today… it is kilometers. so it must be a sellable product.

  35. Bob Smith

    WEIRD…But somewhat funny and cool.

  36. Pam

    and I thought putting a miniture wheelbarrow on top of MY mailbox was ‘cute’… (because I’m a gardener…) Oh well, now I’m thinking that I’m going to have to create a much better ‘gardener’ mailbox…. Most of these are great – the ones that just ‘create’ out of junk – like the microwave – not so good. But then, they are recycling, so that’s a good thing.

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