Mountain Subway

Mountain Subway

Carmelit underground funicular in Haifa, Israel allows people to comfortably travel up and down the Carmel mountain.

Two trains run on single 1.8 km track with small passing section. The cars have slanted design and platforms have many stairs.

With only 6 stations, it is one of the shortest subway systems in the world.

Carmelit Subway

Carmelit Funicular


Uphill Subway

Carmelit Metro

Israel Subway

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  1. Shirley

    that’s exciting =]

  2. Lilia Smiles

    Saves you a bit of walking. :)

  3. Poet

    I’m israeli, I never thought this was note-worthy.

  4. Gen

    Don’t they have the same thing in Barcelona?

  5. carlosguerra

    @Gen yes i have been on that its the same thing

  6. Constantinus

    Don’t they have the same thing in Istanbul?

  7. inan

    The one is in Istanbul is very similar to this and way older. It is the second underground railway (funicular) in the world, built after metropolitan line in London…

  8. Libeerian

    Don’t they have the same thing in Pittsburgh?

  9. Rudy

    Don’t they… Schmazzel-tuff-tuff-tuff :)
    Yea I don’t think it’s such an earth shattering feat either. You probably find them all over the world in steep much travelled areas. Come to think of it… We have one here close to us at niagara falls too (Canada). They all look very nice though, wherever they are, and cut a serious cardio hike short. Much of it financially justified because tourists are likely to spend their money along the way as opposed to shun an area of interest due to inconvenience of a hike or inability due o age or handicap.

  10. li907

    That’s not a new concept. In Bergen, Norway, we have the same thing at the mountain “Fløien”. It’s genious though, and get’s a lot of tourists.

  11. nick

    i think its beautiful. doesn’t matter if its been done before.

  12. pietro

    Ii907 says plus

    Como,Italy there is.

  13. Senjugudin

    Nice concept but it would better if they renovate it to have better looking interior and this help it turn into a tourist spot

  14. Adam

    We have the same thing at Janos hill in Budapest, Hungary too.

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