15 Unusual and Creative Bus Stops

15 Unusual and Creative Bus Stops

Creative and unusual bus stop designs that make the time you spend waiting for the bus a bit more bearable.

Curitiba Bus Stop

Futuristic public transport bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil.

Curitiba Bus Stop

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop

Football goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup.

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop

Strawberry Bus Stop

Yummy strawberry bus stop from Japan.

Strawberry Bus Stop

Yosemite Falls Bus Stop

Beautiful Yosemite Falls trail bus stop is perfectly suited for the setting.

Yosemite Falls Trail Bus Stop

Hammock Bus Stop

Relax while you wait for the bus to arrive.

Hammock Bus Stop

Air Conditioned Bus Stop

Fully enclosed bus stop with air conditioning in Dubai.

Air Conditioned Bus Stop

Casar de Caceres Bus Stop

This minimalist structure that looks like a single sheet of white concrete was designed by architect Justo García Rubío and located in Casar de Caceres, Spain.

Casar de Caceres Bus Stop

Moroccan Style Bus Stop

No ordinary bus stop decorated by Iris Hynd in Cornwall, England.

Moroccan Style Bus Stop

Estonian Bus Stop

Beautiful bus stop design from Estonia.

Estonian Bus Stop

Watermelon Bus Stop

Creative watermelon bus stop in Ishaya, Japan.

Watermelon Bus Stop

School Bus Bus Stop

Unusual “school bus” bus stop from Athens, Ga. The bus shelter is made from 3 old school buses.

School Bus Bus Stop

Swing Bus Stop

Creative London bus stop by Bruno Taylor gives commuters a chance to have a little bit of playtime while they wait for the bus.

Swing Bus Stop

Vitra Bus Stop

Bus stop designed for the Vitra design museum in Germany.

Vitra Bus Stop

Sheffield Bus Stop

Creative bus shelter with grass roof in Sheffield, England.

Sheffield Bus Stop

LED Bus Stop

Designed as part of the smart mobilities project, this bus stop was presented in Paris in 2008. Users waiting inside the bus stop could engage via a touch screen interface while pedestrians waiting outside could interact with a 6ft. custom LED display.

LED Bus Stop

LED Bus Shelter

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  1. Heh

    Damn dubians always have to show how flash they are

  2. skateboard bearings guy

    love the hammock and the swing, great idea. people at a bus stop always look all gloom and doom–how about a 4-5 person swing?

  3. Chetan Haria

    Amazing Ideas for Bus Stop. Love It

  4. sunrainey

    Like Swing Bus Stop, warm and practical, not frozen waiting!

  5. Julie

    Skateboard bearings guy that is the coolest idea EVER :D

    Total glee on the faces of five bored businesspeople…

  6. arthurbarbato


  7. peraknowya

    I think its wonderful that people are so creative…im not really one for taking the bus but what a clever idea, who would ever thought of sitting and waiting in a giant watermelon 8-)

  8. hackme

    really good idea. Poeple who are waiting for bus shouldn’t be bored :P

  9. Lorraine

    Love it! Makes waiting for a bus a bit more interesting, I think.

  10. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Casar de Caceres is a bus stop or some concert hall? ;)

  11. anthony

    i always loved that school bus-bus stop in Athens, drove by it everyday on the way to work

  12. Sib

    How about this one in Dordrecht, the Netherlands:

    Or click the pictures at the bottom of this page:

  13. Me

    Lol, it is hilarious what Dubai will build. Giant sail-boat shaped skyscrapers with tennis courts on top, humongous artificial palm-shaped islands, and now air-conditioned bus stops.

  14. faris!

    funny :)
    and very creative

  15. zul

    waw very impresif

  16. Guilherme Freitas

    Curitiba’s bus stop are more functional than futuristic. The idea is that you pay your fare when you get *in the bus stop*. That way, people get in the bus faster and the bus stays in the bus stop for a shorter time. It also allows one to easily take multiple buses, as long as you do not leave the bus stop. Moreover, winters in Curitiba are pretty cold, with a chilly wind, and the bus stop protects the passengers from the weather.

  17. raza

    this is outstanding !

  18. khafidl khafidi

    nice posting! ^0^

  19. Biz

    Unusual bus stations indeed. I like the strawberry bust station the most.

  20. musti

    that bus stops are awesome :P

  21. Tukang Nggame

    just wanna to say UNIQUE
    really inspired…

  22. Joel S

    These gr8 designs reflect the wisdom that mankind was endowed with by their all powerful Creator and that really disproves the theory of evolution. Mankind can think and design unlike animals which use instinct…lovely!

  23. Huh?

    I think they deserve an air conditioned bus stop after all those years of poverty and desert weather. W00t for cold air!

  24. MD Graves

    I’m not sure if I could take anymore excitement in my bus stop experience.

  25. Rob

    Yeah breath taking bus tops.I would like to wait at this Hammock Bus Stop.

  26. VIRAJ



  27. carpe50

    Really awesome and impressive, all of them! :)

  28. roublen

    interesting post. But what I would really want in a train/major bus stop is a desk-like thing to help reading & writing

  29. Allen

    I live in athens i love that bus stop

  30. Prashanth

    All are nice bus stops hope all we will have those india soon

  31. marcioLG

    Heyah!!! This is my city!! On Stumble!! Awesome!!! \o/

  32. Edward

    Casar de Caceres is a sub-regional bus station more than a bus stop. Possibly a design masterpiece, it is not very user friendly and therefore a complete waste of space and time. Which brings up the issue of should design be functional and in the area of bus stops, I can can only scream – functionality first please. Any budding designers please take note. In this case – Dubai’s designers, as flashy as they are, win hands down.

  33. ED

    Very creative bus stops, pity we don’t we see more of these around our citties.

    Great photo shot’s !!

  34. zzllrr

    Coooooooooool bus stop! masterpiece

  35. Michael

    Bravo!It’s amazing !Fantastic!

  36. vick

    Very good ideea!

  37. Diane

    In San Francisco, they would just be targets for grafitti – what’s wrong with us???

  38. Gumby

    Well to HEH, just try to experience waiting for a bus anywhere in the the UAE or Dubai specificaly….you’ll thank the govt. for such a pamper, by the way try waiting on the summer months, you will know why…

  39. raju

    Here in Coimbatore, South India, in the name of development first they cut hundreds of trees and then they removed the bus stops. Now people wait for the bus under the scorching summer sun. No shades whatsoever- natural or man made. Very few complain while the rest of India is getting ready for the Election.

  40. winter

    lovely!In china ,we couldnot see it!

  41. jasmine

    quite an eye opener! thanks!

  42. Mr.Acow

    You know that i’m a Chinese.

    We don’t have this kind of bus stop in China.

    I think it’s interesting to see them.

    Maybe oneday we’ll have something like this.

    It’ll be a lot of fun~

  43. Wayne's World

    I vote for the bus bus stop. Though I wouldn’t mind a cow bus stop

  44. caem

    wow,very unusual bus stops.Interesting.

  45. Jaqi Mugo

    Morocco makes you want to live there! So homely!

  46. Yittian

    led one is suitable for cities,it has more sitting place,you can have a rest

  47. Ei2g

    Excellent bus stops. Great post.

    It seems Joel S. (3rd May) is getting desperate – methinks he doth protest too much.

  48. vivian

    hehe… i like the Strawberry one.

    but is “Casar de Caceres Bus Stop” to much… just for a bus stop?

  49. rif

    the great human creativity has no limits
    thanks Great job.

  50. reza

    this places encourage me to wait for a bus

  51. tianqiliang

    tMorocco makes you want to live there! So homely
    this places encourage me to wait for a bus

  52. rafael

    heii., i live in curitiba :P:P

  53. Dave Brown of MIUZU

    Bus stops really do deserve the care and consideration of great design! For many, it’s the first place they find themselves lingeringing once they’ve left their home. Why not make it a pleasure? And for the companies that shell out a fortune to post their ads in there, they’re more compelled to invest if their product gets a boost from the setting…

    Keep it coming, world!

  54. alaskan architecked not

    how do u mow the grass on top of a bus stop??

  55. Gil Henry

    I think that you can spend way too much on some of these shelters, although having heat in the winter and A/C in the summer is a nice perk, it is costly. I like the advertising angle that you get from some of the more “adventurous” shelters, but by far the best one is the one in Yosimite National Park, all you need is someone to chase away the bears…..

  56. Courtney Mroch

    What a super clever article! The pictures are sooooo neat! The hammock and the swing…what a way to have some fun and relaxation while waiting for the bus. And the strawberry, watermelon, and school bus stops? Too cute! Really great job!

  57. lee

    There are so many funny thing, I like them, I have never seen such bus stop. They are great!

  58. Pradeep CD

    Awesome post…creative ideas…

  59. Sally Croft

    I like Yosemite and Strawberry bus stop the BEST, but all of them are very inspiring.

  60. Preetha

    These bus stops are wonderful…

  61. Barb Sherf

    I like the hammock bus stop best, followed by the quaint bus stop in Estonia. Thanks for sharing.

  62. lee ye rim

    I’m korean, In the korea all of the bus looks like same. So I’m surprised at this picture! I want to made this beautiful bus stop!

  63. lee ye rim

    I think this bus stops are bravo~~

  64. mohsin

    both the bus stops of japan are very interesting they gave a new meaning to the bus stops.

  65. Danny

    This stops makes the public transport more friendly.

  66. rushi

    wow, that’s awesome. if more bus stops were like that, more people would use public transportation. yee.

  67. Lili

    If we could stop all the vandalism at bus stops in the U.S. maybe riders could have cool bus stops like these.

  68. Ann Hanks

    Strawberry and watermelon Style Bus Stop are really unique!

  69. Bassi

    The fully conditioned bus stops in Dubai have come in handy as the heat in summer is simply UNBEARABLE!
    Great ideas!

  70. John S. Allen

    Some of these bus stops are functional, some artistic, some both. In terms of functionality I’m most impressed by the Curitiba system, which lets people pay before getting onto the bus. as art, the Athen, Georgia one which uses found materials and so didn’t cost a lot. Anyone notice that the hammock bus stop is probably just a joke? — hammock (and backpack) strung up by the photographer, probably by way of making a point about having to wait a *very* long time for the bus :-)

  71. ibrahim sadisu

    This is exactly what am looking for, i was given an assignmen but i have found all i need here. Thanks

  72. dorin

    i am 12 years old and i am live in israel
    my english very bad .. so i am sorry !
    the picture eautify and amazing
    i love the picture wite the swing :)

  73. Karta


    I absolutely think you should add this too.
    It is located close to Kirkenes in Norway.
    Some years ago the mining industry had to close down the business and some clever minds found out they could use this shuffle as a bus stop.

  74. Phabulous Phil

    Functional, fashionable, fantastic. There should be a world competetion for best bus stop.

    Phil in Duncan BC Canada

  75. FemiStevens

    Inspiring some! Can’t wait to share these. Franchise-worthy. Out of the box. Keep it up.

  76. niol

    to implement these designs in any other city wud be a tribute to the designer.

  77. Pliggs

    Nice, I like the look of the “Air Conditiioned” one best.

  78. rocky

    You didn’t show Vancouver’s bright pink bus shelters on Davie St. What gives?

  79. dharini

    beautiful bus stops. who would like to catch the bus.

  80. sepanta

    thanks for these inspirations.

  81. Ajit kumar

    it is one of the best idea to recreate yourself

  82. nirjana

    wow! the busstop here shown are attractive. it encourage people to wait at a particular spot so that bus pick up get much easier.i like strawberry and curitiba busstop much.they are unique,functional and attractive. it will be tribute to the designers to have chance to build such bus stop

  83. samatwo

    I want to wait bus in all of them. Fascinating works.

  84. savedobby

    umm…just wondering, but are the strawberry and the watermelon in the same place? cause they look kinda alike, and they are both in japan

  85. Sudhakar Maddi Reddy

    we can’t dream of any of these in asia countries

  86. Kurdistan

    this is outstanding !

  87. James

    There is a 3D version of the Dubai bus stop in the Google 3D warehouse.


  88. Araw

    people are saying it’s flashy in dubai to have an air-conditioned bus stop , but u don’t realize that its a necessity!

    in summer the temperature reaches up to 48 (Celsius) so THEY NEED air conditioned bus stops!

  89. Ar.roz......

    All the bus stops r aesthetically very beautiful bt none of them provides all those functions which a bus stop must hav in today’s time.. e.g.,adequate protection from various weathering agencies nd none of d bus stop has a tuck shop in it……

  90. Modom

    i been jealousy to the bus stop right there, i can’t imagine what will happened at my country while the conventional bus stop has been stolen often.

    Nice post

  91. karabo modikele

    very creative ideas,i love them i also hav a project to design a bus shelter.

  92. ugly bus stops

    english bus stops are a bloody disgrace
    they look sooo popostourous and perpindicular!!!
    i am going to get my army of ants to bombarde them!!!

  93. Ayubowan

    No they are not! they are very innovative and serves its perpose..! Pls learn to make some constructive critisism!!

  94. Ben Koshkin

    Really neat. If we could only get the powers that be to build innovative bus stops like these in Houston.

    Ben Koshkin

  95. Marc

    Very inventive bus stops I must say. That swing in London is groovy baby…

  96. sub

    i like the bus bus stop its sculptural look exciting and also the swing bus stop in london…. it would be fun to wait for a.

  97. Balwant

    Amazing Ideas for Bus Stop. Love It… Incredible

  98. Swapnil Barman

    I like the LED bus stop the most. It is aaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzingggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  99. Tala

    You guys to whomever is dissing the Dubai Bus stops for being air-conditioned: it’s not even a luxury its a necessity. Take it from me, I live in Dubai and I take the bus. Unless you’re been in 52 degree heat, then you have no idea what it feels like to stand in a closed off glass box with a serious greenhouse effect going on with no AC. Its like when you try to burn an ant with a microscope and it erupts into tiny flames.

    In fact I’m pretty pissed at the fact that not all of them are air-conditioned. I nearly passed out waiting for the bus near my house the other day.

  100. Randeep

    Great! hope India too gets its act together and construct some Bus stand in the rural areas The Government must do something for the rural massses..!

  101. sravan satheesh

    for many of above bus stops visiblity of coming bus is not considerd much.Also no need of that playing facilities in bus stops.AC bus stop in dubai is nice because they considered the climate there.many designs are so nice also.
    thank you

  102. mark

    Some of them are (so) mouth watering almost good enough to eat let alone shelter just like being home away from home

  103. angella

    this is really nice especially the dubai one. Its just sick.

  104. from Estonia

    Hm.. That bus stop shown here is not the best we have.
    In several bus stops there are music playing in Tallinn and once there were sofas in some bus stops here.
    Also we have one bus stop looking like county-home, where you can read news and drink coffee in cold winter.

  105. Joshika

    been 2 d yosemite one..!!!!!
    luking forward to visit each one..:P:P:P:P

    btw the one in curitiba,brazil is an epitome of sophistication..!!!!
    THUMBS UP….!!!!

  106. Fred

    The swing stop is amazing and fun for everyone…except for the people walking on the pavement behind the stop engrossed in their cell phones and not expecting to be knocked senseless by a swing with a fully grown person on it swinging out from behind a bus stop wall….

  107. Devendra

    Really Loving Bus stops.
    We are planning some of these in ouc City- Gwalior(M.P.), INDIA. I am sure that in our city once these stops come up, then we can see really people sitting inside stops and Buses, City transport vehicles stopping onlt at these stops not as we have today where buses/city transport stops wherever they feel like.

  108. sam

    damn you heh

  109. Jodie

    For me it would be a tossup between Dubai’s a/c one …. I hate being hot
    and the fun of the swing one =)

    Special cuddos to all the fun designs ppl come up with

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