New Heinz Ketchup Packaging

New Heinz Ketchup Packaging

Heinz Dip & Squeeze dual-function packaging gives ketchup lovers two cool ways to enjoy Heinz Ketchup: either tear off the tip to squeeze with pinpoint accuracy, or peel back the lid for easy dipping.

As an added bonus, the new innovative packaging holds three times as much ketchup as the traditional packet.

Heinz Dip and Squeeze

Heinz Ketchup Packaging

Heinz Ketchup Packet

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  1. Hanna Josefine


  2. ajayjshah

    Very innovative design.

  3. Julie

    Haha pretty cool, not essential but quite helpful :)

  4. Fillibert

    too much wasted when sueezed

  5. jenny

    innovative, yet still absurdly wasteful.

  6. Leo

    It’s about time to rethink the way we use ketchup! Quite clever indeed.

  7. heather

    Yay! :D

  8. archatas

    UÅūskaitau.. (that means “I approve it” in Lithuanian) :)

  9. so

    well you could still peel open the package after you’re done squeezing.
    not too wasteful i suppose

  10. ZeD

  11. cole

    IDEO did a similar thing with caulk and made “GE caulk singles”

  12. mo

    Not new at all. It is called a sauce packet. They have been around for decades. Think Mcnuggets.

  13. NiceArtLife

    Very good idea, why changing a succesful classic?

  14. Toyama

    Good, finally they adapted to this.
    Not a ‘new idea’ but surely is a new design for Heinz. Pretty clever

  15. Mr. GQ

    I’d like you to show me a “sauce packet” that lets you squeeze the contents in the perfect amount. It’s new.

  16. Karin L.

    Something new for ketchup.

  17. italian

    its true… nutella make 5 years ago…. old stuff!!

  18. Ty

    mo, sauce packets aren’t squeezable by opening the top. Think before you post.

  19. Joe

    is the plastic recyclable?

  20. Arkwright


    I used to never use ketchup packets because they were so tremendously wasteful in the sense of packaging to volume of ketchup, and the fact that you’d end up with the ‘end of the toothpaste problem’ with every single little packet.

    I know others have done this before, but bravo to Heinz for finally adapting it to their own product.

  21. Tom

    Shouldn’t be called ‘Dip & Squeeze’ because technically it’s dip OR squeeze.

  22. latincrow

    the perfect solution to my ketchup issues

  23. Heinz Gerstl

    Another great Heinz achievement

  24. Mr. GQ


    Unless you wanna squeeze some on your burger, then dip your fries…the it should be called the squeeze and dip

  25. isabelle


  26. james daron yandell

    looks pretty cool

  27. cassio

    Why do we still use unrecyclable packets? Let’s have an up to date idea to solve problems without creating annother, shall we? Let’s measure how much garbage we’re leaving behind!

  28. Peter

    Yes, why can’t we have both. :D Ingenious!

  29. Shane

    Sweet idea and design, looking forward to testing it out!!

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