Road Building Machine

Innovative Road Building Machine

Tiger Stone makes construction of brick roads easier and more efficient.

This innovative stone and brick laying machine allows operators to build up to 400 meters of beautiful road each day. Mini diggers for the ground.

Road Building

Road Building Machine

Brick Machine

Tiger Stone Machine

Tiger Stone Brick Machine

Tiger Stone

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  1. Dreaming

    well thats gonna make things a lot faster :P but truly, great idea

  2. hello yellow

    wow. awesome!!!!!!! they look like giant carpet!

  3. Chedie

    amazing! Make’s the job faster!

  4. s


  5. enav

    great invention

  6. Andreas Galster

    I’ve rarely seen such a simple yet brilliant invention. One of the most useful things ever seen on this blog. I love it!

  7. RedBeardDog

    At first sghti I thought they are making fun with a huge printer and little manipulation.

  8. mad scientist jr.

    that’s sooo fantastic invention. We need that in Finland. there’s just too few walkstreets in our cities

  9. Tim

    People will loose their jobs once landscaping companies start buying those machines. Great machine, no more bending or carying.

  10. hamid

    wow!!!!! unbelievable!!!

  11. Benjamin Christine

    that is seriously impressive! well done to the inventor of that! certainly makes the job faster! :)

  12. jess

    It’s like the machine in Cars that he has to use to fix the road

  13. Raads

    pure laziness :)

  14. gunneos

    erm, what happens if the road that needs to be built is wider than that vehicle?

  15. Alan


    erm, maybe they won’t use aforementioned machine?

    Jesus man, it’s not like there’s a new law which says all roads must be built by machine.

    Outstanding invention, truly the Dutch are the masters of practical ingenuity!

  16. zoya khan

    this invention is awsome n mind blowing.
    the greatest invention i ever seen.

  17. Doink

    Even with this cool invention, in romania would take the same amount of time to build a road =)

  18. Art of Concept

    I would have thought this was impossible, yet I’m seeing the machine! In awe!

  19. jack

    people are going to lost their jobs by machines.

  20. Darrell


  21. jsquared

    that machine should only lay down yellow bricks… :)

  22. Gert

    Hey jack.. that thar cotton jin is a sin I tell yah, all those poor cotton pickers outa jobs.


  23. Mac

    That’s crazy. It basically prints roads. :)

  24. Turnosaurus

    @RedBeardDog I thought of a printer straight away too.

    It’d be awesome to play with different colours to print words or just lines for traffic flow.

  25. Anthony

    I agree. Its a great invention but its things like that, that are gonna take peoples jobs away.

  26. hahaboy

    WOW!!that really seems like a great invention. would really cut down on costs of construction, plus the pattern made by the bricks is really simple yet eye-catching. :D

  27. Moo

    Machines are constantly taking people’s jobs away. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be built. New jobs will open when old ones close. If everyone had the attitude that we shouldn’t build things because people would lose jobs, we wouldn’t even have cars today because someone at one point said but that would take away the job of the carriage driver!

  28. jaqi mugo

    Talk about recarpeting!

  29. André Schrei

    I would say I want one, but I don’t think I would ever use it, hahaha…
    That’s a great invention

  30. jimini cricket

    Which is more durable, and last longer than one rain. Cement or the lazy brick? Not being pesimistic just questioning Great idea I could have a job that doesn’t kill me.

  31. Jason H

    That is really cool. Hey does anyone know the name of the song on the second video. The girl singing sounds German (Not sure!)

  32. Filigrana

    This is awesome! I thought it was a photoshop trick too! I think this is a great invention, i love it, and it’s fun to watch :)

    Moo i totally agree with you.

  33. anyaie

    Ingenious! Really, it pretty decrease the cost of road-making, making its financing very hard to manipulate (for corruption). you guys do know right that we lose big BIG money on public works right?
    Hope the work lasts

  34. eric

    What about curves and turns? Where I live that would have little use.

  35. reskull

    This is awesome !!!
    i can say it shows new ages have to come
    next modern machines are some things like , home building machine , car makin machine … !!!

  36. Arabian

    soo effective :D

  37. Cheju

    And thats a road? Placing bricks together and nothing else? Hahaha…

  38. Sergius

    How many jobs lost? Increases unemployeds

  39. Engr. Al-Amin Talukder

    How much price of this machine? is there any agent in bangladesh?

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