Mirrored Tree Hotel in Sweden

Mirrored Tree Hotel in Sweden

Unique tree hotel covered in mirrored glass was recently opened in Sweden.

Designed to be accessed by a rope bridge, the Mirrorcube suite comes with a double bed, small bathroom, and a terrace on the roof.

To prevent birds from colliding with the treehouse, the glass was laminated with infrared film that only birds can see.

Mirrored Tree Hotel


Tree House


Tree Hotel

Mirrored Tree House

Mirrored Treehouse

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  1. n-kun


  2. Pete

    Sadly, Tarzan, having only a human’s vision, was found crumpled in a heap below the new hotel.

  3. Jonas

    Great idea, I wish see it.

  4. Boss

    lmao @ Pete

  5. Solja

    Awful to think of the many birds that fly right into it.

  6. Cho

    This is a “view with a room.”

  7. may

    Where’s the bathroom?….

  8. chazzzz

    is it not going to kill a lot of birds as they fly into it ?? looks cool but deadley

  9. Aris

    how the heck do you get up there? don’t see any stairs up the tree or anything.

  10. Final

    why can’t you guys just read? It is stated there ‘To prevent birds from colliding with the treehouse, the glass was laminated with infrared film that only birds can see.’

  11. forumlogic

    More a treehouse than a hotel – lol

  12. AMANDA

    Haha, i live in Sweden! :D

  13. annonymus

    hey, what the hell where they thinking, to build something so dangerous for the birds flying around??! what kind of people would do such a thing?

  14. Andre Mestre

    To prevent birds from colliding with the treehouse, the glass was laminated with infrared film that only birds can see.
    Read the description before comenting please.

  15. Raads

    LOL @ Andre Mestre — some one already sed that!, but how do they know that the birds can see it? LOL
    i’m being difficult arent i…

    its too much effort in my opinion… waste of time and space and Lol @ Pete :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  16. he

    Scientific research ok? Lol.

  17. Crystal

    I just don’t understand how the tree can hold such heavy structure.

  18. Karin L.


  19. GKL Design

    Interesting design..also interesting to read people’s comments about it. It looks more like a getaway from things type of place, not somewhere to actually live..and I do hope the birds are protected

  20. jacki a

    Conceptually and esthetically really interesting as a site specific art work. Says a lot about illusion and perception in our mediated culture of blurred boundaries.
    Terrifying to actually inhabit. Not for leisure. More like a fascinating psychological experiment. And in Sweden too!

    And yes, it is not like those sadistic commercials for glass cleaner with birds crashing into glass doors. It’s protected. Besides birds don’t usually go crashing into each other head-on. Just people. And animals with antlers. Think about that.

  21. jacki a

    P.S. I have walked across one of those rope bridges (that’s how you get to this cube) way up high in the jungle in Costa Rica – a lot farther up than this one is – and suspended across a huge gorge. REALLY really scary. The question is – how do you get up the tree at the other end to this one? Rope ladder? No thanks!

    Might be an interesting place for a meditation retreat. Or — lock up the leaders of two “warring” parties until they come to terms of agreement. No escape. As a metaphoric image that works.

  22. Stephan

    infa red film or not birds are still going to fly into that

  23. Chedie

    I like this!

    Though I’m wondering how this would fare when there is a typhoon or something XD

  24. virus

    hey that was there from very long ago….

  25. James Ward

    A bathroom? For crying out load – you are in the woods! And it probably doesn’t spin. That would be cool – and would really keep birds away

  26. Christina

    Wow! It’s like you have a comfty house plus a wonderful view outside, around it.

  27. Clona

    did anyone spot the bathroom?
    or do you go to the bathroom…. the natural way?

  28. Doink

    Haha, i had this idea when i was a kid, to use small mirrors to camouflage the treehouse :D

    I never believed i’d see a modern one !

  29. Bob

    Why don’t some of your READ first? Is that too much to ask?

  30. Blondie

    Does anyone here read before they comment????

  31. Ray

    @pete : funniest comment :).. A+

  32. Ralph

    I think that the tree-climbing effort and required assembly effort for the mirrors is a lot more than the artistic value of the results justifies. And don’t forget, the Humane Society will attack the “artist” in connection with the deaths of all of the birds which splatter on the mirrors. A definitely abortive attempt at gaining artist status IMO.

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