Part Time Jobs of Superheroes

Part Time Jobs of Superheroes

Series of creative illustrations by talented Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam.

Famous superheroes earn money by working at restaurants, factories, and tennis clubs. Some of them deliver pizza, mail, and food.

Iron Man

Part Time Job

Thor – Blacksmith

Superhero Jobs by Chow Hon Lam

Catwoman – Rat-catcher

Real Jobs of Superheroes

Flash – Pizza Delivery

Jobs for Superheroes

Mister Fantastic – Apple Farm

Superhero Part Time Jobs

Human Torch – Grill

Superhero Jobs

Invisible Woman – Magic Show

Jobs of Superheroes

Captain America – Waiter

Superhero Part Time Job

Batman – No Part Time Job

Perfect Jobs for Superheroes

Spider-Man – Tennis Club

Chow Hon Lam

Superman – Mail Carrier

Superheroes by Chow Hon Lam

Wolverine – Sushi Chef

Real World Jobs of Superheroes

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  1. Rafeek

    HHHhaa ha , superb

  2. Nidaa

    lol that’s funny :D

  3. First Fokus

    Lol @ batman

  4. shadow

    wooo malaysian pride :D so cute!

  5. Swiper Fox

    Incredible Hulk & The Thing as “Club Bouncers”

  6. toy

    HAHAHAHAH BATMAN!!! ahhahahahaha

  7. Matt

    These are brilliant, big thumbs up!

  8. Chari

    LOVE it! Finally, a practical, every-day use for those talents! ^_^

  9. Sami

    hahahaha, cute! :D

  10. Ricardo

    Ingenious and funny…!!

  11. Sepehr

    Clever :D

  12. kelly Tozarin

    Very funny! My first smile today! Loved it!

  13. Nisa Zul

    love them… they make my day…

  14. Swiper Fox

    Iron Man shouldn’t have a part-time job; He’s already a billionaire like Batman.

  15. ritz

    LOL the Spider Man!!

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