One Dollar Bill Art

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk

Two brilliant French artists, Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ides, show us how to have fun with one dollar bill.

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 2

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 3

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 4

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 5

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 6

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 8

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 9

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 10

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 11

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 12

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 13

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 14

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 15

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 16

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 17

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 18

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 19

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 20

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  1. E

    Isn’t this illegal…defamation of federal property?

  2. K

    well, im guessing they used photoshop to do this, so its not exactly drawing on a dollar bill.. is it?

  3. T

    those are not photoshoped… and yes it is illegal but so is littering… you only get in trouble if you get caught!

  4. loverfaceex482

    the ronald mcdonald one creeps me out.

  5. Dollar Bill

    Hell, the recession has defamed these things more than a pen ever can!

    For more topical humour, please pick up my pamphlet….

  6. MeHere

    Nope i’ts not illegal. There are no laws against drawing on money. There may be some statute against it but(hold on to your reality folks)statutes are not law and the only way you can be prosecuted under a statute is if you volunteer to be prosecuted. Instead of talking s*** about what I just said, go and do some research. Look at this for instance. >>> <<This will blow your mind.Also, google John Harris ‘I’ts an illusion’ , and you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy ;)

  7. Gus

    Not sure if that is illegal… in Vegas they can put your picture in a dollar bill and you can use the bill afterwoods

  8. Tony

    I like the pirate one.
    Would be good to pay for an Arrrrmani suit with a load of them.

    ….I’ll get my coat.

  9. gary

    Hey, i’m all for making the greenback more interesting visually. They have those state quarters right…

  10. Lindsay

    That’s about $20 in graffiti… but very funny nonetheless!

  11. Jessica

    Plus, they’re FRENCH artists… I doubt they have laws about one dollar bills in France.

  12. oi web designer

    thats funny,, i like scream,,,

  13. Kirvi Inci

    Very cool.

  14. Ben

    Yeah you guys can read, right? These guys are in France… not illegal to draw on American dollars in France baby.

  15. Beezy

    who cares about the laws or statutes…

    its fun design!
    yay for being creative.

  16. Jim

    I love the comments claiming statutes are not laws. Please keep violating statues and send me your prison address. According to the Secret Service, the use of rubber stamps on US currency is a violation of the law, but apparently they have bigger fish to fry. Not sure if they’re just being a bit aggressive because US Code Title 18 Chapter 25 has the relevant laws and includes “with intent to defraud” , while this obviously is not with intent to defraud. If it was an attempt to defraud, like they drew George to look like Thomas, it would be illegal in the United States, even if they were in France. And in the United States it is illegal to forge foreign currency. I’m sure the French authorities would help arrest and extradite. We wouldn’t have a very stable currency if there were no laws stopping people from forging it overseas.

  17. Jane

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking Jim. Perhaps one need look up the definition of a statute: (noun) a written law passed by a legislative body. Hate crimes are a statute. Does that mean you have to volunteer to be prosecuted there? Maybe one should take his own advice and do a little research before giving legal advice to strangers.

  18. Mau

    Come on! There’s no use for all this legal arguing, might be illegal or not, either way you can’t do anything about it. Maybe these online law enforcers feel this hurts your american pride but sadly this country has little to be proud of.

  19. Jaap

    hm, $ 20 dollars, yea lets prosecute, costs are $ 1.000……..

    but you should by principle………..

    funny people, especially to compare this to forgery….

  20. Miguel (Utilnet)

    Very cool.
    Best regards,
    Miguel (utilnet)

  21. anonymous


    also: Photoshopped! The pixels are all wrong on the bills, not to mention that I’ve seen my fair share of ‘shops.

  22. InTheInterestsofScience

    Ok… just as an experiment I’m gonna see if I can forstall the inevitable tide of angry replies to the anonymous commenter above…

    This person knows that the bills are not photoshopped, and there are no “wrong pixels”. The message above me is what all internet newbies will need to lean to recognise as a meme. A joke. A running online joke. Have I made this sufficiently clear? Ther is NO NEED to post messages like “you idiot of course they aren’t shopped, what’s the matter with you…” or words to that effect. You’ll only look stupid.

    *sits back and waits to be ignored*

  23. Josh

    The law in question begins:

    “Whoever fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates, impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the mints of the United States, etc.”

    The key word here is “fraudulently”. As far as I know, nobody has ever been successfully prosecuted for defacing US currency without some sort of intent to fool people (i.e. altering a bill to look like a bill of higher denomination.) Painting Ronald McDonald on a $1 bill is not intended to fool anyone. (It is also specifically illegal to alter a bill with the intent that it will then be removed from circulation due to the alteration.)

  24. ...

    How do two frenchmen get sequential bills?

  25. duh

    uh….they go to the bank. you know banks often times carry currency from many different countries…so they go to said bank and trade currencies, and they get bills in sequential order. but this couldnt’ be right? i mean french people are too dumb for all that right?…..stupid f%&9ing americans.

  26. Don

    can’t believe that there isn’t a Bill Clinton Bill

  27. Kama

    They are all cool, except the one with Bin Laden.

  28. Meg

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using dollar bills as part of an art project. They’re not trying to spend that money, and there’s no mention of them selling their creations for profit. All they did was draw on them and share photos of them on the internet.

    I’ve gotten bills as change with phone numbers or little reminders (“Don’t forget to buy milk”) on them. At least the bills pictured here are more interesting than that.

  29. anonymous

    Yes it is illegal to deface currency.

    United States Code

    U.S. Code as of: 01/19/04
    Section 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations

    Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or
    unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank
    bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national
    banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal
    Reserve System, with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note,
    or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined
    under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

    However, it is art. I’d argue that it’s not “defacing” but rather creating something out of what’s in existence.

    Very cool stuff.

  30. pearljamcrazy

    Man, if I got that Gene Simmons bill I’d hold onto it! Hilarious!

    Actually, my friend, who also happens to be a fantastic artist, colored in George to look like the Joker this school year :D

  31. Jim Lynde

    Don’t know why everyone is so uptight about whether this is against the law or not.
    They are clever. They are original.They are great.
    If I were lucky enough to get any one of them
    I would keep it and show it around.

  32. Me-Mo

    I don’t see why it would be a federal offense,because the federal reserve is not a federal department.The federal reserve is NOT federal,or a reserve.It is in no way a part of our government,that is why we(our government)pays so much,for a stack of printed paper. When they could print our own real U.S.currency,and not have to pay anything more than the federal reserve does.Meaning ink and paper.We could get this country out of debt if there wasn’t so much money in it for politicians and our corrupt goverment officials.

  33. Ashley

    Well even if it’s illegal I think he just paid a $1 for each of his artworks anyway. Because I know they are not usable now.

    I really like the spider man one very funny.

  34. oldmanvegas

    I take it you have all heard of graffiti. Which is illegal. Thats the point. This subverting of a dollar bill is the same as adbusting a billboard, or tagging a wall or creating a burner. The point is taking something held in high regard by some and subverting it with a new agenda – One group (the establishment) hold up a dead president as an icon, these artists replace him with another one. Highlighting the ludicrous nature of such nonsense.

  35. Thomasne

    It is my humble opinion that the spirit of these works does quite the opposite of defacing these bills in the eyes of this beholder. On the contrary, I think that ‘Atypyk’ has in fact for the most part significantly appreciated the notes and consequently made currency ‘more current’ if you will; thereby more than likely increasing the potential longevity of its circulation and to whatever insignificant an amount it may seem, saved the Federal Reserve a bit of minimally excessive printing costs! Furthermore, in the spirit of integrity, I move that the notes be acquired by the Smithsonian institute and immediately and for all posterity be embraced as not only a national treasure, but another ongoing souvenir of the Franco-American collaborative efforts that go back even further than the Declaration of Independence itself.

    In any case, they are fine works of in so many words handy craft at the very least; and should be treated as a monumental accomplishments along the way to perhaps a currency more diverse in the ethnic and gender specific limitations that for so long have held the tender at what might very well be the weakness that has recently seen an unusual decline in value on the global market.

    To those who have the patience to have read this far, my salutations! Having the feeling of a novelist on the five hundredth page of a commissioned ‘short story,’ I concede to now close this approximate tirade in an area which have no official background or applied expertise in evidence at all.

    And so I do with the following blessing:

    For whatever it is worth,

    Have a nice day and

    Namaste o Nayam

    O Namaste

  36. Hannahhhh

    Very interesting. I first thought it might be illegal like treason, or something to do with federal property defamation. But the artists are French, so if we asume they live in France, is it illegal?
    Still. Its art.

  37. ralph

    any one notice how close the serial numbers are? i bet they are from a robbery or something, or somehow they bought a block or sheet with ones… but idk its weird!

  38. Sarah!

    Oh my goooood. Why bother going over if it’s legal or not when the artist lives in France? It obviously doesn’t matter. Just shut up and enjoy the art work.

  39. James Jesse Emery St. Louis

    Federal Reserve Notes are Not Money, They are Notes of Debt. The Government and banks owe all money in our economy to the Federal Reserve, when they call in some loams, our economy plummets, defacing the currency is not much of a crime, in retrospect. These, some of them Especially, are Beautiful. I’ll have them all. you guys should do one that looks like J.P.Morgan

  40. Lorenzo C.

    Who the hell cares if it’s illegal. Art is meant to be original, creative, and provocative. Laws and limitations are set aside for the sake of making something entertaining and beautiful. Look at the case as well (that means you Jim), are you going to honestly arrest two French artists living in France who drew on one dollar (a federal note costs five cents to make) worth of federally printed paper? I don’t think so. This country has way to much on it’s plate to go after some artists for defacing twenty bucks.

    Anyway, my favorite is the pirate. One up the Pirate Bay!!! XD

  41. jem

    I don’t know what’s funnier…the artwork or the responses from ‘muricans!

    tres cool les guy

  42. Sean Duran

    It’s not illegal. It’s only illegal if you alter money and then try and use it as legal tender.

  43. Duran Duran

    It’s illegal to photoshop U.S money in France, especially if you get the pixels wrong.

  44. josh

    illegal or not look at the reactions it stirred up in perfect strangers…………. behold the power of art

  45. Amy

    Dude, it’s art, who cares whether it’s legal or not. Art is about expression and social statements. Legalities are petty and small.

  46. CT Blake

    Something that all of you might be missing is– while it is questionable whether doodling on a dollar bill is illegal or not (it is, but not worth prosecuting), a bigger issue is making copies of them, which is what taking pictures of the bills and doodling on them (photoshop or by pen, doesn’t matter). Taking pics and putting them up on a website could get somebody in trouble under the counterfeiting rules (as you don’t have authority to make copies of bills).

  47. LS

    Altering or otherwise damaging united states currency is a federal crime.

    There has never, ever, been a prosecution of this crime. Nobody cares.

    That said, who cares? Screw the rules, art is awesome.

  48. wtf

    guys, there were 2 french guys who decided to have a good laugh, so they drew on dollar bills, photographed them and posted them on the net, only to find a bunch of d*ckh**ds writing sh*t about the law. All they wandted was to share the laughter with us, and we should apreciate that. The bills are great, creative and funny.
    And there is a slim chance they will get prosecuted anyways.

    and remember kids, dont do drugs!

  49. kl

    not illegal….freedom of speech brotha

  50. pranav

    its amazing.
    i really appreciate your creativity.

  51. ashley

    Ha. Wow…. you guys…are you serious?!

    The trick? (I have seen this done)

    They are NOT drawing on the bills. They draw on a clear sheet and place the sheet against the bill so that it seems as if it were drawn on.

    Illegal? Maybe… Matter? No. It’s all in good fun.

  52. Jessie

    well, since they are french i doubt they care about american money? do you even read?

  53. Carl

    Yes, In the mighty US of A, the land of the free, defacing money is illegal.

    Another shining example of how the greatest democracy in the world operates.

    (though admittedly, this isnt in the same ballpark as torturing suspects at Guantanamo . . . )

  54. Reno Luit

    coolio. how come you guys [states] still have billed one dollar and two dollar bills? always wondered that since here our money is coloured and two and one dollars are as coins… great art thought and no it isn’t against the law to draw on money, higher officials just dont want you to because its considered rude, we smash pennies under a train wheel, no one complains about that or when we drill a hole in old money to turn into a necklace or keychain, drawing on a bill should be the least of their worries so long as it can still be used and seen as the real money not a fake.

  55. joseph

    I agree with Reno Luit, wtf is wrong with all of ya’ll for arguing like ya’ll do? just let it go, cause there’s nothing any of ya’ll can do about what has already happened. and if whoever did it, does it again, who cares!? let them get fined and/or arrested if they get caught, if it is in fact against the law to draw on money, cause there are supportive arguments for both sides. JUST LET IT GO! It’s because of people like ya’ll, that cause so much commotion over NOTHING just to have your own voices heard, that there is so much wrong with our world. You’re all wrapped up on an issue that doesn’t matter but a spit in the bucket!

  56. joseph

    if you like it, appreciate it, leave a positive comment, if not, hold your legal jargon and move on, don’t try and ruin everyone else’s day…

  57. Antony

    Nicely done, fellas. On a side note, all countries have their stereotypes. Not all Americans are dumb. Not all Germans are militant Anti-Semites. Not all Italians are named Mario and Luigi. Seriously. It’s just sad that I have to live in the country stereotyped as idiotic. They’ve made the figure head of our government seem idiotic so people will be so focused on how f***in retarded he is that they won’t be paying attention to what’s really going on. Nevermind the propagation of fear-mongering and extremist nationalism in the media. But I digress, once again, nice work. Funny how George’s face is so malleable to different facades in the right hands.

  58. Events

    Very nice work!
    You could probably sell them for $20 each. Surely there are plenty of people that can appreciate the artistry and pay more than the face value.

  59. Duzer

    Artistry? Funny? Hmmm call it sophomoric humor!

  60. KottonQueen

    @ Events…. …”Surely there are plenty of people that can appreciate the artistry and pay more than the ‘face value.'” <— no pun intended right??? “FACE value” hahaha

    I do love all of these tho! Way AWESOME!!

  61. t bags

    lol. osama ftw

  62. Luna

    I don’t think its defamation of federal property.. I think you may be looking for defacing.. and yes, I think it is. But its still awesome!

  63. t bags

    i’m pretty sure it has to be made unusable to be illegal. i think any of us would accept these as payment for any debts, public or private, without a second thought.

  64. dawn

    would you still be able to use it?

  65. Peter

    I like the dead George, we used to do that to magazines and newspapers when I was a kid….called it “skulling”
    Make all the heads skulls and leave it in a coffee shop or bus for someone else to find.
    I may make a rubber stamp to do the batman George a few thousand times and dump them back into circulation.


  66. chris

    it is not illegal….onnly if you cover any codes that machines read and require…
    people always say its “defacing government property”

  67. David

    good stuff… just wana be on the comments for an awsome turn out on the coments. Keep it up. Peace

  68. marky

    I wonder if they are still accepted as legal tender.
    Cool stuff.

  69. robb

    legal or not, this is definitely awesome.

  70. Duuuuuuude Where's My Car?

    Who the Fudge cares about whether it’s defacing government property. Why can’t we just drop it? Oh, and Mau, FUDGE YOU! America has much to be proud of, we’re still the best, everybody still dreams about America…coming to America, being an American, etc. You all may be thinking that it is childish for me saying Fudge, but my dad is reading this behind my back ;)Anyways. All you guys are proving is that you guys are ninny-arse nerds who argue over the internet. Just enjoy the fudging dollar bills mmmk?

  71. Duuuuuuuuuude Where's My Car

    anyone also notice that the all the bills serial numbers all start with E1635…… Do you know how unlikely that these are actual one dollar bills. Argue over stupid defacing laws will you, yet you are all too stupid to actually examine the rest of the dollar bill!?!?! really people? PULL IT TOGETHER!

  72. John

    i think it’s brilliant if they broke a law so what, keep in mind that this is on the internet, and no use arguing to people you don’t know and will never meet.

  73. Jessi

    im sorry.. but all the people arguing about the leagal matter of drawing on bills a stupid. who cares! its funny and clever. i never got introuble for drawing on the face of whatever bill and then using it. most likely your just pissed that you didnt think to make your bills to look so cool! im an american and i just wanna say… frenchies got it goin on with their dollar art ; )

  74. Splint Chesthair

    People who argue that defacing money is illegal and that you will be sent to prison for it show that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The statute which people cite is in reference to fraud, not whimsical design, and really only comes into play if you tried to deposit a large number of defaced bills to a federal bank which would be found unfit for re-distribution. It has about 0% to do with writing on your own dollar bill. In addition, the statute has NEVER EVER been used in court against someone, not even for fraud. So everyone just chillax and don’t get your panties in a twist about people decororating their OWN money.

  75. Rach

    I love how this was started as two french men just drawing on money just messing around and instead of just liking or disliking it, you start some crazy arguement of wether it is legal or not. pretty funny if you think about it.

  76. Josh

    this is a very long and relatively pointless chain of comments.

  77. Chelsea

    …if only the U.S. became the artsy crazy country that it’s youth strives to be…
    then there would be all sorts of money with peace signs and pot leaves and monkeys screwing donkeys….
    you know, real creative things like that.

  78. dino

    Hilarious. I like the Spidey, Kiss & Afro G-dub’s.

  79. Mindy

    Everyone laugh please and stop over reacting. If you speed, you are breaking the law too. Hush.

  80. mmm

    I lol’d at these.

  81. jimmy9001

    you guys do realise that they have done this to UK money too, and yer wait it was on tv more precisely the news where it was said to be an excellent expression of art and that it’s light humour should be welcomed, so much so that they did a gallery of it and members of the public could bring their own £5 notes to be drawn on for free by these very good artists.
    you all need to lighten up and realise it’s just art and what’s wrong with that so what it’s defaced who really cares just see that it’s done exactly what it should have done and that’s evoke controversy.
    some ace comments tho, i dont know much (anything) about US law but im sure they have bigger things to worry about such as the lack of money they currently have i bet they would welcome bills like this over non at all.

    cheers keep it up you crazy French artists

  82. Ralf

    Love the drawings, hate the ignoramuses that contributed to the general dumbing down of the internet community by polluting this page with ignorant, irrelevant, and generally idiotic commentary. The internet is for the free flow of ideas and information, not the seeping ooze of ignorance and stupidity. You have every right to your opinion, but in the name of all things just and good in this world, learn to convey your ideas adequately and with out the general hostility that has plagued the human race for the past three million years or so, we are all civilized human beings here, act like it.

  83. KatelynRene

    I thought these were hilarious,illegal or not,they’re pretty great. :)

  84. Koosh

    Illegal, seriously? Who cares, it’s art. I just made my own batman and now I can’t wait to find some more singles…

  85. Phillip

    They drew on a dollar bill…whoopdie freakin doo. The drawings are cool. Eff the other comments

  86. gumbeaux

    If the man wants you for doing this, he will be knocking on your door before you know it.

  87. Paula

    Enough already, it was done for fun and amusement. But I guess you all to narrow minded to see that. Why worry about if it is against the law, do you really think they were doing this to break a law?
    Get over yourselves.

  88. At Home

    neat improvement to a piece of paper that is worth ‘less’ than $1.00!
    (I did not appreciate the bin Ladin one, tho)

  89. Chris36

    Here is my take on the blogs here. The United states prints incredible amounts of money without having the gold to back it up with. The US government would be happy if these artist doodled on a few trillion.

    As for the artwork, brilliant! I had more fun and laughs reading the blogs tho..

  90. Shootingranny

    I will tell you this, after you do this, they won’t go thru a vending machine! LOL! Someone gave me one that looked like the skeleton, and it would not go thru! I went without my Snickers that day! LOL!

  91. jery garcia

    These are great! I wish I knew where to get them and start a collection. Of course you can’t spend them, but so what. They’re great to show and talk about at gatherings.
    Besides they’re probably worth more as collectables than real money anyway.

  92. timbohunkas

    All I have to say on the subject is “cat”. Now there that makes as much sense as this chain of comments! Cool art makes the world a better place. Have a day losers

  93. Tango

    You are under arrest for the defacing of american currency. You have the right to remain silent, anything you can can and will be used agenst you in the court of law. If you could just go ahead and book your own plane ticket and turn yourself in and save me the trouble I will go easy on you.

  94. JaK

    When it comes to art, rules should never apply.

    I wonder if you can still use them as legal tender? After all, we’ve all seen that bill tracker stamp on bills, “see where this bill has been!” that’s defacing money, and I’ve had a ton of them!

    I want evertone to take a bill from their wallet, draw on it, and use it. I want to see if I get any of them in about a month, lol

  95. sula

    well congratulations people! you have completely destroyed what was a very clever and comendable piece of art by bogging it down with laws and rules! can’t you guys just take it as it is and have a bit of imagination???

  96. Dustin

    It’s not illegal, the tender is your own property. Currency is for private and public transactions, if someone doesn’t want the marked bill they don’t have to take it, but your are free to do with it whatever you want.

  97. Daemonknight

    It’s only illegal if you deface money with the intent of defrauding someone, like trying to change the bill’s denomination.

  98. Robyn

    Who cares if it’s illegal. Maybe he photo copied the bills? It really doesn’t matter anyway

  99. Pix110

    Interesting discussion about legality. As soon as they put their pens on it (if they did), they owned it as a copywritten work of art. So, how is that squared? Is the copyright thrown out if it is illegal to “deface” the bill? And what is the definition of “deface”? An artist designed the bills, after all. There’s no ambiguity about wether or not they own the copyright on these works, the question is what happens to that copyright if “defacing” the bills were to be prosecuted?

  100. Silas

    Not illegal. You’re allowed to destroy money for Artistic Purposes, I believe. My old Art teacher used to do it all the time.

  101. chuck

    are you really mad about defacing us property? get real, the dollor will only be worth about the same as a mexican peso when the inflation hits. (thanks obama and the dems.)

  102. Sam

    Haha. I think a few of you need to go back and look at the “Einstein one”… because illegal or not, it’s wonderfully hilarious. Go look, I’ll wait…. See. Now go apologize to your peers for being such a square-pain-in-the-ass.

  103. Laugh@USA

    Please stop with your “This is a US Dollar bill – its illegal.” This is art and nothing else.

  104. LILA

    the 2 guys are wouldn’t apply to them, if they got caught..right?

  105. Adi

    I love the Batman one, that’s my favorite. I love all of the comments and I actually took the time to read all of them. I would love to find one of these kinds of dollar bills. :)

  106. Izzy

    Love it! Cant believe how many people just biatch at these awesome artists for being inspiring and creative..

  107. t

    This is not illegal, not at all, money is a personal property not only that once the money is taking off usa grounds its no longer subject to us law if you read its two french artists. So nope…you can burn any thing you want from the treasury hell you almost should it would make my cash worth more lol

  108. Patti

    They are all obviously photoshopped…the numbers are exactly the same on each one of them…

  109. Warning

    You people crack me up, a checkout lady once told me that if it has three corners she would take it. I bet everyone a dollar i could use anyone one of these in any store. further note my dogs plyed tug of war with 6 one hundred dollar bills. Destroyed each bill was in like ten different pieces taped back together. I took them to the US post office and exchanged them for a money order. People should just enjoy art.

  110. Shanna

    Who cares if its legal or illegal?!? its awesome art so shut up and enjoy it!!!!


  111. kate

    The one with a fro looks like Bob from that 70’s show…

  112. rasta

    i just read all these comments, entertaining. i was curious about the legality of it because i do it as an artist as well. i think people should only make comments when they know what they are talking about. but what can you do, learn to ignore. it is a dollar bill, go ahead an do that on 100 dollar bills and try to spend it, more risk. they are not photoshopped, it is not hard to get sequencial dollar bills, just get them from the bank. you would be amazed what you can get if you asked. i turned a 100 dollar bill into fifty 2 dollar bills once, just to spend them. i would be happy to face prosecution on drawing on a bill if it made me famous as an artist. artists do whatever they can to survive. support the arts, creativity is a gift, i like the hannibal lector one. i like the ones i wouldnt of thought of myself, nice job.

  113. erikosbad

    really weird.. photoshopped? no.
    look at the serial numbers.. who gets bills freshly printed? i’ve never ever had two bills in my pocket, even like, 1000 numbers in difference, yet this guy has them within one number apart: E13652012J, E13652013J????
    I’m calling some type of bullsh1t on this one.. maybe photoshop? But who, again, would have these bills…

  114. g


    each more pig headed than the last!
    illegal or not, th us gov wouldt consider that before they decided to prosecute.
    and good old g washington grew s***loads of marijuana at the white house, bet he’d be lovin the art. the bin laden one is probably the best one. DAMN FRENCHIES!!!

  115. Myndi

    legal bs = blah blah blah

    dollar art = Super rad! :)

  116. tasha

    Wow. Leave it to some jerk to point that out… There are adorable. :)

  117. Jim

    It would be easy to say theyre photo shop, but they arent, each bill has been doodled all itself. How do i know? Look at the serial numbers, theyre all within a few numbers of eachother. If you used photoshop, you would only need one bill. I wonder what happened to the odd ones, the bills that are in between the numbers of the bills pictured, screw ups or too abstract for the net???

  118. claleb

    this is real cuz the code is different on each one.

  119. Sarah

    yes, its illegal to draw on money…but its also illegal to take pictures of money because of counterfeiting…but nobody’s saying anything about that, are they??
    and who cares what these guys do with a couple dollar bills? its not like you got one of these dollars and got in trouble or rejected when you tried to spend it, right? and if you did…its a DOLLAR. big deal.

  120. hann

    hahahah loving the einstein one!!
    silly australia with it’s plastic bills lol i would totally write reminders on my money. but it gets ruined in the wash doesn’t it?

  121. Erin

    I agree with Sarah, just chill ouuut. It’s awesome. They’re all awesome.

  122. ryan

    thats 19 dollars

  123. john

    So politically dubious the one with Osama.

  124. C

    it is photoshopped because its all the exact same dollar bill

  125. Anonymous

    A, they’re different Bill,s look at the serial code.

    B, to put an end to the whole “is it legal” debate, it’s only illegal if the bills are defaced in such a manner as to make them unusable as currency, such as scratching out the code, the numbers or the signature, you can legally do whatever the hell you want to a legal dollar as long as it stays legal, and an illegal one doesn’t become legal.

    C, It’s very funny.

  126. Mallory

    uhmm, i doubt drawing on dollar bills in illegal. Because I’ve gone into restraunts where you draw on dollar bills and they put it on the wall…

  127. thomas

    speeding is illegal too, people. this shouldn’t be a petty debate over the legalities of a work of art.

    it should be, however, an opportunity to thank the artists and appreciate their work.

  128. Jeff

    Very amusing, nice to see another personality bills besides Elvis and Marilyn.

  129. Turn it over!!

    haah try turing it over and writing a B before ONE…and an R after it
    it spells boner

  130. Lenny

    Shut up and enjoy the art.

  131. anonymous

    I like the indian guy and the troll

  132. Omega

    when you go to the science museum they crush your penny into a tourist trinkit. same for seaworld ect ect. also there are people for instance that melt down old pennies (when they had more copper) to make profit. this is what the law is intended for not some guy doing money on a small scale. much of the money in circulation is takin out and destroyed by the government themselves anyway. this is a stupid thing to even argue but i have seen so many rash and brain dead comments i had to say something. and the art is amazing would like to see one of a ninja .or yoda . lol

  133. Big D

    You can buy real ‘modified’ one dollar bills

    they cost $5 each and are amazing. i bought 2 when i was in florida, will smith and family guy, you can spend them legally too but i dont recommend it.

  134. Achelin

    just in the off chance that no one already pointed it out all these pics are of the exact same dollar so these are all photo shopped just thought I’d mention it.

  135. smith

    i don’t think French artists in France can get in trouble for drawing on the American dollar…And these are not photo shopped. Look the serial numbers of the bills and the dates. They are different on all of them.

    These are awesome.

  136. Nicholas

    It’s illegal to draw on money but only with the intent to make it unusable or if it somehow benefits you economically. just doodling on the artwork already there is fine.

  137. Mirdban

    there are waaay too many comments on here that have nothing to do with anything. get a life, fools.

    radical dollars, guy, nice work.

  138. Mirdban

    ps. the guy who said theyre all the same bill needs to open his eyes.

    pps. try turning the word ONE into BONER. lol,, thats good stuff.

  139. Wolfe

    To the artists; great work. I really enjoyed these pieces of “art”.

    To the posters who are quoting law, some suggestions for future posts;
    *QUOTE the law.
    *Include the Chapter, Article, Paragraph, and Sub-Paragraph in reference(s) to your posts.

    Otherwise, you’re what is referred to as a curbside lawyer. Translation; someone who believes they know the law, when 80% of curbside lawyers are wrong in what they think is the law.

    Again, great pieces of art! Absolutely stunning!

  140. DeeDee


  141. Todd

    What are the odds all bills would be E or from the Bank of Va? Look at your bills if you have 5 bills odds are they will have different. I had 5 one dollar bills and 5 different banks. F,K,D,E,B.

  142. johnofark

    Not that it really matters, but I vote it was photoshopped. Just changed the last 2 numbers in the serial. Clever stuff nonetheless.

  143. Erik

    FUNNY Stuff!!!!!!!

  144. KevinG

    who cares if its illegal. its FUNNY.

  145. Heavy-Duty

    From what I can tell… it is only illegal if you misrepresent the bill… Like changing a $1 into like a $5 and passing it off as a $5. – OR – Defacing the money to the point that it can not be used as legitimate currency, which basically means making it completely unrecognizable.

  146. Maria

    Love it!! Here in Australia we don’t have $1 notes. I will get some $5 notes tho and deface (I mean do artwork on) the queen! Great stuff

  147. Liz

    It’s ridiculous how many comments there are arguing over whether this is legal or not. It’s 20 bucks, guys. Even if it is illegal it’s going to cost way more than that to prosecute someone for it and I’m pretty sure the government has more important things to deal with.

    And as far as people saying the bills can’t be used anymore, try handing one of them to a kid working behind the counter at cvs and see if they argue.

  148. edhurley

    The Secret Service is in charge of protecting the President of the United States, and the one dollar bill.

  149. Ralphie

    Very Cool, More please. Totally photoshopped though, the serial numbers are sequential.

    as for being illegal, this crime is about on the same level of drawing hopscotch on the sidewalk. Its grafitti, tagging, but who cares.

  150. Ana

    I´m sorry if I will upset anyone, but ilegal, legal???? REALY? Only americans could go on and on about something as simple as art. It´s just art, it´s not an attempt to “injured” american pride. You guys should really learn to be a litle more open and less self centered. Can´t you just appretiate the idea? Really well achieved, by the way…

    Yeah, í´m not american, but i´m not also french, so i´m not defending my “country fellow artists”

  151. Lonnie

    Duh !!! Did it ever occur to anyone that it’s most likely NOT illegal to deface an AMERICAN dollar bill… IN FRANCE ?!!?? not that I give a crap, one way or the other…. Those were a lot of fun however, so I guess I’ll have to modify my sentiments about the French (oh, yeah… They make some great cheeses, too).

  152. Abel

    well when you look at it all the dollar bill codes are different. so i doubt he used photoshop, and is planning to save the bills he drew on, but hey, BADASS! good work, i support this.

  153. Anonymous

    Haha, the comments here are funny.

    -I think this may be illegal
    -I don’t think so
    -Here is some legal evidence
    -quite interesting
    -wat who cares if its legalor not?
    -Stop Arguing!
    -I agree because I have all the facts!
    -You’re ruining my day with these legal arguments!
    -I keep scrolling through all these comments of legal arguments only to complain on the internet in an equally lame fashion as arguing about the legality of bills!

  154. Woah

    I don’t think that it would be illegal if it is to be used as ART. If the artist was to come to US and try to use these bills, then I would consider it to be illegal. Meh. We all have our opinions. Whose to say he/she didn’t draw on a bill, that they photocopied (oooooh, ouch) and drew upon that copied piece. Think what you will.

  155. SipSop

    ***********URGENT AND HORRIFFYING MESSAGE***************
    The whole “shopped” thing is tired now so you look like ur bad at interweb when you say it…further more, for you people who feel compelled to make said allegation truly believe that know one on the planet has been able to draw something by hand or take a cool photo since photoshops inception? Some of these aren’t even hard to draw for the average person. In short…silly nerds, rage is for the black people.
    ***********************END MESSAGE********************

  156. mm

    Thank you SIPSOP for your post..
    Why do so many ppl think they are fake?? Is it so impossible that someone has a little skill when it comes to something so basic?

  157. meghan

    They are art, I doubt the artists intend to use them for any further transactions. They are creative and nice for a good laugh! As for the mysterious bank robber theories…there is a site called ebay…go there and type in one dollar bills, you can buy them uncirculated and in sequential order, calm down folks! Kudos to the artists and good luck on all future creations!

  158. Greg

    Wow. Come on guys, just one more month of stupid arguments and it will have gone on for a whole year! We can do it!!!!

    I too would like to see a Yoda, or Darth Vader XD.

  159. Andrew H.

    Almost a year of comments!

    Anyway, cool art, and that’s what it is, art. Gonna try and make my own this weekend!

    Who knew Geo Wash could be so many faces?

  160. Splint.Chesthair

    OK, so to mark the one-year anniversary, let’s sum up.

    1. These are cool.

    2. It is not photoshopped. It is very easy to get sequentially number bills. Walk into any bank with a $10 bill and ask for ten crisp new sequentially numbered dollar bills and chances are they can grant your request.

    3. Not Illegal. Most people are (often unknowingly) referring to USC title 18, Part I, Chapter 17, § 331 when incorrectly stating that it is illegal to write on currency. This particular regulation has a key word people overlook and that word is “fraudulently”. This means that defacing currency is only illegal if the defacement was performed with an intent to fool someone into thinking it was something it’s not, e.g. a $1 into a $10, or a $50 into unusuable currency. Not only that but the regulation has NEVER been cited in any court case in the history of the U.S. including ACTUAL monetary fraud cases.

  161. KristenMarie

    Honestly, they probably were not thinking “lets draw on some money and cross your fingers because i want to get arrested.”
    Its artwork. You may not like it, but if they had known they may not have done it. All of you need to calm down.
    This is amazing:)

  162. kanis

    hey who cares if is illegal its funny an i have a question the one with long hair is charles manson or jesus christ?

  163. Splint.Chesthair

    Don’t say “Who cares if it’s illegal or not?” that’s stupid, demand the truth! It is not illegal!

  164. Pamie.

    It’s so sad how people, instead of appreciating these works of art, complain about it as if it were a crime. Photoshopped or not, drawn on a transparent paper or not, usable or not, illegal or not, it’s entertaining and we should appreciate it as a work of art, a joke, or just a thing to laugh about.

    Involving the government in this only destroyed it a little bit. Why take out the fun? I don’t think these french kids will get arrested because of sharing these fun bills. Come on, people, don’t exaggerate.

  165. anonymous (:

    (‘: the amount of people spending their time ARGUING over whether its legal?! its just a piece of art work! look and enjoy :L

  166. anonymous 2 :)

    yes ive spent most the time reading this comment and learning law then rememebering what i just looked at lol.i dont even remember what my favorite one was now cause i spent so much time reading it..:(

  167. Sam

    ya it must be photo shop because its the same dollar bill each time.

  168. Jessica

    I’ve always thought George Washington looked liked Ronald McDonald, and when I was in sixth grade I colored every dollar bill I got. This is great, who knew George was so versatile!

  169. alst

    wow, why is it that people have to try to show how big their balls are by arguing in the comment section? it is awesome that he made art out of money!!! it is the same thing as origami out of money, and they have published books about how to do it. if it it such a big deal then why is it all over America??? so it may be illegal but who is gonna spend the time and money to turn this guy in? not any of u dumb asses arguing over this. so STFU and just enjoy the damn pictures!!!! <_<

  170. Tracee

    I am astonished and pleased to see the number of comments that this artistic expression has generated. Everything from freedom to quoting legal text, and the wonderful admiration given to the artists. Art is suppose to evoke feelings and who would have thought that these little works, some humorous, some political would garner such strong emotions from people all over the world.
    Art is at once uniting and divisive but certainly appreciated.

  171. Alex

    Hey, i posted on the internet!!!! everyone must really care about what im saying… Im so smart like everyone else.

  172. corey

    interesting drawings i love the gene simmons one

  173. Drew

    Hey these guys are french so technically it isn’t illegal for them

  174. Helen

    I would just like to point out to people talking about the serial numbers? In countries outside of America, especially here in Europe, it’s totally normal to get sequential dollar bills. The banks usually buy them directly from the mint in the US, where they arrive packaged in paper, in sequential order. If the bank teller takes the first 20 out of a new pack then they will be in sequential order. That’s why they’re all so new and crisp too. They’ve never even been circulated. They went straight from the mint to the bank to the artists, who made them awesome.
    It’s different in the US where the notes get used daily, over here they’re generally only used by tourists buying them for trips to the US, hence why the banks buy them new. I would assume banks in America would have fresh batches of Euro notes in sequential order for exchange too.

  175. Brandon

    Maybe it’s coincidence when they got these bills but did anyone else notice they all have E153520 then the last 2 digits differ?
    Did the bank or whatever give them bills printed right after one another?

  176. Benis

    It doesn’t matter if it’s illegal or not. Don’t be afraid of it. They can take away your physical freedom, but not the freedom inside yourself.

  177. Tom1618

    I painted a ton of $1 bills as Lady Gaga!!!

  178. nancy

    I like it, I think its funny and i can’t believe that all you people that are talking about the law don’t have something better to argue about. ” So What ”
    if someone drew on a few bills what do you think should happen to them ? Jail, a fine, community service, prison ? Get a life people…

    : )

  179. Chuck Rebel

    NOT REAL. no one has dollar bills in sequential order, unless this is like from a money printing place or somethin. nonetheless, FAKE

  180. Opinionated Bastard

    Who cares if it legal or not, art sometimes crosses the line. This is great. And really people, they are ones, i dropped more of them at the strip club last night…

  181. blah

    Who cares about these guys defacing “legal tender” its paper and ink and they’re just adding more paper and ink to the pile of junk it already is haha, its funny, interesting and lots of these legal terms being thrown around should be left for the crappy politicians and government agencies to worry about. They can’t run a country, they can’t make good laws and they sure as hell don’t make artwork even close to the quality i seen today lolz i like it, eff the government and bring me more art and science whoo!

  182. Who gives one

    Look at these, They are ART. Who cares if it illegal in America? All you stuck up americans that are so proud of your country and get so stuck up about something so beautiful on your ‘property’ Its MONEY, THEIR MONEY, they can do whatever the hell they want with it, burn it, colour it, soak it, Its THEIR loss. And, the artists are FRENCH which means the money cannot be spent in FRANCE anyway.

    Stop being so stuck up.

  183. kdw

    actually, its only illegal if you write over the serial number.

  184. Menos

    I don’t care if its legal or not… I just want to know what they used to do it… sharpie? Deco? Prisma? Or what?

  185. Here On Earth

    Loving the artwork…

    To all those above who feel the need to blaze legal jargon all over the place, get a room with your law book. I thought the UK was bad on the political correctness, get a sense of humour!! ¬.¬

    Before anyone jumps on the UK comment, I live there. I have right to slate my armpit of an island.

  186. canuck

    Well then, i think we all need to take it easy, appreciate the art and move on with our lives.

    The legality of defacing currency is beyond the scope of discussion of this page.

    To the artist(s): good friggin’ job, keep up the good work.

  187. scarps

    I think this is an improvement to american currency ha ha. They are too tight ass to add some colour to their money so these guys did it for them and in a humorous way. Good work Canada has good colours but we need some fun on ours!:)

  188. michael

    Actually, it’s not illegal. You can write on money all you want as long as it’s still recognizable as money.

  189. b.s.

    Obviously you haven’t noticed that the artists are FRENCH. Thanks for giving me a laugh

  190. Bernice

    anybody notice the serial numbers? you should be careful, you can actually trace those…just saying

  191. acallen420

    The federal researve which prints the money for the united states is just as federal as federal express. The federal researve is a bank owned by international bankers that loans the money to the us gov. on interest. There for U.S currencey is not federal property therefore it is not defacing federal property. Also these are awesome drawings.

  192. Jackie

    “…with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note,
    or other evidence of debt UNFIT TO BE REISSUED…”

    The where’s george stamps don’t fulfill that.

  193. Sam

    Its illegal to destroy money, not draw on it. ;)

  194. Amanda

    the scream one creeps me out then the rest i guess their k..

  195. florence

    hey, this bills look like disneyland money. i like it!!

  196. Carol

    definitely photoshopped..but still looks awesome and a wicked funny idea!

  197. Natalie

    It’s not illegal to deface US currency as long as you’re not passing it off as something else. Like those penny machines as gas stations, you can flatten them to your hearts desire, but once they’re flattened you can never spend them as pennies ever again. You could probably draw on a dollar bill and still spend it as long as you didn’t draw abraham lincoln and a bunch of fives on it.

  198. maria

    why does everyone point out how its illegal? just enjoy it. =)

  199. Jay

    None of you people talking about laws really know what art is do you? Maybe not really even do you sound as if you really know law either! It’s only illegal if you get caught.

  200. wow

    I think it’s hilarious how they conversation keeps cycling over and over again…wait where did we leave off….I love it….photoshopped..illegal?…who cares…legal….k,guess I’ll go with I love it..awesome…

  201. DK

    These are brilliant. Well played.

    As for the comments, I find it hilarious how many times people will post the same exact b.s. as the person before them and assume that, now, it is somehow more relevant. Unless of course someone else has pointed this out already. Then you can just lump me in with the rest of them. :)

  202. stuff

    Haha, who cares if its illigal its awesome

  203. DirtBunny

    I just spent almost an hour reading the comments from the past 2 years. Thank you everyone who felt like what they had to say was somehow important. Thank you for giving me something to do instead of my paper for class tomorrow. Keep up the biased, ignorant, and completely pointless opinions! Long live narcissism and ignorance!

  204. Kundra

    YAY! I’m gonna comment! I like it! Stop fighting silleh faces! I love the where’s george stamps… but it makes me wonder if my money’s ever been in a strip club in some strange woman’s G-string… O_o … I’d like to give these to the girl who always looks sad at the corner store, seems like they’d make someone smile =3

  205. Missy

    First off, it’s all fake, look at the numbers on the bills. They are all in in the same number family, if you will. I am guessing they are fake bills.

  206. Linnt

    i love it when people gets creative with money. for the longest time ever people is worry about money it nice to view money as another form artistically rather than investment.

  207. Joy

    Very cool! I especially like the Albert Einstein one and Batman haha.

  208. Nick

    They’re french… so they really wouldn’t care about American laws anyway :P

  209. Cornocopia

    oh god you big prisses he wrote on a fricken doller bill and you scream at him for breaking the law >.>

  210. Brittany

    i love when people take a fun/interesting post and turn it into snooty, ‘i know everything and you’re just a dumbass’ petty arguments.

  211. Not impressed

    any one else notice that the serial number was the same in every picture, obvious photo shop is obvious. would of been a lot better if they actually drew that on there, instead of just editing it on the computer.

  212. gabrielle

    LOL um “not impressed”- they actually are definatley not the same serial numbers if you would have taken the time to actually read just two or three of them you would know that. every bill is diffrent, so my guess is they are real.

  213. Dave

    Where the hell do people get the idea that money is federal property? It is your property! If it belonged to the gov’t, they would have the right to confiscate your cash and decide how to spend it. The dollar is just a place marker for a commodity in capitalism, don’t give it so much power!

  214. wingo

    I’m drawing on a dollar bill right now as I type this,
    I’m a gangsta
    A drawing on a dollar bill gangsta
    catch me if you can……….

  215. Nick

    Whether there are laws against this or not wouldn’t matter. They’re “French” artists, but even if they were American citizens… Interwebs, think about how many other things you’ve seen on them that make you question whether they are legal or not.

  216. CatsHaveFur

    This is hilarious! The artwork is fantactic! Stop taking things so seriously folks. Pen and ink, photoshop…who cares? Its creative and interesting…certaily it is enough of both those things to have sparked a debate that seems to go on and on. Legal, illegal, French/American…whatever! These fellas showed imagination. Unless you have a badge and are lookin’ to make arrests why get hung on something that doesn’t effect you (unless you designed the original?) or are Mrs Kravitz. Coming from a country that actually has bills that look different from one another, I appreciate this attempt to brighten up the plain American greenback. Go forth and ‘un-boring’ the world some more!! Huzzah!!

  217. Tino

    It is “illegal” but it’s such a minor crime nothing would happen. Once one of these bills makes its way to a bank, they’ll more than likely send it back to the federal reserve and replace it with crisp new bill. there are millions of dollars not in circulation just waiting to replace damaged and defaced bills like these. This said, I think this is really creative! It’s a really funny idea! The most I’ve ever done is draw a mustache on George! good work ya’ll!

  218. Lau

    of course its illegal. People do it anyways its not that big of a deal. Besides isn’t that what makes part of the message the artists are trying to give us. Its art guys.

  219. Karri

    I think this is really cool and I love the reaction they’re getting.

  220. Chris

    you guys need to calm down now. its just some guy messing around with money. its not illegal. if its his money he can do what he wants. quit bitchin

  221. kat

    You all are awesome, debating whether or not it’s illegal when the artist is in France.

    It IS illegal in the USA to draw on FEDERAL money. The check marks on dollars at stores is to make sure they know it’s real. No harm no fowl.

  222. jdaf

    They’re using Photoshop anyway. As you can see they are all the same dollar bill.

  223. ally

    Its not defacing the dollar if you sell it for more than a dollar because the art makes it more valuable. If a famous person signs a dollar its worth more than a dollar therefore not defacing it

  224. Curt

    Oops! Dang it. I knew that placing pennies on the railroad track was against the law. Well, at least I haven’t ever doodled on bills.

    Seriously, cannot this be overlooked? It is by anyone’s stretch of the imagination that this rule, guideline, statute, law, etc. is RELATIVE! …meaning that if every person with US bills on their person were to deface their paper money, put it into circulation, then we would have problems. (maybe). Ever get a speeding ticket for going under the speed limit because of inclement weather? Yes! …because speed limit laws are relative and for the common good. What if everyone were to travel the same rate of speed? We would then have gridlock.

    Just the same… cool stuff. Keep it up!

  225. Frankie

    france is the only country with no extradition treaty.burn.

  226. Jasmin

    not to mention, the serial numbers to all the dollar bills are exactly the same except for the last two numbers. completely photoshopped. look at the last number on the “jesus”, “scream mask” & “black mask” dollar bill. it’s not even aligned and the color is off. nice try though.

  227. Cierra

    These are Photoshopped…if you look at the numbers on the bills, they are all exactly the same. Therefore, no rules (if there was one banning writing on dollar bills) were broken.

  228. Rissa

    I think it’s only illegal if he/she tries to buy something with them…… or Cierra is right. But anyway these are super awesome!!!

  229. Kaitlyn

    Why does everyone have to be an asshole all the time? Just enjoy the pictures. Don’t bother with whether or not it’s illegal and fighting with others.

  230. Harley

    Oh God, everyone being a lame ass can shut the f&ck up and get a life!!! They’re cool to look at. How bout spend your time and energy on something that will actually make a difference in this world than using it on getting angry and googling laws about a one dollar bill.

  231. LoveArt

    Who would take the time to look up actual laws and post them to try and “know” more than someone else. lol Seriously lame, I can’t stand it when people try to always know more than someone else.

    Personally I like these bills and want to do it to but “oh no I am to scared of going to jail” lol Just stupid!!!

  232. Gigo

    I can’t believe that this discussion started 2 years ago and people are still arguing about legality. So in this time how many soldiers and civilians have died in Afghanistan? For christ’s sake get a life. This is just art and humour and intelligence, all in one. If you really think this is sacrilege/illegal then stand up and be counted. Do something useful like enlisting to go to a war somewhere, be a patriot and die for your country.
    The original post of art was excellent. The ensuing discussion demonstrates how much of a limited focus some people have (I guess that comes from living in a comfortable situation where bombs. Grow up. It amazes me how seemingly intelligent people (‘I can use a puter’) can focus on just one thing and miss the world around them!
    This is so much fun. (Flack Jacket on, ready for incoming, LOL, LOL, LOL)
    Have a nice day u all.

  233. Jenn

    This is cool, yet some of them, I must admit, creep me out. And who cares about legality. Any art is a beautiful thing. :)

  234. kylie

    i love how the bills are sequential…

  235. Shastin

    I love this! Very creative!

  236. Illyhyn

    …i WAS going to sit back and read all these for entertainment, but was bored within the first 30 seconds coz like 97% of them are all having a whinge and a sook because they’re arguing whether it’s illegal or not. Who the eff cares??? Come on, you seriously MUST have something better to do with your sorry lives than b**ching on the internet about something so unbelieveably petty. It really doesn’t cast a pretty shadow on your lives if you can waste time negating something so wonderfully unique and creative. The world needs less of your type.
    Kudos to people who can see beauty!!

  237. Natalia

    Why are most of the morons commenting on this page debating it’s legality? Who gives a crap? For gods sake it’s not hurting anyone! They’re just being creative leave them the hell alone. You’d think you have something better to do with your life than come be a prude on here.
    Repeat after me…….”I WILL remove stick from sphincter”

    I think it’s hysterical – good for you! :-)

  238. Stephen Newton

    You can buy them with whatever image you like on them.I’ve got one with my picture on it, one with Einsteins face and a whole series of Beatle ones.
    As for the legal issues,I would like to see them prosecute me for defaming a picture of “ME”on my afformentioned dollar bill.

  239. rocquer

    the´re are just amazing art in a one dollar bill there are not ilegal is just art a good one

  240. Josh

    It’s some guy making a joke. You people really have nothing better to do with your lives than sit on some random site that will be obsolete 15 minutes after I post this and beak off? Get real.

  241. Kel

    I’m not sure which i laughed more at, the pics or people’s dumb@$$ comments… prolly the ridiculously long stream of comments… GO BATMAN!!!

  242. WolfLarsen

    Kel, you are awesome

  243. Lizzy

    those were awesome!…. my favorite one was the singing mask type deal… i was trying to explain that type of mask to a friend the other day and he though i was saying i had a mask the sang to me….

  244. Lily

    can you all please get some lives? those are just cute, cool, funny, or creepy drawings on a few dollar bills. why do all of you people have to bring the law into this? do you know what “FUN” is?

  245. George

    The one portraying Hannibal Lecter is definitely one of my favorites, haha

  246. Tim

    Okay so to prove that this is legal, or at least accepted as legal tender, our entire graphic design class (50 of us) each put in 2 dollars and went to the local bank, asked for a trade of sequential dollar bills which were given to us out of the vault. We then went back to the college, made our own faces on them and spent 98 of them on pizza at a local pizza place. Im pretty sure that this means that almost all of the arguments on here are null en void. So pleas stop talking about it and just enjoy the art :)

  247. Daphne

    I really can’t believe there is even a discussion about whether it is legal or not. Its awesome work! If your gonna complain that its against the law, you really have no life and need lighten up. Its art. If you don’t like it, get off the page. There are plenty of more pressing things going on in America right now, for you to whine and cry about!

    Amazing art work guys!

  248. Gabi

    I can’t believe I just wasted time reading comments judging the legality of these works. That’s time I won’t get back.

  249. Daphne

    Amen Gabi. . .

  250. Lisa

    These aren’t photoshoped. Why would someone use photoshop! that’s stupid, this is basic art, but a very cool concept. I think they are amazing :)

  251. L

    It’s not illegal to draw/write on money. I’ve been given bills that have pen all over them, and been able to use them. It’s only illegal to destroy it. But if you have both parts of a bill you can still use it, or something of the likes. The laws with money are so stupid.

    Awesome drawings though. Spiderman and Batman rocked my soxs lol

  252. kacie

    calm down its not illegal. if you LOOK all the bills are exactly the same. they have the same serial number so obviously they used photoshop or something.
    very cool drawings though :)

  253. kacie

    oh wait nvm no they dont have the same number, but legal or not its still cool!

  254. sohbet

    cool drawings though :p

  255. Charlie

    Banksy would be proud

  256. Kelsey

    Dearest Jim,
    I don’t know about you but I love violating statues.
    I think this is absolutely brilliant. Some people need to take a breathe and enjoy it for what it is. Art. Appreciate it. Who honestly cares if it’s violating a statute? You can’t control or change every little thing in the world so instead of fussing over it, admire it.

  257. Lord Lordington

    This is probably the first time I have seen a conversation carry over for almost 2 years. And yet, we are getting nowhere.

    Guys, it is not illegal to draw on a bill, unless you do it with the intent to render it unfit for circulation (see: United States Code, TITLE 18 – CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, PART I – CRIMES, CHAPTER 17 – COINS AND CURRENCY, § 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations).

    It is not photoshopped. The serial numbers are not all the same; they differ slightly at the end because they are sequential – you can get sequential bills from any bank.

    The art is great, and I think these artists did a great job.

  258. ARJAY

    Of course it’s illegal, but the guys who did this are artists, therefore they are exempt.

  259. m

    the awesome artists probably asked the law, I love it it’s amazing!

  260. Mr. Me

    I find it funny that the tight asses harping on whether or not it’s against the law seem to have conveniently missed the part where it says, “with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued” meaning that this is not, in fact, illegal. The intent here seems to be 4 the LULZ, as a 4chan resident might say.

    And also that they’re completely oblivious to the fact that they shouldn’t care because it’s just something funny to do to a dollar. Jesus, what’s wrong with people these days? Bankers robbing us all blind; government’s eroding the constitution in front of our eyes and this is what you get up in arms about. A guy doodling ronald mcdonald on a dollar bill…

    And is that Howard Stern or John Lennon? I’m guessing Stern, right?

  261. thekrunkymonkey

    the notes are all from the same sequence stack (E163520##J). who cares about the legality.

  262. Madeline

    I think it’s only illegal if you try to spend it. I taped a dollar back together after it tore about a quarter of the way down the middle and the person I tried to pay with it refused to take it even though it was a little torn and I fixed it.

    Anyway, those are pretty neat doodles.

  263. Maya

    As long as it still looks like a dollar bill and you can read the serial number, its legal. What I would like to know is what pens and stuff they used to color on these- I’d like to do a few myself >:D

  264. Colleen

    this is reaaal funny, as long as this is not illegal, it’s funnayyy.

  265. Gypsy

    Must of been a bank employee the serial numbers are soooo close

  266. Shawn

    Its not illegal to draw on the bills. It is however, illegal to draw one. Doesn’t matter what you draw with, or draw on, or what size it is, copying a legal tender bill is illegal. But draw away on them.

  267. someone

    I like the batman one

  268. PPVG

    If you would have paid attention they said that the artists who drew the different faces on the $1 bill were French artists. I don’t know this for a fact but I think if they are going to mention that they are french then I believe it would be logical to believe that they live in France or some country over in Europe. If that’s the case they can do whatever they please with the money. If they want to wipe their butt with it nobody from the U.S can stop them and Europe isn’t going to care because they run on a different currency system.

  269. Maddi

    Imagine leaving your waitress a tip with Osama’s face on the single… hahaha

  270. Ryan

    It’s actually not illegal. You can do w/e you want to a bill as long as you don’t change the monetary value. as in change it from a 1 to a 5$ bill.

  271. Jim and Jane Hyde

    SOOOO MUCH SCROLLING ON THE LEGALITIES OF THIS ACTION! I like it, my two cents: legal. not fraude. way cool. I want to see more. Maybe Yoda?

  272. Zappo

    I love how over and over again this thread just goes around and around in circles with people saying the same things for the past two years. Simply mind-boggling that people don’t just read the comments and realize that others have already said the things you want to say.

  273. Nicotti

    What’s this “reading” thing you speak of?

  274. chris

    the only thing different is the last two numbers of the serial number and the pictures E 163520?? J it costs more than one cent to make a penny

  275. Plankt'n

    It is only illegal IF you are defacing for fraudulent purposes, such as making a $1 look like a $10 intending to pass it off as such.

  276. david

    I like the art… don’t care about the legal stuff. I just don’t appreciate bin laden on American currency.

  277. Troy

    clear sheet… they are all 2003 and the code begins in E163 on every one. so its fake but still funny. i like the tongue one

  278. Graffiti Artist

    being a graffiti artist i think its dope and if i printed enuff of these with my signature on it i could be well known nationally but it would deffinatly be hard to do!!!!

  279. Oliver

    just so you all know, this is not illegal to do, you can draw on money or do anything you want, you are just not allowed to change the monetary value of it, aka you can’t put a 0 after the 1 to make it a 10 dollar bill, other than that its completely legal, just like putting coins on a railroad track, thats also legal to do, just fyi

  280. Steve Frenkel

    See if you can find a little book titled “Boggs.”. It’s about an artist whose entire genre was about money images. This is certainly long out of print. Worth searching for.

  281. Cee-Lows

    Can I use one of these pictures on a non-profit mixtape?

  282. Dave Philippe

    I can’t sleep knowing the pixels are WRONG

  283. Greg Koralewski

    I did wrong pixels once. Didn’t sleep for a week.

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