Dollar Bill Origami

Dollar Bill Origami

Craig Sonnenfeld creates wonderful origami art by folding real dollar bills.

The artist carefully folds money to resemble familiar objects and animals.

Dollar Bill Butterfly

Dollar Bill Flip Flops


Dollar Bill Koi

Dollar Origami

Dollar Bill Rooster

Money Origami

Dollar Bill Jet

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  1. Danielle

    I want to wear those flip flops! LOL ^-^

  2. GustaveCo

    THAT KOI!!

  3. Sean

    Notice that the rooster/hen one was a 2 dollar bill? Awesome!

  4. Keaton

    Koi FTW

  5. Danyell

    Agreed, the koi is outstanding. The cicada is nice too. He should leave these as tips as restaurants! :3

  6. Art of Concept

    Really cool art! Fantastic! Love it!

  7. Van

    i love how he uses the design on the bill to add to the object or animal, like the pyramid on the scorpion, or the placement of the 2’s on the butterfly. spectacular.

  8. shiraz ali

    this is awesome really awesome

  9. Atavistica

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  10. Lukerville

    the koi fish is epic

  11. MMM

    T^he Koi and the flowers, beautiful!

  12. miggy

    the coi fish is really awesome

  13. Koi Koi

    Koi fish all the way, like my user name yo.

  14. Chuck

    Please, I need to see a dollar folded into a frog.

  15. Unknown

    So, is there any instructions? i have been all over the internet looking for instructions to these shapes. but everyone is too greedy to give them up. Some instructions would be nice, i only need the rooster…by like tomarrow.

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