12 Unusual and Creative Hoodies

12 Unusual and Creative Hoodies

Collection of unusual hoodies and creative hooded sweatshirt designs from all over the world.

Storm Trooper Hoodie

The Real Trooper hoodie from Marc Ecko features “Storm Trooper” body and the hood that looks like a mask.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Hoodie

Speakers Hoodie

Tim Dubitsky has designed “hood.e” – creative solution to bringing music to your ears without blocking everything else out.

Speakers Hoodie

Monster Hoodies

Clever handmade hoodies that will turn you into a cute monster.

Monster Hoodies

Pac-Man Hoodie

Creative hoodie design with Pac-Man maze pattern that goes all the way around the sweatshirt.

Pac-Man Hoodie

Teriyaki Boyz Shark Hoodies

Unusual shark hoodies designed by BAPE for Teriyaki Boyz.

Teriyaki Boyz Shark Hoodies

Spider Man Hoodie

Spider Man Hoodie

Skeleton Hoodie

Unusual hoodie design that will scare everyone around you.

Skeleton Hoodie

iPod Hoodie

Give your Apple iPod some style and a bit of attitude.

iPod Hoodie

Ninja Hoodies

Stylish and unique hoodie designs that will hide your identity.

Ninja Hoodies

Ninja Hoodie

Batman Hoodie

Full blown image of Batman screen printed on a black hoodie.

Batman Hoodie

Strapped Hoodie

This creative urban hoodie features cool gun holster design.

Strapped Hoodie

Polar Bear Hoodie

Limited edition women’s polar bear hoodie by Rocket World.

Polar Bear Hoodie

Also check out: Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Hoodie

  1. Don

    Lol, love the skeleton one!

  2. Tom

    Love the monster one. :)

  3. Trenchancy

    Love the monster and ninja ones! X3

  4. mostafa

    amazing ninja!

  5. Betty Cires

    I want all…. It´s fun!

  6. Karin L. Stewart

    These designs are so cool. Wish they were more commercially available!

  7. cole

    those are such cool designs, but i think the zipper around the hood would be a little uncomfortable

  8. Paul Sample

    the polar bear hoodie is soooo cute!

  9. itsbrandnew

    must get iPod Hoodie…so cute!!!

  10. Kirvi Inci

    The white ninja hoodie might as well be from the KKK.

  11. John Hamilton Farr

    This is great! An instant mini-mart robber costume on every back! Maybe people will even get MARRIED wearing these things, save a lot of trouble.

    Why would you hide your face unless you are a) really, really cold, b) ashamed or c), preparing to do someone harm?

  12. cozzie

    i want the ninja hoodie!

  13. Donald

    Is the ninja available anywhere? this website is very concept driven and does not provide a lot of commercial appeal.

  14. Stephh :P

    Is The Speakers Hoodie
    Available cuz they are sooo awsome ??

    And i think these designs are out of this world soo cool and the teddy bear beonde cute :) xx xx

  15. Anthony Proulx

    Dude, I just found your site and I fricken love it! All your posts are intelligent and creative. Rock on, keep up the good work. I love several of these hoodies as well!

  16. meepit

    Awww I Love The Polar BEar Hoodie, I’ts So Cuute I Want One

  17. IM MADY!:D

    those are pimp :D

  18. Raymond

    I have an Animal full face hoodie.

  19. Imperfect

    im just wondering.. hw r u gona wash the hoodie with speakers?

  20. tresbrain

    The Razorapple website doesn’t appear to even exist anymore, and the Google cache of it indicates that they didn’t even sell the ninja hoodies. Where are those from I have to know!!!!!!

  21. omats

    i love the ipod hoodie

  22. Monica

    I want 2 ninja Hoodies !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Bryan

    Why are people keep asking how will the hoodie with speakers be washed? Havent you people ever heard of taking your clothes to a dry cleaner? Or buy your own at home steam cleaner to steam dirt and germs out. There not exspensive at all.

  24. claire

    lovin the ninja hoodie, where do you get those?? totally want one.

  25. Madilynn

    I would get the star wars storm trooper…with my lightsaber haha

  26. aziz

    i want spidey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 0803060.e

    i bet if someone wore the ninja one they would get pulled over for lookin suspicious lol .. the speakers one is kool i like it oh! nd the strapped hoodie looks like the type a cia would wear

  28. Tui

    I own the skeleton one and let me tell you…it sorta sucks… the way it looks splayed out on your shoulders totally sucks, like a oversize pilgrim collar. Now if it had one more zip head on it so you could zip up the front of it and also zip the skull to keep in intact.. THEN it would be cool…….

  29. hanna

    I LOVE the last one
    its to CUTE

  30. @phillysouledout

    A more appropriate name for the panda bear hoodie would be the Björk Hoodie

  31. angel

    i love the polar bear hoodie it is asome i want i tbadley

  32. Will

    Is the red ninja hoodie also from Brian Wood? I tried looking for it in his Fall 2008 collection but can’t find it.

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