Bike Shelf

Bike Shelf

Chris Brigham has designed an elegant storage solution for your bicycle.

Each shelf is handmade out of real wood and suspended by a solid steel square rod mount. It is strong enough to hold your bike, as well as books, flowers, or bike accessories.

Bicycle Shelf by Chris Brigham

Wooden Shelf

Bike Shelf Dimensions

Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham


Bicycle Shelf

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  1. Patrick

    I’ve seen this before. My only concern is shaking: Does the act of putting the bicycle into the shelf cause it to shake enough to knock over stuff on the shelf?

  2. Lynch

    Not all bikes have a straight bar like that. Good idea though, but still.

  3. Pete

    They should make a version that will let you hang a smart car.

  4. Bill

    Hey, that bike only has one gear! I wonder if it can coast.


    that bike doesn’t coast. it’s a fixed gear.

  6. coaster

    like it.

    i have a single speed that coasts.

  7. -anita

    i never had a bike with gears when i was a kid. I love this piece of furniture, you can think of almost anything to hang out there (redesigning if needed) and take out of the way. it;s a great idea!!

  8. dre


  9. jules

    i’m moving in to a smaller place and i’m not sure where to store my bike. i have a fixed gear very similar to this one…i would probably buy this if it was $100 cheaper.

  10. c'mon

    c’mon toxel… a shelf with a slit in it that might hold %2 of bikes in the world… you can do better.

  11. Omega

    It /could/ be for any bike, but probably just his. Bike frames vary a lot in thicknesses. I know my mountain bike would not fit in that because it’s too thick. Similarly, women-style bikes wouldn’t fit in there either because either the frame is curved (that characteristic swoop shape) or angle would just make the bike look silly on the rack.

    Clever idea, but it’s a one size fits one solution — and usually that’s how practical art is, lol.

  12. rachael

    I like it. It’d hold my old Giant. It’s overly expensive, so why not make your own?

  13. Pluto Nash

    Meh… Unless you live in a one room apartment this seems lame.

  14. Raads

    lol @ Pluto Nash! at first, it thought it wasnt a real bike, but just a showpeice, but i guess its ok if u live in a a one room aparment as the dude sadi above me

  15. Sarah

    To Jules – I have no clue where he got it, but my boyfriend has a contraption to hold his 2 bikes in his little place, one above the other. It’s a pole that adjusts so that it goes from the floor to the ceiling, and is able to hold any type of bike. It was really cost effective (much cheaper than this shelf) and works wonderfully!

  16. he

    My bike wouldn’t fit in.

  17. Sydney

    If you get the shelf then you have to get a new bike too!!!So wats the point?A regular wouldn’t fit!

  18. Petrichor

    Lovely design and thought. I’m tired of lugging my bike into the shed, and for what it is, it would make a lovely addition to the house (when the tyres are not dripping wet). Fixed wheel and fixed gear (single speed) bikes are different. The latter can coast.

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