Water Powered Flyboard

Water Powered Flyboard

Innovative jet pack created by Franky Zapata allows you to fly like Iron Man and swim like a dolphin.

Priced at 4900 Euros, Zapata Flyboard connects to any standard Jet Ski and can propel the user more than 30 feet into the air.



Jet Ski


Water Jet Pack

Iron Man

Jet Pack

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  1. douglas

    Just in time for Christmas!!

  2. Sharyn

    I think this looks like an awesome way to do some serious damage to yourself! As long as you managed to not do anything too serious in the first 20 minutes or so, a few minor broken bones would be worth the fun

  3. Senjugudin

    Seriously cool to the max!!!

  4. Dave! Yognaut

    So… its basically a $6,500 water-powered flying board… How on earth is that practical?

  5. Will

    I don’t believe the first motorcars were entirely practical at all. Hugely expensive and uneconomic.

    So it’s an interesting experiment in alternative propulsion.

  6. Kev

    Iron man on water lol. I don’t like how it’s restrained to the tube but everything else looks awesome!

  7. Bill

    That’s pretty awesome. I’m entirely too uncoordinated to use one, I fear, but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

  8. Shad

    Would definitely buy and do this…. what’s wrong with some of you????

  9. latincrow

    real life mario sunshine heheeh

  10. Cmore

    Well Kev, what are you gonna do about that? It’s water powered haha.

  11. csrgamer

    Dear santa…

  12. cool stuff


  13. eric

    that is absolutely amazing. this is definitely going to be my next toy purchase. gonna start looking at used settups right now

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