Extreme Tennis Court Locations

Extreme Tennis Court Locations

Creative art installations by Laurent Perbos place tennis courts in unusual locations and unique environments that normally are not associated with the game of tennis.

Extreme Tennis Court Locations 2

Extreme Tennis Court Locations 3

Extreme Tennis Court Locations 4

Extreme Tennis Court Locations 5

Tennis Court in Dubai

Another extreme location for a tennis court is the helipad of Burj Al Arab sailboat hotel in Dubai, 211 meters above the ground.

Tennis Court in Dubai

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  1. Ambuj Saxena

    Some are stupid (in water) and others are dangerous (amidst stairs).

  2. Karen

    holy crap.

  3. Grant

    @Ambuj Saxena I do not believe the tennis court on the stairs it meant to be played on, but to show that enjoyment can be had anywhere.

  4. Megan

    The Dubai tennis court is incredible!

  5. Calin

    For dubai u need a lot of (tennis) balls and i see the court almost useless as they should have considered at least havin’ 10 meter more behind the back lines, othewise you play with the fear of falling on those metal grids.

  6. Graydian

    that one in the sea is awesome! so is the one on the hotel, but i would be scared of falling.

  7. Johnson Koh

    They look dangerous lol

  8. tech-mad

    i feel nauseous thinking about falling off the dubai court trying to return a power serve or something.

  9. Paul Sample

    oh my!

  10. itsbrandnew


  11. chelseafcrox

    Shot not getting the out balls for the Dubai court!!

  12. tdatx

    I’ve been on top of a handful skyscrapers… they are usually extremely WINDY!!!

  13. Beezy

    wow…extreme tennis for sure!

    they’ll all need an ambulance nearby

    the orange one in the water looks fun – although seeing as these are all so dangerous – i wouldn’t put it past them to have piranhas in the water lol
    to up the “extreme” factor.

  14. Tony

    The Dubai one was a publicity thing for Nike wasn’t it ?
    They also had ..I believe Tiger Woods up there playing golf.
    It’s a helipad usually

  15. delere

    Obviously not practical, but I suppose fun installation art…although the shuttlecocks at the Nelson Adkins Museum in KC are lame.

  16. Karin L. Stewart

    Makes the high acts that I did in the circus, even the ones with NO NET, look like child’s play. Now on the other hand, I might be able to play tennis with someone and actually hold my own, if they got the end with the STEPS!LOL!

  17. Zion Burger

    lol @ the one on the water. you’re screwed if you lose your ball.

  18. hesam irani

    the one on stair is a wonderful idea as a kind of entrance for tennis court and its fans!
    iwas wondering what the wind speed would do to tennis match at the top of the tower in dubai!

  19. Dominic


  20. M.R.

    All three are awful ideas.

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