Ribbon Animals

Ribbon Animals

Japanese artist Maeda Baku makes unique and creative ribbon sculptures.

Wonderful creations look like dogs, cats, birds, and other cute animals.

Ribbon Bird


Ribbon Design

Ribbon Cat

Maeda Baku

Ribbon Fox

Ribbon Rabbit

Ribbon Panda

Ribbon Dog

Ribbon Art

Ribbon Lion

Ribbon Animal

Giant Ribbon

Twitter Bird Ribbon

Ribbon Sculptures

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  1. douglas

    I wouldn’t want to open the gift. Very stylish.

  2. Niyari

    Time to re-ribbon my gifts…

  3. jam

    very moderm!!

  4. zak


  5. Betty

    Want to know how to make!!!!

  6. I Like Traffic Lights

    I love the Rudolph at the end.

  7. Dominic

    These are beyond amazing! Just what we like to see Toxel!

  8. cuneyt

    looks great …

  9. angel

    im already reribbpning

  10. Mel

    I wouldn’t want to open the gift. Very stylish. (2)

  11. Zack

    I love them, great idea!

  12. flatsolid

    Great Zen aesthetics! This is poetry turned into a ribbon.

  13. bert


  14. Dawn Tucker

    These are wonderful!

  15. reizi

    where can I order them??

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