Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs

Laurent Perbos has designed a series of unique ping pong tables that make the game of table tennis even more exciting.

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 2

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 3

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 4

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 5

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 6

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 7

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 8

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 9

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 10

Extreme Ping Pong Table Designs 11

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  1. Will

    Hmm. As cool as some of these look, I don’t know how practical they are. I do love Ping Pong though!

  2. Blacjat

    Funny design, but not too practice =P

  3. Dane

    As much as these are neat works of art, this has unfortunately earned the “most useless of Toxel” award.

  4. JAMER

    Functionality and practicality come before aesthetic value

  5. Chad

    I think they would actually be kind of fun to try out. Kind of like miniature golf – not real golf, but golf with a twist.

  6. Beezy

    can you even play on some of these!?

    they are a waste

  7. Andy Burnett

    Wow, I am amazed at the number of negative comments. I think these designs look fantastic, and I would love to try playing on them. Why stick to the old version of ping pong, invent something new and amazing!

  8. lily

    this look creative, though i don’t really know how to use some of them!

  9. Johnti

    some would require 3+ players, or teams.
    but still be fun.

    what is the one with the yellow straps made of?

  10. seeanimal

    Everyone seems to me to have missed the point, these are clearly not functional designs for really playing a game of ping-pong, but works of art which highlight how closely tied to function something as simple as a blue table with a line on it has in our minds.

    Perbos succeeded in getting everyone here questioning that concept, tho, I guess.

  11. daddy

    the first few are useless but the last two, the hanging one and the pipe one, might actually work.

  12. tim

    wouldn’t mind trying to have a game on that cylinder one that could be quite fun.

  13. Hsoj Spillihp

    lets focus on the tube for a second (the last one)… i am so excited i cant even think of a sentence that convey how awesome that is, so i will just pick some of my favorite words… awesome, sweet, pongtastic, badarss, shibby, and last but not least… zoinks.

  14. Fred S

    The game of table tennis is fast enough without turning it into a science experiment.

  15. bengky

    it’s cool but funny

  16. mostafa

    cool tube!

  17. cole

    damn your backspin would have to be freakin’ amazing to play on some of those.

  18. Karin L. Stewart

    People need to lighten up. It’s just a game and games are meant to be FUN and this surely qualifies for that, BIG TIME!

  19. Pooya

    as long as we have not played on any of them we can’t say they are useless or what..

  20. Anthony Proulx

    The pipe one is great. You could play on all of these as well. Don’t discriminate because they are different!

  21. heto

    designs are stupid. agree with the functional argument

  22. John R

    Tubular? Awesome.

  23. M Williamson

    How about this version that is actually being produced:

    Monster Pong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Bs1mA2n_A

  24. Ders

    @ M, that Monster Pong looks so cool!

    And guys… these are conceptual art pieces, not functional designs. Although I’d love to try the cylinder one!!

  25. ahmed elkashif

    i ask for the material that used for make the table

  26. bomber

    Did anyone notice that on the fith table, the part that curves up turns into a basketball hoop, and the part that goes down is a skate ramp!

  27. Fay

    My god I’ve actually dreamt about this! Mine was a 2 storey 4 player table tennis table with a kinda air-vent type thing in the middle! I’d love to have a game on the circular table though!

  28. bubba

    i actually have made a copy of the cylindrical table as a project and have played on it and it is actually a very fun challenge to play

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