12 Unusual and Creative Mirrors

12 Unusual and Creative Mirrors

Collection of unusual modern mirrors and creative mirror designs that will look great on your wall.

Razorblade Mirror

Not only is this a pretty damn cool object to put on the wall, it’s also a perfect Shaving mirror. [buy]

Razorblade Mirror

Clipboard Mirror

At first glance a run-of-the-mill clipboard, but on closer inspection a stylish and simple mirror. [buy]

Clipboard Mirror

Skateboard Mirror

Now you can spice up your bathroom with a skateboard mirror. [buy]

Skateboard Mirror

Polaroid Mirror

Cool modern Polaroid inspired mirror design by Colin O’Dowd.

Polaroid Mirror

Pirate Self Portrait Mirror

Have you ever wondered what you might look like with a menacing eye patch?

Pirate Self Portrait Mirror

Ruler Mirror

Silk printed mirror design allows you to measure your height.

Ruler Mirror

Touch Screen MP3 Mirror

Stocco Maitre mirror has a touch screen console in the lower-right corner, offering easy programming and operation of radio, date, barometer, and an MP3 player so you can sing your heart out in the shower.

Touch Screen MP3 Mirror

LED Mirror

Scrolling LED message board mounted behind a glass mirror.

LED Mirror

Police Mug Shot Mirror

Rikkis, a door-to-door taxi company, used clever posters to promote their services. When viewed in the reflection of the mirror, they gave the consumer the impression that they were posing for a mug shot.

Police Mug Shot Mirror

Interactive Mirror

Conceptualized by Alpay Kasal and Sam Ewen, interactive touch screen mirror features proximity sensors and gesturing recognition.

London Underground Mirror

Plan your journey while you perfect your pose with tube map mirror.

London Underground Mirror

Who Tall Are You Mirror

This tongue-in-cheek mirror lists 120 celebrities by height and guarantees to have people loitering in front of it trying to make themselves more James Dean instead of Ben Stiller.

Who Tall Are You Mirror

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  1. Annie Co

    Cool mirror ideas!
    the police mugshot mirror is very creative ad.:)

  2. Den

    I love the interactive mirror…one person in the world would hate it…the one that has to clean it!

  3. Karin L. Stewart

    Pretty creative ideas that are ususally so static!

  4. Paul Sample

    I want the skateboard mirror!!!!!

  5. Cool Jo

    Pirate Self Portrait Mirror is awesome!

  6. jo cool

    how awesome is the pirate self portrait mirror

  7. zulfu

    It is cool design….especially touch screen mp3 Mirror

  8. Robyn Durst

    The Who Tall are you Mirror: how tall IS what girl?? She’s lined up with Snoop Dogg and is inches away from Michael Jordan?!?

  9. Graydian

    omg i so wish i had enough money to get that interactive one… if you can buy them. @ Robyn Durst: girls can be tall too :P im 5’9.

  10. Toyama

    Interactive mirror is cool!
    If you could example upload samples of your clothing, you can actually use it and try different clothing you own without having to put it on (Great for people who loves mixing and matching their clothes)

  11. delere

    HaHa The pirate self portrait and mug shot mirror are hilarious. FUn!

  12. karamdad

    very nice & very good

  13. Bianca

    Robyn Durst, look where’s Beyonce. :)) Or Paris Hilton and Ben Stiller.
    omg!!! it’s godzilla!!!! ruuuun

  14. Odi

    Who tall are you?…

  15. Freya

    One of the names on the last mirror is ‘Tom Baker’. That just totally made my day =)

  16. Sarah

    I was thinking the same thing – how tall is that girl!? But I think maybe the mirror wasn’t measured correctly when placed on the wall…

  17. carlos

    “Who” tall are you…… as in who are you as tall as.

  18. Trillonario

    the mug shot mirror is fantastic!

  19. Ant

    Apparently that girl is 6 foot 3, kinell!

  20. dan

    Some really cool designs, I like the LED mirror, stylish.

  21. sean

    Very funny…LED mirror is too good

  22. Emily B

    The razor blade mirror looks dangerous.

  23. kix

    the police one is just a normal mirror with a police looking height poster behind it.

  24. sir jorge

    i’m partial to the skateboard mirror, that’s for sure

  25. Bruce

    I hope that Who Tall Are You mirror is just a prototype, b/c it’s all wrong. David Bowie and Kid Rock are NOT taller than Charles Barkley.

  26. Dale

    that interactive mirror reminded me of this


    now i want both ! .

  27. teleit

    I love the interactive mirror…one person in the world would hate it…the one that has to clean it!

  28. jOHN

    The led scrolling message mirror says Suck UK at the top. This article makes me want to throw stones. Cool mirrors though.

  29. camila

    Very Good!!

  30. ernie.

    The advertising mirror should be here. It’s a mirror that has ads underneath that light up.

  31. Leah

    To the people who are in shock of how tall that girl is, did you think maybe the mirror just isn’t properly positioned on the wall?

  32. timmay

    hahahaha in the who tall are you mirror the girls samuel l. jackson

  33. Victoria

    Adorei …

    Muito bom !!

    Eu Queroo

  34. sarah

    i always love mirror.they dont lie & pure.tanx
    they were great

  35. Larna

    the lady in the ‘Clipboard Mirror’ looks scary!!

  36. Michelle

    I so totally want the MP3 Mirror and the Touch Screen one. I would spend hours and hours on it :]

  37. no

    these are terrible, you’ve obviously all been born after 1985 to be gushing over all this stuff, that’s been done before. the only slightly original thing is the bent glass in the skateboard mirror but even that is pretty lame and old hat now.

  38. sanja

    I hate the interactive mirror…one person in the world would hate it…the one that has to buy

  39. ratna

    i like touch screen mp3 mirror….. i realy realy want that mirror… very creative think…

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