Creative Photos of Fish Heads

Creative Photos of Fish Heads

French artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard places real fish heads onto the bodies of small dolls and photographs them on miniature stages.

Characters with fish heads are used as models in recreations of real world scenes that take place in meat factories, galleries, and other locations.

Fish Head Dioramas

Recycled Fish

Fish Art

Life of Fish

Fish Head Photography

Fish Head Art

Recycled Fish Heads

Creative Photos of Fish

Recycled Fish Head

Fish Head

Creative Fish Photography

French artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard

Creative Fish Head Photography

Creative Photos of Fish Head

Fish Diorama

Fish Head Diorama

Secret Life of Fish

Photos of Fish Heads

Photos of Fish


Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard

Fish Heads

Fish Photography

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  1. Betty

    Now I think I’ve seen it all.

  2. Nemo


  3. Gert

    And here I thought I had odd hobbies… lol

  4. Mapache

    Dead fishes again.
    What’s the deal?
    I don’t even…

  5. Paul

    Hi Anne

    I like the way you think. If you ever run short of heads I manage a company that hauls a few million pounds of fish heads and other so called fish waste every year. Maybe we can make a deal.

  6. MMI

    this is awesome

  7. Sharyn

    I think this is brilliant! Probably a bit stinky, but such a great idea and so well executed.

  8. Aleks

    Great idea and models too! Very funny:)

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