10 Cool and Unusual Taxis

10 Cool and Unusual Taxis

Collection of the world’s most unusual taxicabs that will take you to your desired destination in style.

Maybach Taxi

Cool luxury Maybach taxicab spotted in Moscow, Russia.

Maybach Taxi

Porsche Taxi

For the times when you need to get somewhere really fast.

Porsche Taxi

Hummer Taxi

Hummer yellow taxi spotted in Houston, Texas.

Hummer Taxi

Air Taxi

In some parts of Florida, travelers can now fly aboard Yellow Air Taxi nine-passenger Cessna 402c aircraft.

Air Taxi

Chevrolet Corvette Taxi

Chevrolet Corvette Taxi

Porsche Cayenne Taxi

VIP Porsche Cayenne taxi spotted in Moscow, Russia.

Porsche Cayenne Taxi

3-Wheeled Taxi

Cute three-wheeled Coco taxis from Havana, Cuba.

Coco Taxi

Water Taxi

New York Water Taxi provides a fast, comfortable commute, Hop-on/Hop-off routes that are convenient and fun for both locals and visitors.

Water Taxi

VW Beetle Taxi

A now phased out Beetle taxi in Mexico City. These taxis are commonly referred to as “Vochos”.

VW Beetle Taxi

Lamborghini Taxi

Yellow Lamborghini Murcielago taxi spotted in front of Fairmont Palliser Hotel in Calgary, Canada.

Lamborghini Taxi

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  1. unDave™

    That’s not a VW Beetle Taxi, it’s a “sedan” and yes, it’s pretty much out phased, but they keep rolling and rolling, this car is special kuz it doesn’t need any water to keep moving, amazing german technology! Well miss them! ='(

    And yes, i AM from Mexico City, so i must know about this….

    -by unDave™

  2. izzy

    I would have no problem riding in a Lamborghini taxi.

  3. OM

    See, that’s why Texas is insane.

  4. hukes


    Actually, IT IS a VW Beetle. Beetle is how commonly that kind of VW has been always known, but for mexicans the Beetle is just the new (and a lot more expensive) design of the VW “sedan”.

    And yes, I AM from Mexico, so I must know about this.

  5. Moinid

    Cool Taxis. Especially ferrari and porcshe

  6. Serene

    Hahaha nice collection, Air Taxi is awesome :)

  7. moburkhardt

    however the VW beetle can hardly qualify as unusual, mexico city is crawling with those things

  8. Vajado

    What about ring taxi? http://www.yourautostuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/bmw-m5-ring-taxi-drifting.jpg http://www.teammoomoo.com/images/other%2019Aug07/Ring%20taxi.jpg

    These taxis are available in Germany – Nürburgring race track.
    The Ring Taxis (there are two) are V10 BMW M5s with modified suspension and brakes. :)

  9. Dan

    unDave, putting a trademark symbol anywhere near your name is a clear sign of douchebaggery. Just in case you weren’t aware…

  10. ana laura

    in Mexico we also use tsuru’s as taxis :)

  11. Karin Stewart

    What a fun collection of “taxis”!

  12. bayilik

    Are these real?How do they earn back their startup money? Interesting…

  13. kgro

    The Corvette is not really a taxi – it was a car in Gumball 3000 in 2008. Basically it is just some guy’s Corvette on which they have put on a Taxi sign to ride from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I know it, because I have been there. His room was next to mine.

  14. Final

    I want to be a taxi driver now.

  15. Amy

    That is definitely a VW Beetle. A sedan is just a TYPE of car, not a brand name.
    Sedans are classified by having 2 rows of seats, typically with 4 doors.

    These old Beetles are awesome, indeed. They were meant for everyone to afford. I’m afraid the new VWs have strayed far and beyond it’s original intent. The new Beetles are great too! Much more comfortable, but more expensive.
    I’d love to ride in a Porche or Lambo taxi!

  16. Sourav

    I need to visit these places to get a ride…lol

  17. Liza Mae

    Lamborghini here I come!

  18. Juan

    Out of Mexico that little car was known as Beetle (USA, that’s why there is a “New” Bettle), Fusca (Brazil), Pulga (Flea) in Colombia, Escarabajo (Spain) etc.

    Here in Mexico was known as the “Volskwagen”, “Vocho”, “Vochito”, or just “Sedan”. The “formal” name here in Mexico was exactly “Volkswagen Sedan”.


  19. Paige

    i wld love to ride in the 3 wheeled taxi its awsome !!!!!!!!!!

  20. anna

    i like the air taxi, and the 3-wheeled taxi

  21. van

    u gotta be kidding! a PORSCHE TAXI????

  22. ChEeSe


  23. anand

    m yta xi is nissan skiline supercharged

  24. lambolover

    that lambo is not a mucielago its gallardo

  25. a-nonymus

    luxury taxis ???

  26. peter griffen

    Still will never come close to a good Glasgow Hackney Cab as they have the best ever turning abilitys,like a little back street you can turn the wheel around to it locks full around and head off the other way.

  27. Walter

    I want to ride the water taxi at New York, and the Porsche Taxi too

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