Roof Furniture

Roof Furniture

Innovative furniture designed by Aine Bunikyte allows people to drink coffee, enjoy breathtaking views, and have breakfast on the roof.

Coffee table and two chairs are attached to a ladder that can be easily installed on the roofs of most houses and buildings.

Table on the Roof

Rooftop Furniture

Aine Bunikyte

Rooftop Coffee Table

Roof Table

Roof Coffee Table

Rooftop Coffee Table

Roof Table by Aine Bunikyte

Rooftop Table

Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte

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  1. jake

    would be a shame if something happened…

  2. LOL

    Does the furniture come with life insurance?

  3. Thunder

    Quite relaxing until the municipality drops by and gives you a massive fine.

  4. Superman

    Who would sell you life insurance for this? :/

  5. Chari

    Cool idea for careful people! How do you get into the chairs?

  6. Antacru

    I’d climb on the roof for her.

  7. sadaf

    and a helicopter will drop the tea cups on this table

  8. a


  9. what

    How do you get food / coffee up to the roof on a ladder?…

  10. The Guy

    You could also just put a regular table and chairs over the peak with two legs on each side.

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