Creative Advertising on Buildings

Creative Advertising on Buildings

Clever uses of buildings in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Pantene Shampoo Building Ad

To demonstrate Pantene’s claim of “Really Strong Hair”, climbers climbed the oversized ponytails attached to a building in Toronto.

Pantene Shampoo Building Advertisement

Anando Milk Building Advertisement

Considering that every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to encourage kids to drink more milk by exaggerating the benefits of milk.

Anando Milk Building Advertisement

Allstate Building Advertisement

To promote Allstate auto insurance, an actual car was hanging on the edge of the parking garage in Marina Towers, a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago.

Allstate Building Advertisement

Axe Building Advertisement

Female dormitory was decorated in the shape of a calendar to demonstrate that a new female can be met on a daily basis.

Axe Building Advertisement

Vodafone Building Advertisement

BBH London has created this cool ad outside Heathrow Terminal 1. The ad fits in with Vodafone’s strategy of “Make the most of now”.

Vodafone Building Advertisement

MBC ACTION TV Channel Building Ad

Stickers were placed on office buildings, giving the illusion of someone who has run through the wall to escape boredom.

MBC ACTION TV Channel Building Advertisement

Havaianas Building Advertisement

Clever building advertising promoting Havaianas sandals in New York.

Havaianas Building Advertisement

GTA IV Building Advertisement

Gigantic advertisement promoting Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV.

GTA IV Building Advertisement

Powerful Fan Building Advertisement

Clever advertisement was placed behind Shanghai Haitong building to promote new powerful electric fan by Midea.

Powerful Fan Building Advertisement

Nike Building Advertisement

Giant ball stuck on the side of a building promotes the World Cup.

Nike Ball Building Advertisement

Powerhouse Gym Building Advertisement

Creative advertisement campaign by Powerhouse Gym gives the impression that a body builder is lifting heavy weights from the construction site.

Powerhouse Gym Building Advertisement

LEGO Building Advertisement

LEGO advertising in Chile made to match the panels of the building.

LEGO Building Advertisement

Nike Building Advertisement

The first building has a cracked image in the shape of the running man, the second building has the actual Nike ad, creating the illusion that the runner run through the first building.

Nike Building Advertisement

Coops Paint Building Advertisement

Yellow paint was dripping off the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, Ohio promoting Coop’s paint.

Coops Paint Building Advertisement

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  1. Daniel Kurdoghlian

    There are some very nice adverts there!
    Especially the Powerhouse Gym advertisement is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing those!

  2. Biiirdmaaan

    Ummm, the paint one at the bottom is actually for Nationwide Insurance.

  3. Olivia

    sidenote: Coops paint is actually a fictional company, the Advertisement is for Nationwide Insurance.

  4. Olivia

    woops. beat me to it Biiirdmaaaan :)

  5. sean

    being an advertising major, i think these are F**king awesome.

  6. Megan

    Awesome creativity, love all of them!

  7. Manish Ahuja

    MOST of them make you just stare at your screen and say WOW!!!

  8. Amber Sims Hinterplattner

    Great posting with tons of brilliant examples of real guerrilla marketing! Thanks for sharing these creative outdoor advertising photos.

    Yours Socially,

  9. BO$$

    the gta one isnt that interesting. everything else is bo$$

  10. Yao Jia

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…Lolz…couldn’t help it ^^

  11. Paul Sample

    Great collection!!!

  12. Moinid

    Cool compilation of creative Ads

  13. Josh

    These are pretty freaking cool. You have to wonder how long it took to put some of these up.

  14. Jaqi Mugo

    These so rock!!!

  15. Karin Stewart

    Some REALLY exciting use of building spaces for advertising, especially the building that are empty! Keep up the good work Ad Guys!

  16. Viktirka

    Even good to stare these only in photos…how a precious brain to invent them!

  17. Amaneh

    wonderful idea

  18. Astute

    Advertising and Marketing students, please in the future don’t get caught up on what is “fu(k!ng awesome” versus what actually generates sales (your job).

    Brand awareness for a fu(k!ng awesome ad fades faster than your tan in Siberia… you need to create a product experience after this exposure. Do not forget it!

  19. Azizuan Aziz

    Some are funny
    Some are cool
    Nice collection anyway

  20. rehaz


  21. Pedro Diaz

    Amazing collection!

  22. hallowe'en flavr

    HAIR NINJAS!!!!!!1!

  23. dp

    Aren’t great clients awsome

  24. dp

    they’re awesome too!!!!!

  25. cd/ad

    A least half of these were not produced and were simply submitted as concepts. It would be nice to know the ad agency, at the very least, behind these.

  26. Josh Fryer

    The ad from Columbus OH was awesome to see in real life. It was a lot bigger in person. Paint was EVERYWHERE in that parking lot!

  27. Stuart Flynn

    Very inspirational!

  28. Sanda

    like this……

  29. Lowongan

    the best ads i’ve ever see

  30. Hemant


  31. SS.ness

    These are outstanding! Bravo! I wish I had that level of creativity.

  32. Chantelle

    Awesome still think the last one is the best

  33. youngin`

    i like the alstate one. and 2 of the nike ones i saw in real life. prety spectacular

  34. evlilik

    Great collection!!!

  35. CAQ

    influential. love this site

  36. ambika

    wonderful ads… amazing creativity
    inspired to c these ads

  37. Rebort


  38. Suhail Ahmed


  39. rain

    i like it cool

  40. vISAn

    All those r soooooooooooooooooooo creative. It makes us say a damn “WOW”

  41. Yosua

    I need to spend couple minutes to staring at each advert… They r all fantastic!!!

  42. axcidburn

    I love this creative idea and designs… thumbs up

  43. sana

    anando milk and nike ads are wonderfull :)

  44. Micfr

    Like the nike one. CREATIVITY

  45. Molly

    The Axe one is awful, I’m surprised that the owner of building allowed it. I don’t think objectifying actual women, supposedly students, like that is socially acceptable.

  46. unknown

    love the paint

  47. Just Jim

    I used to work in the “painted building”. The picture brought back many memories.

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