Elegant House in Japan

Elegant House in Japan

Beautiful wooden house designed by Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo.

Located in a quiet residential district of Yokohama, the house comes with a private garden and many large windows that provide natural light.

Modern House


Modern Garden

Elegant House

Wooden Interior

House with Gardens

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  1. Agnes

    I love the garden.


    That Awesome!!!
    i want one!

  3. Jonas

    I love it~

  4. aditia

    very minimalist house, i like it

  5. PauL B

    This is so sick, I like how there are more and more of these creative living spaces being produced!

    What is that single wall on the road for though?
    Tripping me out

  6. Michalexpromo

    PauL B: The single road is for the mailbox :)

  7. James Anzalone

    why is it so trendy to create these spaces with odd geometric angles and fill them juxtaposes cutouts..

    ..Its boring, It was only interesting when it was “avant-garde” ..but now that I see it all over the place its still not attractive and no longer interesting.

  8. James Anzalone

    …wow way to many typos in my comment. I was a little excited, sorry.

  9. sean

    @PauL B it’s the mailbox!

  10. lucinda mulagawanti

    gate to walkpath around back of house duh

  11. vivian

    …not really fancy about it…

  12. enav

    is horrible… and not elegant

  13. geeta

    good one………

  14. Y. tsye

    where is the garden? I can’t find it.

  15. Karina

    hmmm too plain for me, i like colour! :)

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