10 Cool Apple MacBook Stickers

10 Cool Apple MacBook Stickers

Creative MacBook sticker is all you need to separate yourself from other Apple laptop owners. This post features cool and unusual Apple MacBook stickers.

LEGO MacBook Sticker

Bring out your inner child with this cool LEGO inspired vinyl sticker.

LEGO MacBook Sticker

Snow White’s Revenge MacBook Sticker

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest girl of them all?

Snow Whites Revenge MacBook Sticker

Pac-Man MacBook Sticker

Pac-Man MacBook Sticker

Squirrel MacBook Sticker

Give this squirrel a home on your laptop. It playfully chomps down on the Apple logo and forgets about the other nuts.

Squirrel MacBook Sticker

Tic Tac Toe MacBook Sticker

Okay, who’s the Joker who filled in the apple? You Are!

Tic Tac Toe MacBook Sticker

Headphones MacBook Sticker

This custom Apple Macbook sticker is perfect for music lovers.

Headphones MacBook Sticker

Super Mario MacBook Sticker

Super Mario MacBook Sticker

Pulp Fiction MacBook Sticker

This black die cut vinyl decal will put Jules on your Apple laptop.

Pulp Fiction MacBook Sticker

Space Invaders MacBook Sticker

This cool decal incorporates the Apple logo as the “mystery ship”.

Space Invaders MacBook Sticker

Snow White MacBook Sticker

This digitally printed and cut vinyl decal makes it look like the Snow White is holding the Apple logo.

Snow White MacBook Sticker

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  1. babemalo

    Mac? what about PC’s: dell, hp, emachines…

  2. KKL

    @babemalo: hahaha emachines!

    I like the last colored snow white one…

  3. d1ve2blu3

    snow white revenge is nice,,

    but i like mario :D

  4. Dominic

    Awesome… i want one for my Mac Book Pro…

  5. Roland

    Mario is awesome :) It reminds me a stand of Iron Man :D
    Cool :)

  6. gary birnie

    Mario and Snow White. Genius

  7. John (Human3rror)

    omg. sweet.

  8. Julie

    That last snow white one is definitely the coolest! Its so well done!

  9. Josh Phillips

    we have been making these for years… but nice design, never seen the space invaders before.

  10. B


    PCs don’t have a logo that decals can interact with as playfully as the Apple logo.

  11. Reilly

    this is great.

  12. Karin Stewart

    Lots of fun!!!

  13. charubhashini

    MAC book are always unique. I love apple company a lot! They are different and cool one too :)


  14. Bim

    I feel like getting a mac just so I stick the lego one, squirrel one, pulp fiction or mario. Brilliant. creative.

  15. dee

    no one cares about other computers ;D these are pretty sweet. this site is always freat.

  16. XeRo

    woow. the second is cool.

  17. Celine

    Very nice. I love the Snow White!

  18. peter

    Found one more cool sticker on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36136878

  19. Danny

  20. Ann-Marie Clements

    Is this available for 17″ MacBooks?? I love it!!! Do you have any funny ones for a REALTOR? I’m the only one in my office who has a Mac and I won’t give it up… ;>))

  21. Helen

    This is cool. I’ve loved this batman logo since I was a kid.


    Ann-Marie: email some of these people for custom decals?

  22. arzu

    Snowwite is genius!

  23. jerry

    mac books are not always unique. they’re never unique because everyone gets them, not because they are good, just because apple customers are sheep.

    right click forever

  24. And

    Take a look here guys, http://www.melaskin.com/en/gallery you’ll find tons of new stickers made by those crazy italians.

  25. Christine


    baaaaa. go back to your pc and leave us happy sheep alone. What kind of cell phone do you have? One that thousands and thousands of other people have also, I bet. (or did you custom make your cell like your pc?) What kind of shoes are you wearing… unless you made those too. What do you watch on TV? Same stuff everyone watches. Where did you get your education? Same schools attended by many many others. We are all sheep. So unless you plan on coming up with some society of perfection and freedom and individualism (and call me if you do), then be calm and carry on.

  26. lindsey

    you should make and adam and eve sticker with the apple being the forbidden fruit ahh that would be so sick!!

  27. bayrakçı

    its cool stickers

  28. ChEeSe

    these are pretty sweet but the best one is the snow white one!!

  29. Alamix

    Where and how I can get one of those ???????

  30. Francesca

    I have the last coloured snow white one :D my best friend got it for me along with loads of other stuff for christmas :) I love it!

  31. JD

    Jerry, a non-pedant would recognize that it’s not so easy to make clever stickers for other brand notebooks that incorporate the logo. I don’t think there is an interesting PC brand logo outside of Apple. Maybe there will be some netbooks with the Android logo soon.

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