TARDIS Refrigerator Skin

TARDIS Refrigerator

Creative fridge skin will transform your refrigerator into a TARDIS police box / time machine from the Doctor Who television show.

Police Box fridge skin was designed by Joy Alyssa Day and B.E. Johnson.

It comes with audio module that plays sounds when the fridge is open.

TARDIS refrigerator will look great in any kitchen. [order]

TARDIS Fridge Skin

Ice Maker Telephone Door

TARDIS Refrigerator Skin

TARDIS Fridge Skin


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  1. nanobelle


    *Beneficial side effect- holds more food than manufacturer’s usual specifications.

  2. Masteroche

    I want one!!

  3. Jimbo

    Love it. Want a red one like in Dr. Who

  4. Timothée R.

    Me Want !

    But … Is it bigger inside ?

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