Nike Sneakers made from Paper

Nike Sneakers made from Paper

David Brownings, a talented illustrator based in Bristol, has designed a series of creative Nike sneakers made out of paper. Enjoy!

Nike Paper Sneakers

Nike Paper Shoes

Paper Sneakers

Paper Shoes

Nike Shoes made from Paper

Shoes made from Paper

Sneakers made from Paper

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  1. Zedo Mann

    Now wear them. lol
    Nice though.

  2. lily

    omg i love them!
    i am a HUGEfan of nike and i own 27 pairs…lol
    maybe i could find some instructions

  3. Lillian

    Nice. i like the blue top one

  4. unDave

    It is not that amazing if you had to glue them, yet, looks good, lily… i mean… 27 pairs? LOL.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  5. GustaveCo

    Fashion, not function.

    Still interesting however.

  6. firyarn84

    Nice! even though it is not functional, is it?

  7. FoxyBoxers

    woah, these are awesome!
    not so good in rain :S

  8. K

    he make’s them better than the children they have employed in the sweat-shops in Malaysia!

  9. Karin Stewart

    NOW, if the real ones were only the same price as the paper ones. The paper ones sure are as cute!

  10. Dominic

    That is caraaaazy cool

  11. Harry

    Handmade Art is coming back. And I love it!

  12. Choat

    Cool as hell, but WHY?

  13. Mike

    I agree, very cool. This guy obviously uses his creativity in his free time. Make this into a shoe skin that can be used to update the look of an old pair of comfy sneaks and you might have something…

  14. John

    Ugh. Anyone can do that. That difference is that everyone else would rather spend their time doing something more useful and/or interesting.

  15. Mike

    They’re ok, but you can tell he didn’t take all the time he could have. They’re a bit raggedy in places…

    Probably being picky, but from one designer to another – must try harder!

  16. mrcommenter

    cool shoes, I wonder though if nike is going to come after him for using the swoosh

  17. paul5

    how long did it take him to make those shoes?

  18. Ben

    They look like lofurs a bit… was there no way to curve the front so they didn’t look like sailor shoes?

    Nike Air Navy, they’re still awesome though!

  19. Rebecca

    After reading all of these comments, people have very different opinions. I mean, having 27 pairs of nikes wouldn’t be my choice, but, its obviously lily’s choice. I personally have never had a pair of Nike. I think that this is a very cool thing. Someone spent there time on this and that’s interesting to me. art work is art work. (:

  20. fired at dawn

    Probably will last just as long as the read deal.

  21. Air Head

    Nike should sue the quality is nowhere near the real thing. Try wearing those in the rain

  22. paul

    That would work if they were made in the US but he lives in Bristol.

  23. paul5

    prepare to be sued out of existence, origami boy.

  24. box maker

    Shin Tanaka killed this thing long ago. Nothing new here.

  25. Rawr

    insturctions? :)

  26. Juli Tumbel

    Go to any large Chinatown and look for a store that sells paper goods made to be burned for the dead. They have fabulous sneakers, high heels, shirts, dresses that are far more polished than these. You can also get paper constructs of television sets, cellular phones, cookware, electric fans, even a complete house with servants.

  27. reggie

    where i can get the template?? please… i really wanted it…

  28. shani

    plse can i have instructions, so much love this

  29. Amy

    Hi, I am a teacher and my students would really love to make these, or similiar ones. Is there instructions or a template I could follow.
    Thank you!

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