Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby

Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby

Wonderful photo series by Adele Enersen, a copywriter on a maternity leave, features pictures of her sleeping baby girl dressed up in cute outfits. Enjoy!

You can now order the “When My Baby Dreams” book.

Space Odyssey 2010

Space Odyssey 2010





Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

Elephant Rider

The Elephant Rider





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  1. James Ward

    Definitely some excellent pre-planning there

  2. Karen

    thats pretty awesome. and super cute!

  3. Bee

    Adorably creative! I’m so gonna try that out myself lol.

  4. Ging

    love each photo! so creative!!

  5. Art of Concept

    As a photographer I must say I love the creativity! Very cute! Nicely done, with love, and we can see it in the result! Lovely!

  6. Agnes

    That is so darn cool and cute!

  7. jason v.

    this is incredibly creepy.

  8. Jantra

    aww! how creative and adorable.

  9. bert

    lovely lovely

  10. Daniel

    I don’t like this because babies are no puppets. But I have to say that some of the pictures are also nice.

  11. Skylla

    Finally a photo of a kid that is fun to watch for someone else!

  12. AdrianLee

    LOVE IT!

  13. Matt

    Wow – that makes me want to have a baby so i can make my very own jumper-elephant for it to ride

  14. cerulean

    I normally really don’t like cutesy photos of babies, (::cough:: anne geddess ::cough::) but this is really neat and very fun I have to say. what a lovely imagination.

  15. Emma

    These are so beauitful!! xxx

  16. Chad

    Very fun and original (as far as I know).

  17. Jenny

    Another fun photo idea with your baby: write how old they are (in weeks or months) on an index card, find a recognizable object (we used a litre of Coke, which is funny because we don’t drink soda), and take a series of pictures with the known object as your baby grows.

    It’s fun to see them interacting with the object at different stages; it really can capture the essence of the age (eating the card, not sitting still, etc.)

  18. bottleHeD

    This is so incredibly cute and creative!

  19. Karin L.

    Really Cute!

  20. Thomas L.

    Cool idea. Very creative!

  21. Raads

    thats soo cool!!.. well apart from that i’m speechless…

  22. Jaqi Mugo

    I’m gonna do this when I get kids! :D

  23. Peg

    This is perhaps the best site I’ve EVER seen! I have a newborn and I’m totally inspired…

  24. Internet

    How American.

  25. daisy

    quite creative.. i m gonna do something much better when i have babies.i wish i had a baby…

  26. Estef

    Poor baby! To disturb him in that way while he is sleeping innocently, just for take a few photos….

  27. Alex

    Umm..bookworm! xD

  28. dendy

    wauuuuu!!!!! inspiring and innovative….

  29. Erin

    This makes me want to have a third child. But I’m not gonna.

    Beautiful photos.

  30. Wojtek

    Awesome! :)

    How about my baby ?

  31. jj

    hhahah awesome

  32. waka

    Rather than cute, I’m very uncomfortable. Children are not toys. If you want a doll, good if you buy a plastic toy shop. One of the few critics also complained.

  33. Saniya

    amazing ^^

  34. Jannette

    Absolutely ADORABLE! Forget critics’ comments above. They’re just bitter old people. These are beautiful photos that your daughter Mila will cherish when she is older!

  35. Stefanie

    These are cute, I totally would have done this with my son when he was a baby. Very creative and adorable.

    To the people making stupid comments about children not being “toys”, etc., get over yourselves. Taking photos of a sleeping child is in no way, shape or form harmful, neglectful, or anything else except for cute and creative. And I’ll bet when that baby gets old enough to understand what she’s looking at, she’s going to get a kick out of the pictures!

    Geez, people these days amaze me.

  36. Molly

    So cute and creative!
    Hope it doesn’t bother that much for the kids!

  37. Naomi

    These photographs are so inspiring. She will look at these photos when shes grown and feel blessed. A creative mother is invaluable :)

  38. Angie

    I found them beautiful! I don’t think the Mom is American. Clearly, the naysayers aren’t Mothers!!

  39. Sondra

    WOW! This is beyond creative! And if anything, I’d say this baby get’s more attention than most. Most moms would be napping when they got this chance.

  40. Virginia Laska

    I am going to be a first time Grandma this coming March 2013!! Can’t wait to try out some of these picture ideas!

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