Hand Warmer Mug

Hand Warmer Mug

Innovative coffee mug designed by Sabrina Fossi will keep your hands warm during the cold winter days.

Ergonomic handle keeps in the heat and makes sure that your drink and your hands stay warm.

Beautiful mugs are handmade in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, Italy.

Enjoy coffee, tea, and delicious hot chocolate.


Hand Warming Coffee Mug


Hand Warmer Coffee Mug

Sabrina Fossi

Hand Warming Mug

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  1. frank

    I think the regular mug have the same function too.

  2. Timothy R.

    Well, that’s unnecessarily big … Every mug can warm your hands if handle hit with your both hands.

  3. Jimmy

    It looks very innovative for a tea design and looks pretty nice, I’m only worried about the heat it gives off, it could be a bit hot? maybe a heat insulation cover?

  4. suggestor

    might have a furry inside where the hands go?

  5. Sonja Van Hoof

    It warms the insides and outside of your hands so its more effective than a regular mug. Off course it takes more space in your cupboard but these mugs look so cosy that I’d easily make room

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