Knitted Food by Ed Bing Lee

Knitted Food by Ed Bing Lee

Delicious looking knitted food art creations by a talented artist Ed Bing Lee.

Correction: These cool creations are actually knotted [manipulations of fibers by tying knots and using tension to create a form] NOT knitted.

Knitted Cupcake

Knitted Cupcake

Knitted Ice Cream Cone

Knitted Ice Cream Cone

Knitted Key Lime Pie

Knitted Key Lime Pie

Knitted Pop Corn

Knitted Pop Corn

Knitted Mini Cupcake

Knitted Mini Cupcake

Knitted Pumpkin Pie

Knitted Pumpkin Pie

Knitted Sundae

Knitted Sundae

Knitted Hot Dog

Knitted Hot Dog

Knitted Burger

Knitted Burger

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  1. K

    Wow is’t realy fantastic

  2. lily

    the popcorn looks like mini volleyballs!

  3. unDave

    I’d eat one of this, no doubt.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  4. Anne

    Woah. This is just insanely awesome. :)
    Two thumbs up for this one.

  5. Tony

    Very cool!. The Knitted Burger look pretty appetizing. :)

  6. adeline

    awesome ! this is very cool to the max !

  7. Critical Eye


  8. Ignia

    It doesn’t look like knitting to the knitter. More like macrame. ;)

  9. FoxyBoxers


  10. Julie

    So cute! :)

  11. Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi


  12. Karin Stewart


  13. Sameer Jain

    Beautiful…have used it on my blog:-)

  14. Julianna Mahley

    This is NOT knitted food. It is knotted food. A different fiber technique.

  15. Aarti Harish

    I loved all of them…very creative…the ice-cream is the best…!!!

  16. danny

    why do people have this much time on there hands they realy need to go outside. but they are good.

  17. rose


  18. Susan

    Even though I just finished my lunch, they all make me hungry. Amazing stuff.

  19. Hannah

    it’s beading. it’s sculptures made with seabeads

  20. mardell

    theese are great. I have never seen any knitted I have croched alot of them witch was fun, I will have to see if I can find a pattern for knitted ones thanks.

  21. ed bing lee

    Please be advised that the work is indeed knotted, for the most part the vertical and horizontal double half hitch. Please check out the web page for images of
    new work. Best and thanks…e

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