Bicycle for Runners

Bicycle for Runners

Innovative bicycle with no seat or pedals requires you to walk or run if you want to move forward.

To ride the FLIZ bicycle, you have to be suspended in the air under the frame with safe and comfortable belt system.

Then, you propel the bike with your feet. Just like Fred Flintstone!

Flintstones Bike


Running Bike

Flintstones Bicycle

Foot Powered Bike

Foot Powered Bicycle

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  1. Annie

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Reminds me of the Return to Oz

  2. human being

    I’d take it for a spin:)

  3. cole

    I wouldn’t

  4. Joe

    “The FLIZ. Because, hey, why not step 250 years backwards in bicycle design?”

    This must be a joke. :|

    I guess it could be kinda fun for a little while. Like hang-gliding but on the ground. Until you get to an uphill that is…

    I guess they’re banking on the kind of people who would be dumb enough to buy one of these also being too dumb to realize how ridiculous they’d look and how miserable they’d be walking this contraption up a hill while other cyclists pedaled past.

  5. s.b

    Interesting, but i would have a feeling that something is going to “attack me from behind” … i would not buy it.

  6. Gert

    Dumb idea is dumb.

  7. FacMan

    Must be fun riding downhill in San Francisco (if you have a death wish) :-)

  8. Bill

    Looks kind of fun. Kind of like running/walking in low gravity. It combines the simplicity of a skateboard with the large wheels and safer nature of a bicycle. Pretty cool, actually.

  9. Johan

    Lower the top of the frame, so you would actually lay on the top frame instead of being “attached” to it.
    Would make it easier to mount/dismount, saves material and construction cost, allows you to ear a backpack etc. You could keep the straps underneath though and use them as a way to strap a bag or something to it instead of yourself.
    Add an electric booster motor for those uphills, it can be powered by a dynamo for example.

    The design and concept doesn’t feel as if it was refined enough to reach it’s full potential.

  10. Maseki

    No, No, No,

  11. peter

    Your shoes will be wasted in no time!

  12. looloo

    ….this like some sort of inverted scooter?

  13. Mike

    That looks sooo unsafe! Imagine you lose your balance! You’re also strapped in to the thing!

  14. Mark

    No way. Strap yourself into a bike? Hang from the harness? That’s comfortable? Wha? Who would take the time not to mention the potential danger?

  15. Max

    Good luck getting up an hill with that thing.

  16. Kim

    So… what happens when you are run over by a car? You are strapped into this thing – I don’t see it passing any safety tests.

  17. josh

    The design doesn’t seem to work with anatomy/physiology… When you are running your arms are pumping which the handlbar prevents from happening. The act of running displaces your hips there by dropping half your body lower than the other half. The rigidity of the over the shoulder hanging harness seem to prevent this natural movement. Look at the video; he really doesn’t appear to be running… more like waddling quickly. Also the ergonomics of it seem to be flawed with being hunched over like that. I kind of like the idea of “landgliding” but I think this is a bit frivolous and could definitely benefit from some anatomical/physiological study into movement of the body.

  18. martin

    I like it. Finally the expression “hanging around with my biker friends” would make sense.

  19. David

    The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient and best designed machines ever created. That’s why its not changed much in the last 100 years.

    What was the brief for this design? It should solve a problem, not create a whole load of new ones.

  20. Alejandro

    I think it’s very dangerous, in a fall no one cant get out of that security belt.

  21. Eve

    Innovative? The only thing it’ll do is give you a hunchback.

  22. Gian

    This is stupid!

  23. Corey

    Why is everyone so negative?! This is such a creative and innovative idea! okay it might have a few things that might need to be sorted out, but what great invention hasn’t had its kinks? Its a great concept! I would ride one in a second

  24. ez

    My, my! I thought whence the fall of 1890 had eclipsed us, the dandy horse was long out of fashion, but lo, it has returned!

  25. Steve

    The reason most of us take up cycling (outside of a primary mode of transportation) is to get a good cardio-vascular workout WITHOUT the negative joint impact of running. They put a lot of thought into design, when they should have thought more about why people ride bicycles in the first place . . .

  26. Chica

    Lets see a video and how dumb it really looks in action.

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