Pizza Slice Packaging

Pizza Slice Packaging

Triangular pizza boxes for individual pizza slices designed by Yinan Wang.

Clever packaging for restaurants that sell gourmet pizza by the slice.

Pizza slice boxes with cardboard handle solve the problems of greasy hands and easy storage of leftovers.

Pizza Packaging

Pizza Slice Box

Gourmet Pizza by the Slice

Pizza by the Slice

Pizza by the Slice

Yinan Wang Pizza Packaging

Yinan Wang

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  1. Arie Willard

    Such a waste of natural resources!, one slice only?

  2. eemke

    more package : more waste ….

  3. Bill

    Gosh you guys are such babies..
    I care way more about getting grease on my clothes then I do about a little bit of cardboard that can be recycled.

    I think this is super genius for those of us that might stop by for a quick slice during a lunch break because we’re wearing work attire.

  4. criticaleye

    Nice concept, but probably a bit too pricy to be used as real packaging. Also, the branding should appear somewhere on the outside of the package.

  5. sam


  6. Mark


    You can’t recycle most pizza packaging due to the amount of grease and fat that gets soaked into the cardboard.
    So over all it’s largely wasteful packaging.

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