Futuristic Building in Germany

Futuristic Building in Germany

This beautiful six-story building, located in Berlin, Germany, was designed by Gn├Ądinger Architects for the Otto Bock health care company.

The organic/dynamic design of the building is based on the principles of nature – as a model of harmony between people and technology.

Otto Bock Building

Otto Bock Building in Berlin

Futuristic Building

Inside Otto Bock Building

Otto Bock Office

Otto Bock Building in Germany

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  1. amanda


  2. lalagirl

    interesting :)

  3. Fillibert

    As a professional window cleaner I have issues with designs that are a pain to clean. Architecture firms should hire a janitor as a consultant for a change. It looks nice when it’s clean but those WHITE panels are dirt magnets.

  4. swox

    Mmmh..chairs in the conf room are ugly, shame!
    White is trendy at the moment, anything else?
    Something positive, the shape of the building is fresh and the windows are cool even hard to clean for sure!
    Greatings from the chocolate world…

  5. Jamface

    That’s not futuristic at all. It just looks that way because it’s all wavy. I think there was one in Chicago like that.. And then there’s a building that’s made completely of glass in New York. As for the stairs, that’s easy, you just put lights under it and put some wavy hard benches around.

  6. sean

    architects know this sucks… specially the “otto bock” name right there

  7. albert

    nice, but a lot of unuseful space…
    nothing new under the sun )

  8. Palscience

    Thats nice. I am assuming that they are green buildings….

  9. superdit

    yup, hoping a cool building like that is eco friendly

  10. Alex

    wowza you people are snobs
    it says its a futuristic design, doesn’t mean it has to be something completely never before seen ever. How many buildings actually look like that? I imagine the ratio between them and brick and mortar traditional houses puts them in the severe minority.

    Secondly, as for the cleanliness of the white, I don’t know if it has been applied to this building but there is a white paint finish that can be used that is dirt resistant making it easier to clean. It’s been on an episode of Grand Designs used by an architect on a massive white box house. Something seen in the 80’s and before but modernist architecture is still seen as futuristic by many.

  11. G

    looks best in daylight.

  12. Zequez

    Nice! I want my house like that xD.

  13. Karin L. Stewart

    Beautiful contemporary design!!!

  14. umwelt

    Nature… organic, more prostitution, for what in hell will you place lamps under stairs just to make them futuristic??? wise use of resources, thats natural, excess, even minimalist excess… thats just us.

  15. agnes

    I love these!!! it’s awesome!!

  16. Mask

    those crazy germans ^^
    i think it looks pretty cool. providing that it IS relatively eco friendly.

  17. JK III


  18. Bogdan Sandu

    There’s one in Romania that looks almost the same on the exterior. The difference is that our is bigger.

  19. Margaret

    looks kinda like the flatiron building

  20. HR

    Give me some dark, gothic place to ponder, Catalan-styled Gaudiesque curvature leading into Baroque smoke… a place where it feels that humanity is not being outwardly dissected.

    When I look at this modern behemoth all I see is money and more money, and people with hearts of ice, hypocrite artsy-fartsy moneymakers.

  21. whats the point?

    Its just a building, does it do anything other than just sit there and look different.
    Is it self-sufficient?
    Use solar electricity?
    Self-cleaning windows?
    Anything that will help the environment?
    Since nothing was mentioned, then most likely not.
    Just another drug company wasting money on their image when they should be doing something to help the people that made them profitable!

  22. George Kvasnikov

    Photos are much better, than in real view)))) I live in Berlin and have seen this building)

  23. Benni Wolf

    Another beatful building is the Leonardo Glass Cube:


  24. wien

    nice building

  25. Shabaz

    I have been to this building. The small dotted lights dance at night, and looks really fascinating. Its very close to the famous Sony Center in Berlin.

  26. Eddy

    I’ve been there too, look pretty awesome at night!

  27. Gem

    Who’s being artsy-fartsy now?

  28. Puja

    good work

  29. Chris

    I love Berlin!

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