Invisible Car

Invisible Car

When viewed from the right angle, spray painted Skoda Fabia car blends into the surrounding environment and disappears.

Unique art installation was created by talented British artist Sara Watson.

Invisible Car by Sara Watson

Camouflaged Car

Camouflaged Car by Sara Watson

Sara Watson

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  1. woops

  2. Jose

    hahaha kool :D

  3. Jonesy

    There’s days when i swear i must be driving one – must need a new paint job! ;)

  4. MasterOche

    Wow!!! So this is what Wonder Woman been doing these years. First
    the airplane, now the car. What’s next!! Lol!!!

  5. Spectator

    I can see it allright

  6. Cole

    i thought these were just about to be some shots of random streets lol

  7. Mark

    I have an old Pathfinder I might do this to! LOL

  8. Douglas

    The top of the car blends very well into the wall. The rest of the car – not so much.

    Hellava lot of work for such a limited effect. One inch from the exact angle and it does work at all.

  9. James

    Im always impressed with art that plays on physical perspective to accomplish its illusion.. I’ve never attempted anything like it! it just seems like a lot of planning and calculating.

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