12 Unusual Scarf Designs

12 Unusual Scarf Designs

Unique modern scarves and creative scarf designs that will keep you warm during the winter.

Watermelon Scarf

Not only was this awesome winter scarf hand knitted by the artist, each watermelon seed has been hand cut and attached one-at-a-time.

Watermelon Scarf

Fox Scarf

Originally designed for fashionable and animal loving kids, Mini Foks scarf also works great for an adult as a neckwarmer or a scarflette.

Fox Scarf

Piranha Plant Scarf

Unique scarf inspired by large, carnivorous plants encountered throughout the Mario video game series.

Piranha Plant Scarf

Bacon and Egg Scarf

Declare your love for breakfast all day long with this cozy scarf.

Bacon and Egg Scarf

Longcat Scarf

Made from fleece with felt cheeks, the mouth and paw pads are painted on using acrylic paint. Head, tail and paws are stuffed with polyfil.

Longcat Scarf

Immersion Scarf

Unusual scarf for those really important text messages.

Immersion Scarf

Pizza Scarf

Stylish scarf design inspired by pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Pizza Scarf

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Scarf

Cool scarf inspired by a famous boxing video game for the NES.

Mike Tysons Punch Out Scarf

Toilet Paper Scarf

Each square is individually knitted and then sewn together.

Toilet Paper Scarf

Typography Scarf

Awesome laser cut scarf designs for creative types.

Typography Scarf

Crime Scene Scarf

Create your own crime scene with this long, extra cozy knit scarf.

Crime Scene Scarf

1-UP Green Mushroom Scarf

Creative scarf inspired by 1-UP “extra life” green mushrooms from the Super Mario Bros. video game.

1UP Green Mushroom Scarf

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  1. Gog

    very nice! i like the pizza one!

  2. Anirtak

    What’s up with that texting one? haha that looks ridiculous!

  3. GustaveCo

    I LOVE the fox scarf.

  4. Mask

    i soo want that crime scene one… i think you can buy it somewhere….

  5. Balio

    haha I love the crime scene one!

  6. kuswanto

    Hahaha, I love the pipe flower Mario Bros. Typography scarf can be an identity for font forger.

  7. Karin L. Stewart

    These are great fun. I’m sure the list of scarves could be limitless!!

  8. anna maria lopez lopez

    Oh My! I want the Typography scarf! It´s amazing for type lovers like me :)

    Thanks for this great compilation of scarfs!

  9. cchana

    That toilet paper scarf is priceless!

  10. Evi

    The Punch Out scarf is awesome!

  11. Games

    I second that, the Punch Out scarf is amazing!

  12. jinx10002

    I would so wear the crime scene one its cool. I’d also wear the fox one….so cute!…

  13. itsbrandnew


  14. andrea

    hey i want to buy onee!! i probably won´t find one in argentina :(

  15. Marebear2406

    The Piranha Plant Scarf and the 1-UP Green Mushroom Scarf are awesome. I want those!!

  16. Sayne

    “i soo want that crime scene one… i think you can buy it somewhere….”

    – you know, you might be right… I wonder what the “link” link is at the end of the description…

  17. Josemi

    I want a Crime Scene Scarf around my neck.

  18. Brad

    Those absolutely rock

  19. blanche

    Don’t forget about the “warm yourself with your own blood” scarf:


  20. Twitter Icon Guy

    Those are so cool! I would date any girl with a “Mike Tyson Punchout” scarf, lol

  21. Emma

    I have the crime scene scarf! I got it for christmas! It’s preety awesome, i have to say.

  22. Moody

    WooW!!…this scarfs are amazing!…first time I’ve look, it’s time to bookmarks! ;)

  23. zelda

    i like all of them. is there somewhere to purchase these? thanks.

  24. Sarah

    I love love love the Watermelon one. Its adorable!

  25. Lindsay

    newbury comics sells the crime scene one. i got it for christmas a few years ago, and i just saw it at the store last week.

  26. Reilly

    Why Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out? LMAO

    Why not Mario or Pac-Man?

  27. angela

    I loved the Crime Scene scarf :D

  28. admx

    Long Cat Scarf For the Win! =^_^=

  29. MzMelanie

    I love em. I’m a geek like that.

  30. Anna

    the Toilet Paper Scarf is soooooooo funny that i like it *^-^*

  31. Lutella

    Where can i buy one of this scarf? I love it

  32. Everkutz

    I love all these scarves! I was surprised to be looking down through the pictures and I found MY Toilet Paper Scarf! I wanted to add that it is crocheted, not knitted, and it was done in one piece, not several sheets. The pattern is on Craftster.com. If you can crochet, then you can make yourself a toilet paper scarf.

  33. ChEeSe

    omg i want all of these scarfs they are amazing!!

  34. neeraj

    toilate paper scarf is good

  35. charon

    I love the toilet paper scarf… where can I find that pattern???

  36. angel

    mmmmmmm pizza

  37. Naye

    The Toilet Paper scarf? How awesome is tht? I crackd up. The Crime Scene scarf is a must hav & the 1-Up Green Mushrm scarf….who hznt playd Mario? I luv the design of it…i hope 2 find 1 sumware.

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