Bacon Scarf

Bacon Scarf

Creative scarf designed by Natalie Luder looks like delicious piece of bacon.

Limited edition “Fou Lard” scarves are made of soft high quality silk.

Realistic “slice of bacon” design is digitally printed on both sides.

Realistic Bacon Scarf

Fou Lard Scarf

Fou Lard

Natalie Luder

Bacon Scarf by Natalie Luder

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  1. delnia


  2. Smufkin

    When does the narwhal bacon?

  3. 9gag


  4. Stella

    That’s gross!! :(

  5. Douglas

    Bacon is definitely one of the major foods groups. I don’t know that I would wrap myself in it. Feel the grease.

  6. Joe


    I’m bored of bacon.

  7. Lorenzo

    Not really creative, more stupid than anything. Just because someone creates something out of the norm, doesn’t mean it’s good or art. Just sayin’ ;)

  8. doug

    how can i order this?! how much is it?!

  9. john

    Nice. The only drawback to this is that it only looks like bacon when you stretch it out. But cool concept. Should do this with more foods.

  10. Enrico Martinez

    Good for runners who want to be faster.
    Strap it around the waist,
    let the hungry dogs free,
    then run as fast as you can. U

  11. Gert

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  12. Larna

    ewwww….that should be worn by zombies!!

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