12 Cool and Unusual Limousines

12 Cool and Unusual Limousines

The most unusual limos and cool luxury limousines from all over the world.

Prius Limousine

Cool 6-door custom made Prius limousine can seat 10 people.

Prius Limousine

Harley Davidson Limousine

Part motorcycle, part limousine, this unusual vehicle must be seen to be believed.

Harley Davidson Limousine

Porsche Limousine

Porsche Cayenne based limousine spotted in Leicester, England.

Porsche Cayenne Limousine

Mini Cooper Limousine

Cool Mini XXL Limo features Mini Cooper S engine and tuning kit.

Mini Cooper Limousine

Chevrolet Corvette Limousine

This unusual Chevrolet Corvette based limo seats 11 people.

Chevrolet Corvette Limousine

H2 Hummer Limousine

Triple Axle 8 Wheel Hummer Stretch Limo features 2 VIP lounges, disco floors, gullwing doors and a Level 5 sound system.

H2 Hummer Limousine

VW Beetle Limousine

Cool limousine created from 1999 Volkswagen Beetle.

VW Beetle Limousine

Lamborghini Limousine

Stylish red Lamborghini Countach replica limousine.

Lamborghini Limousine

Chrysler Prowler Limousine

Custom 2002 Chrysler Prowler limo features 17-inch monitor with DVD/CD player, a 33000 Watt sound system and color changing lights.

Chrysler Prowler Limousine

Chrysler Limousine

GP Limousine

World’s fastest street legal limousine created by Michael Pettipas.

GP Limousine

Armored Limousine

This unusual 2009 Armored Limo Vault XXL4 will make sure that you safely get to your destination.

Armored Limousine

Ferrari Limousine

The world’s first and only Ferrari F1 360 limousine designed by Dan Cawley of Prestige Limousines.

Ferrari Limousine

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  1. ajayjshah

    …simply because everyone should have a stretch grand prix and armored limo, that’s why.

  2. jiggajiggo

    Gp Limosine!!! Cool Cool! :D

  3. pfers

    Mini Cooper, Corvette, H2, Prowler, Armored!!! SO AMAZING!!!

  4. Fresh

    oh hells no on the Prius one, but hells YEAH on the ferrari and lamborghini!

  5. Dominic

    I’ll have the Ferrari 360 Limo anyday!?

  6. Chad

    The Prius Limo – for the sensible show off.

  7. Urban Gardens

    The Prius and Mini Cooper ones sort of defeat the purpose of those cars, no? I wonder if transporting a greater number of passengers in one vehicle, even if it uses more gas, is still more efficient than those same passengers in several small cars. Thanks for the mind bender!

  8. Amedy

    Mini Cooper Limousine so cooooooooooooool and funny

  9. Karin L.

    I believe you would call a Mini Cooper limo an Oxymoron!

  10. Critical Eye

    So, what’ the point behind a Ferrari limo? Ferrari’s are prized because they are great sports cars. Turning one into a limo completely ruins that. It probably isn’t that comfortable, so it isn’t a good limo either. (Same criticism goes for other sports-car conversions here.)

  11. Alex Tass

    @Critical Eye. i think you have to consider the reason for renting a limo. To show off? At a special occasion (wedding maybe)? Now picture a big Ferrari fan, at his special event he can have both his dream brand-car and a limo. It’s not about comfort and neither about the sport figure of the car. It’s just an eccentricity, that as surprising as it is it’s completely understandable. I guess. :)

    Anyhow great post. Really surprised by the Ferrari limo and even more by the armored truck. :)) Interesting (and crazy) conversion of the Hurley too, even if i think that this way the idea of a motorcycle is completely lost, as being covered, even with the motor noise and vibration the whole bike feeling is lost. :)

  12. Chris

    Haha, Harley Davidson Limo photo was taken at Perth Airport.

    The Chrysler Prowler looks almost futuristic.

  13. kenny

    mini coupe is a fake look atthe backround

  14. GiftsGuideUK

    Love the Porsche Limo, it looks absolutely fantastic.

    The scary thing is that we should all be taking a good long look at the Prius Limousine, with the world going eco friendly, this could be the Limo of the future.

  15. Critical Eye

    @Alex Tass

    Well, if a product makes someone happy, then I suppose it has a reason for being. However, the Ferrari limo conversion is not an example of good design. Look at how the extension of the body ruined how the original lines flowed from the front of the car to the back. Listen to the engine in the video; it was not designed to be used in this manner.

    Perhaps some kids would want this for prom night, but I don’t think a true Ferrari enthusiast would be interested.

  16. desmond


  17. desmond

    i love the gp limosin but thers no use talking becaues ill never get one

  18. Yooper

    The real question is can the Ferrari still do a burnout? or did it turn into a 500,000 dollar grocery getter.

  19. cassio

    I love design, but how stupid people can be! Ok, these cars made someone happy, but why they need such things to be happy (or just different)? Get a bike! Or just walk (and think, meanwhile)!

  20. Pinksumo

    Hey Love the Porsche Limo, it looks absolutely fantastic…

  21. bling jay

    the ferrari limo was nt a gud idea though it luks cool.the ferrari must have totally lost its top speed cornering etc,i hate it wen pple ruin such beautiful cars

  22. Axel

    I saw the Hummer H2 at Westeren Playland

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